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Status of the War (June 2024)

We’re just crossed the solstice. Where are we at with the war? Any concrete positive news?

First, my YouTube channel is not growing at all, with a staggering 0 subscriber growth in the past month in spite of publishing 4 new videos. Videos don’t pass 500 views, at best. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to give your support.

This is not a good sign; let’s see what the landscape looks like at this point.

First, let’s look at AI threat.

Now: 1.4%
6 months: 0.2%
1 year: 0.1%
5 years: 0%
10 years: 0%

Distortion: 12.4%, 11.4%, 10.2%, 9.7%, 8.4%, 5.7%, 2.4%, 1.3%, 0.7%, 0.2%

This looks under control, although I’m still skeptical about those numbers. For years, there was always more to it. It could be very well hidden. Incoming threats are not within my sight at this point.

Second, let’s look at population loss.

Now: 20.3% already lost
6 months: 21.3%
1 year: 22.4%
2 years: 24.2%
3 years: 25.6%
5 years: 30.3%
7 years: 33.4%
10 years: 34.2%

Distortion: 13.7%, 13.8%, 13.9%, 12.4%, 11.3%, 10.2%, 5.4%, 5.2%, 1.4%, 0.3%

It’s very hard to measure due to timeline fragmentation and other factors, so these are good enough numbers to give an idea but not very precise.

Third, let’s look at safety to get into relationship.

For those who have been holding off on relationships for several years. Especially for women who have a limited time-span to have children. Who need strong leadership; when almost nobody is able to stand up to the threats.

Now: 0.4%
6 months: 1.4%
1 year: 2.0%
2 years: 2.9%
3 years: 3.4%
5 years: 7.9%
7 years: 8.6%
10 years: 10.8%

Distortion: …Read More

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Group Program Is Ready!

After the email I sent out asking whether there would be interest in a group program to learn how to do the energy work that I do in a group setting at a much lower investment point than working 1-on-1 ($200/month), about a dozen people responded with their interest. So here it is, after originally launching the Year of Enlightenment 3 years ago, I’m doing it again.

This is a limited-time opportunity. I’ve only launched this program 3 years ago and once started, you won’t be able to join. You have a 1-month window of opportunity to get on-board for the year.

>> Read all the details here

As a note, after changing my prices from $197 to $200, the very next day, I saw someone who wrote on Facebook that pricing with 97$ or .99$ is drawing people who are stupid enough to think the $3 or 1¢ difference is going to make a difference in their budget, and it creates a relationship with this “implied stupidity”. The title of his article was “how to attract smart people”. It perfectly reflects what I’ve been feeling about it, and I immediately felt a huge relief after changing the prices to a flat $200. It might result in less sales, but will attract smarter people, and overall create better relationships. As for full payments, instead of discounting the price, I decided to give juicy bonuses. I’ll also note that personally, for energetic reasons, monthly payments are more useful, for reasons that I’ll probably …Read More

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How to Trust the Information You Receive Astrally?

Here’s a question I received that sparked a lot more questions and interest from many: “How do you trust the information you receive astrally? How can you tell the difference between ‘walking between worlds’ and living in utter delusion?”

First I want to mention that there are 3 levels of accessing astral information.
1. Muscle-testing or pendulum, mostly for simple yes/no information
2. Channeling messages from various beings, were you’re subject to the consciousness level of the sender
3. Astral observation, where you observe reality by yourself

With muscle-testing, you can observe the connections of a relationship and determine whether the relationship is good or not. With more awareness, you can observe the details, the textures, the subtleties and the opportunities for growth.

For the question itself, let me ask Metatron as he’s the best at explaining such things: “The fact that you are asking this question shows a sign of spiritual maturity. It is way too common to confuse delusion and reality. Both by people who believe they have found a new truth, and by people who believe the truth has been settled a long time ago. You went to school and received a message about the nature of gravity. Is that truth really true, or is it delusion? The truth is that gravity is a much more fundamental principle than what you’ve been made to believe, and the common understanding of it is delusion. So how do you differentiate between reality and delusion? Is what’s tangible in front of your eyes …Read More

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How to Do the Muscle Test Properly

A client and very old friend of mine just produced a video about how to do the muscle test properly.

We were having a discussion over Facebook about who was using muscle testing or not to validate information being presented to them, and this came out: “People heard about it but very low % actually use it, even from time to time. Knowledge about muscle-testing is quite common, but denial of that it is actually working and show valid results is more frequent.” -Radoslav

So there you go! A simple way to do muscle testing that actually works, by Radoslav.

I always encourage people to muscle test everything I say!

Read More

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Operation Night Visitations

This message is from Izael, right-wing commander of Metatron. A little update about the upcoming event as we are doing the organization. Etienne has been instructed to not use fear motivations for any of his marketing even though that’s what 95% of you would respond to. He also has been instructed to be flexible with payments as the participation for the upcoming event is more important that the money itself. Of course he needs money to operate and the idea for hosting such events is to get higher-end clients who will continue the work, but as of right now, the direct energetic impact through the participation of 6 individuals is a lot more important than any up-sell. Thus, he accepts payment plans to facilitate logistics.

Following the last communique from the Avians, an operation is currently taking place for the Avians and disincarnate souls of Orion to visit various people at a much increased pace. 1.2 million people have been visited in the past week alone. Most are still confused by the experience. What does it look like? You feel a strong presence, with often a clear picture, while you are sleeping, of beings of light working on you or sharing a message with you. The Avians do not respond to people worshiping them or looking for saviors, but they do respond to those who ask questions to grow their own understanding of reality to take greater leadership over their lives.

You may have been visited yourself. If not, you can attract …Read More

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