This message is from Izael, right-wing commander of Metatron. A little update about the upcoming event as we are doing the organization. Etienne has been instructed to not use fear motivations for any of his marketing even though that’s what 95% of you would respond to. He also has been instructed to be flexible with payments as the participation for the upcoming event is more important that the money itself. Of course he needs money to operate and the idea for hosting such events is to get higher-end clients who will continue the work, but as of right now, the direct energetic impact through the participation of 6 individuals is a lot more important than any up-sell. Thus, he accepts payment plans to facilitate logistics.

Following the last communique from the Avians, an operation is currently taking place for the Avians and disincarnate souls of Orion to visit various people at a much increased pace. 1.2 million people have been visited in the past week alone. Most are still confused by the experience. What does it look like? You feel a strong presence, with often a clear picture, while you are sleeping, of beings of light working on you or sharing a message with you. The Avians do not respond to people worshiping them or looking for saviors, but they do respond to those who ask questions to grow their own understanding of reality to take greater leadership over their lives.

You may have been visited yourself. If not, you can attract their attention simply by setting your intention to be visited.

Some people are confused about what their visitation experience means. All of the 50000 incarnated souls of Orion are being visited. Their disincarnate brothers have already greatly recovered their powers and memories and have structured themselves to build the future and rebuild their civilization, and the incarnated souls are being called to join them. You may ask, how can you join them, or what can you do? Your greatest power is your mind and its ability to create. If the disincarnate souls have already started regrouping to shape the world from within, there is no reason why your physical body would take any of that away from you. Your physical body only adds a layer of illusions that hinders seeing your true power. In particular, 42% of all Orion souls on Earth were security-related personal. These souls who are incarnated are being called to help protect the collective field of the planet.

The night visitations are being intensified to cause a shift of the collective consciousness and so that the reality of the various forces out there becomes publicly accepted. Many have had such experiences and won’t talk about it because of taboos. This needs to change, and the collective consciousness needs to shift now.

They are not here to save you from suffering. They are here to free your mind and awaken your powers so that you can start taking responsibility for what you create in your life and what you allow others to create in your reality. The focus is also in bringing everyone under a same energetic alignment instead of pulling towards ten thousand dysfunctional directions. If you are in denial and have lessons to learn, these will happen faster. Either way you will learn and grow, either the easy or hard way.

There are also several individuals being visited to neutralize their negative influences. Several individuals have been well-trained for intrusion and influence of organizations and of mass consciousness. Their energies are being sealed. Some examples are someone who was about to publish a book called Sexual Possession that can only lead to sexual possession and mind control. Then Troy McClain who was a handler sent to keep Kevin Trudeau under control has been sealed, and 22 other agents related to him will be sealed shortly. Deren Brown is part of a personality metamorphosis secret program for social engineering and he has been sealed as well. Various individuals contributing in social engineering will continue to have their energy and influence sealed one by one, and at this point there is nothing they can do about it.

So, overall, we’re about to see a major turning point of mainstream consciousness, and what used to be taboo will become accepted to speak publicly, and many things that were taken for granted will be looked down upon as lies and manipulation. May 9th is a Mercury Transit that will be like a Mercury Retrograde on steroids. You will see major old paradigms and foundations collapse and everybody here is putting all their efforts building up to the Mercury transit.

Again, Etienne’s upcoming event may be something you’d want to consider.

With unshakable love and unflinching determination,

– Izael

P.S. How do you know when a message is channeled from powerful beings such as Izael, Metatron or the Avians? The feeling behind the message has a very distinct signature and the writing style is also different. Pay attention to the energetic signature of the messages you receive and you’ll learn a great deal about the intentions of people. What does the energetic signature of this message feels like?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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