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Timeline Collapses Explained

As we’re clearing up the dark forces, there are massive timeline collapses and more stuff just keeps coming. I wanted to explain that concept.

Reality is very heavily fragmented into parallel and competing realities. That state of fragmentation leads to symptoms like Mandala Effects when timelines collide and merge.

Let’s say you have a book. You erase all letters ‘A’ from the page you’re in. Those letter ‘A’ form the structure that keeps the pages of the book separate from each other. So while everything might look clean, the pages of the book start flipping on you, and there’s always more ‘A’s to clean up.

The more you clean them up, the faster the pages of the book flip on you. It’s an endless cycle.

Eventually you clear up the entire book, and realize it’s part of an entire library, and the same process continues. Bigger books fall on your head with pages full of ‘A’s. You face bigger clusters, strongholds, more aggressive sectors, power sources and all that. Even the library itself is just a pocket of a much larger library of libraries.

Where does it end? It doesn’t matter. It might look infinite, but it’s finite. Just keep doing your job and sooner or later the storm will pass.

Sometimes it’s not safe to sleep when timelines collapse heavily around you, as you must hold your consciousness in an active state to hold your ground.

Also, timeline merges are permanent and cannot be undone. There has been very dangerous timeline dynamics, and I take timeline …Read More

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How Do I Know It’s That Potent?

I regards to our fungu extracts formulas at Alchemist Gems, how do I know they are that potent? After all, I haven’t got my hands on them yet, and oils/extracts cannot be shipped to Mexico directly. I should have them in August (shipping to USA then carried over through the jungle).

My Kung Fu teacher in Thailand had been looking for Cordyceps extracts for a while and tried many different brands, until he found that one. If my Kung Fu teacher says it’s good, it’s definitely some good stuff. He’s even requesting 2x concentration on Hyper-C extracts, 3x on Natural Himalayan Cordyceps Oil, and 5x on Crown Chakra Oil. As a martial artist, he wants to feel the potency right away, and wants his students to feel the power right away.

Some may find the prices a bit high on the extracts (actually the jewelry is very low-priced!) but consider that 6 different Masters are involved in getting those to you, and the products have to pass through several hands! Myself, my Kung Fu teacher, the master jeweler, and 3 herbal alchemy grand-masters.

When you consider the potency of the extracts, it is really excellent value for the money, even when you consider shipping.

For example, let’s check one person that got absolutely crushed by the Alobar / Mephisto saga. Barely survived.

Physical health
Now: 5.9% / 5.7%
1 month: 5.7% / 5.6%
3 months: 5.2% / 5.4%
6 months: 5.1% / 5.3%
9 months: 5.2% / 5.2%
1 year: 5.1% / 5.1%
1.5 years: 4.7% / 5.2%
2 years: 4.4% / …Read More

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Very Powerful Activation – Template Ceremony

I’ve sent a lot of content today, but wanted to share this while we’re still in the solstice energy. Randomly remembered this video from many years ago. Now that the war is winding down, it’s the perfect time for such an activation.

It is an extremely powerful activation. You don’t find pure knowledge like this anymore. It can activate a virus of consciousness that will lead to a collapse of the mind-control programs. The more people go through the activation, the more it will help globally.

That was just part 1. There are more parts to it.

Back then I wondered where this knowledge came from; totally beyond anything else out there. These people are Aquaferions. Very few surviving Aquaferions out there!

Their Facebook is inactive since 2019; website inactive since 2022. I wonder whether they survived. Just reached out to them, let’s see if I hear something back.

Enjoy a dose of Aquaferion wisdom!

Read More

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Post-War Assessment, Status of Starseeds

This is a follow-up to Status of the War (June 2024). I’ll be touching a variety of important themes here, including the financial system, status of starseeds, and other.

I’m aware that few will see this report. When I sent videos to my list of 2450 people and only 200 see it, I know the list has gone cold turkey. Some criticized me for talking too much about war; but go even more silent when I stop talking about it and move on to other topics.

First, in regards to Alobar, one client had a talk with him last night: “He is trapped in a timeline outside of ours. He said he has agents (including my coworker), but they are limited in power, and I could defeat them. He said the attacks on my womb are intentional. He was reading my timelines and saw the one where I give birth to a special baby. A strong lightwarrior soul. He tried using his human agent to destroy my womb.”

If you’ve been getting extra attention from the dark forces, it might be because of “what you would become”, and not because of what you’re doing. Indeed, I’ve been locking him out of our timelines. Alobar is a fragment of Chaos, who is still a threat. Still working on locking Chaos out from Earth and from our timelines.

Second, in regards to the financial system, we’re not authorized to work on that directly yet. People have made too many bad choices to be given a …Read More

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Status of the War (June 2024)

We’re just crossed the solstice. Where are we at with the war? Any concrete positive news?

First, my YouTube channel is not growing at all, with a staggering 0 subscriber growth in the past month in spite of publishing 4 new videos. Videos don’t pass 500 views, at best. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to give your support.

This is not a good sign; let’s see what the landscape looks like at this point.

First, let’s look at AI threat.

Now: 1.4%
6 months: 0.2%
1 year: 0.1%
5 years: 0%
10 years: 0%

Distortion: 12.4%, 11.4%, 10.2%, 9.7%, 8.4%, 5.7%, 2.4%, 1.3%, 0.7%, 0.2%

This looks under control, although I’m still skeptical about those numbers. For years, there was always more to it. It could be very well hidden. Incoming threats are not within my sight at this point.

Second, let’s look at population loss.

Now: 20.3% already lost
6 months: 21.3%
1 year: 22.4%
2 years: 24.2%
3 years: 25.6%
5 years: 30.3%
7 years: 33.4%
10 years: 34.2%

Distortion: 13.7%, 13.8%, 13.9%, 12.4%, 11.3%, 10.2%, 5.4%, 5.2%, 1.4%, 0.3%

It’s very hard to measure due to timeline fragmentation and other factors, so these are good enough numbers to give an idea but not very precise.

Third, let’s look at safety to get into relationship.

For those who have been holding off on relationships for several years. Especially for women who have a limited time-span to have children. Who need strong leadership; when almost nobody is able to stand up to the threats.

Now: 0.4%
6 months: 1.4%
1 year: 2.0%
2 years: 2.9%
3 years: 3.4%
5 years: 7.9%
7 years: 8.6%
10 years: 10.8%

Distortion: …Read More

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