Here’s a question I received that sparked a lot more questions and interest from many: “How do you trust the information you receive astrally? How can you tell the difference between ‘walking between worlds’ and living in utter delusion?”

First I want to mention that there are 3 levels of accessing astral information.
1. Muscle-testing or pendulum, mostly for simple yes/no information
2. Channeling messages from various beings, were you’re subject to the consciousness level of the sender
3. Astral observation, where you observe reality by yourself

With muscle-testing, you can observe the connections of a relationship and determine whether the relationship is good or not. With more awareness, you can observe the details, the textures, the subtleties and the opportunities for growth.

For the question itself, let me ask Metatron as he’s the best at explaining such things: “The fact that you are asking this question shows a sign of spiritual maturity. It is way too common to confuse delusion and reality. Both by people who believe they have found a new truth, and by people who believe the truth has been settled a long time ago. You went to school and received a message about the nature of gravity. Is that truth really true, or is it delusion? The truth is that gravity is a much more fundamental principle than what you’ve been made to believe, and the common understanding of it is delusion. So how do you differentiate between reality and delusion? Is what’s tangible in front of your eyes real, or is it the reflection of holographic data within your mind? The answer is both. It’s not about choosing between the physical and the astral, and it’s not about walking in-between. It’s about connecting to both and acknowledging both realities. It is when you understand the inter-twining between the various planes of existence that you start unveiling the truth of life. Delusion happens when you select one plane or the other, or one viewpoint or the other, or one beliefs system or the other. When you chose a religion, you fall into delusion. When you chose science, you fall into delusion. When you chose spirituality and to escape reality, you fall into delusion. The opposite of that is to be fully present here and now, and in all planes, without judgment and without prejudice. The truth always find you when you are present and aware. As for the quality and authenticity of channeled messages, there is also a different feeling between genuine messages and distorted or corrupt messages, and by learning to distinguish the energetic signature of the source, you’re able to validate the source. Yet no matter the source, it is your understanding of it that matters the most, and this is what most of this message is about. For you can get deeper understanding of truth even from a corrupt message when you interpret it with a healthy mind. I hope this answers your question.” -Metatron

Here’s also something more practical. Whenever you get astral information, whether through channeling or observation, do an accuracy check using muscle testing or a pendulum. This requires much more basic skills than astral observation. By validating the accuracy level, it does a few things. First, you better know how to interpret the information. Second, you become more aware of your filters. Third, you’re empowered to do something about those filters instead of being fooled by them. Overall, this practice keeps you a lot more grounded and allows you to get much more accurate messages in the future. Awareness is the first step.

Q: I’m familiar with pendulum usage but how do you get the percentages?

I ask and get the number, and you can also use the pendulum in the same way as one would measure vibrations on the Hawkins Scale using muscle testing. There’s plenty of information online explaining that.

Q: How do you trust the number?

You get to be aware of yourself and of your capacities to read based on experience. When you’ve done and confirmed it hundreds of times, then you know you can rely on it. When in doubt, I also always muscle test 2 questions: Is this answer accurate? Is there distortion? Distortion can be internal filter or external noise, I ask for both. If I don’t get a clear yes and a clear no, then I can’t trust the answer.

Ever since the lifting of the veil, I’ve seen much increased interest in the astral planes. This is where this knowledge will come useful.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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