I do not currently offer 1-on-1 coaching or healing services as it's too much hardcore work. Except for very few high-end clients, inquire if interested.

The best healing you can get is from our dedicated team of monks who work tirelessly to support our group. Introducing...

Project Varanasi

We have a team of 15 monks at Lord Shiva Temple in Varanasi, India, who meditate 5 hours every day to stabilize our group.

While I'm strong with fire and lightning, they use strong calming water that is perfect to cleanse, stabilize, rejuvenate, and get more in the flow.

They send video recordings of the meditations every day so that you can use them to meditate on your own. They meditate every day from 5 am until 10 am India time if you want to meditate and join their group energy.

To join the Varanasi support group, a donation of $100 per month per person is recommended, or $200 for your whole family. The minimum is $50, and those who donate $100 receive 6-12x more benefits. Energy exchange is very important. If you can't send $100, you can send $50 and upgrade when you can.

A lot of people in the spiritual community throw a tremendous amount of garbage money beliefs at the idea of paying... 75¢ per hour per monk. There's this idea that spirituality and healing cannot be professions. In the future, I will do some work to change the spiritual money paradigms and improve financial realities.

Meanwhile, if you cannot spend 75¢ per monk per hour, I certainly will not work at that price, and there's nothing I can do for you.

The monks provide, by far, the best value you can get for the money right now in terms of spiritual healing to get more in the flow of God. I'm focusing my healing work on the collective that we're creating, and only work on clients who receive this support. The reason is simple: replacing their work to deal with all the energetic crap around you is way too much work for me alone.

There is nearly a thousand monks at the temple, and they have proven their robustness.

To join Project Varanasi, contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at satyamtiwari06808@gmail.com. He's the lead Vedic monk.

  • I am very grateful to have Etienne introducing the Monks to assist us all. So far it is making a difference with positive impact as my energy fields feels cleaner and lighter with also repeating the mantras or even just humming to it with gratitude, on top of my own energy clearing and cleanse tools I use.

    I don't feel as affected by other people's negativity or none at all, especially at workplaces as I use shielding, and connect with high vibration aquatic families and calming royal blue Sirian protection myself and incorporate them with the Varanasi Monk's water energy.

    Also learnt to adjust, upgrade and be fluid with energy and movements of the water element and the rest when called either in my head virtually or doing them with my voice vibration as light language and physically to move the energies. The Monks also teaches us discipline, consistency and to let go and allow God when you find you don't (yet) have an answer to something.

    Have trust, faith and love in God's grace.
    – Kerry (UK)


How We Measure Corruption Levels

You might wonder how we measure our progress. First, by counting the amount of targets to clear in your field. We measure it in the same way we can measure vibrations on the Hawkins scale, or measure the accuracy of information, with techniques described here. I'm working on a full book to explain the methodology called The Astral Investigator that will be released when the time is right. We're pretty overwhelmed with work for now.

Then, the real progress is measured by looking at your corruption levels. I define corruption as energies below -1000 on the Hawkins scale, or from an external parasitical entity. There are various layers of consciousness, and they can hijack any one of those levels. We measure on the non-conscious, subconscious, conscious, super-conscious, ultra-conscious and 4 more levels above that. You can imagine a mirror in the ground, with the same 9 levels up-side-down below ground.

As of writing this, my team stands below 5% corruption, although it can peak higher at any time, and we worked for many months to bring it below 35% on all levels. It has gone down massively across the board, but many remain at 35% or 55% corruption, and many peaked at 98%+ corruption levels. These are the ones you notice as walking zombies.

A typical corruption reading looks like this: [95.4%, 95.5%, 95.3%, 94.2%, 95.6%], 35.4%, *35.5%*, 35.6%, 35.8% / 55.6%, 55.8%, 55.9%, 60.7%, 60.8%, 60.9%, 61.4%, 61.5%, 61.6%.

The most important number is the conscious layer, identified by *. The person can be saved as long as the conscious mind remains in the right direction. Then, the high-up dimensions marked with [] are very often hijacked, which can completely mess up your intuition and muscle testing. These high-up layers are also what cause crystal corruption problems. Then, the numbers below ground, after /, relate more to what you are creating in the grounded physical reality.

With this system, we keep good track of corruption across the various planes, and we're able to act before infections spread.


Are You In?

To join Project Varanasi, contact Maharishi Pandit Shyam Bihari on Facebook or by email at satyamtiwari06808@gmail.com. He's the lead Vedic monk.


To your spiritual freedom