Year of Enlightenment   ** Limited-Time Opportunity **

Harness your power of creation to make your vision a living breathing reality.

This group coaching program is designed to

  • Integrate TONS of knowledge that I never get to teach anywhere else
  • Learn how to harness energies through Alchemy, Qi Gong and Natural Grounding
  • Get consistent support throughout the year
  • Develop an attitude that is conductive for success
  • Navigate through the chaos with focus and strength

The last time Etienne taught Alchemy in a group setting was over 2 years ago. Unless you want to learn 1-on-1, this will be your only chance to join before this group starts for the year.

Program starts on May 6th 2017

While 1-on-1 coaching is the fastest way to resolve a specific problem or achieve a specific outcome, the Year of Enlightenment is the best way to develop your energy healing skills in-depth and build your life in a way that is truly inspiring.

This group training is highly interactive. Each month, we get together in an online meeting. You get to share what happened during the month, as well as share question, comments, challenges and celebrations. I intuitively tune in to see which topics would be the most useful for the group. Very often, I share tons of breakthroughs and experiences I've had during the month as I am continually growing at a rapid pace myself. We generally do about an hour of coaching and an hour of energy healing.

  • One of the best benefits I've got thanks to the Year of Enlightenment is getting used to using alchemy as you taught us. I've become more powerful, but also more sensitive... and now I cannot stand the negativity that I would keep before (with their negative consequences), so alchemy comes super handy to dismantle it anytime, anywhere I am.
    – Jose (Spain)

When clients somehow miss a meeting, they are very eager to join the next meeting because this lifts them out of the stress, confusion and chaos of their daily life to see life from a fresh simple perspective of truth. It recharges the batteries, cleans negative energies and gives a huge spiritual boost for the month, on top of providing very powerful energy healing tools and knowledge.

The Year of Enlightenment is available in 3 levels: Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

At the Gold level, it is a commitment to become an Emergence Warrior, disassociate from the lies and illusions in your life, and stand in the Truth without tolerating any energetic interference using the knowledge being taught. Your first purpose is to live the dysfunctions of society. Your second purpose is to transmute it by transmuting yourself.

At the Platinum level, it is the same commitment, plus a willingness to look deeper into yourself with more direct support. Thus, while a pure group programs allows one to cruise by, the Platinum level requires a commitment to face yourself to expose the deeper truth of yourself, and bring the dysfunctional patterns to the surface so that they can be transmuted.

At the Diamond level, on top of that, it is a commitment to live by the Truth and do what Spirit asks of you. It is a full commitment to live as a servant of God, and to take an active role in liberating the planet from the oppressors and build a new civilization. It is a commitment to stand firm in your light until your specific role reveals itself as the next phase.

Here is what is included at each level.

  Gold Platinum Diamond
Monthly group meetings (2h each)
$2400 value
Call recordings in both video and audio formats
$600 value
Year-long energetic support
$2000 value
Email support
$500 value
Access to Facebook group and community of like-minded people
$500 value
Soul Alignment Reading
$500 value
($197 retail)
Non-Rivalry Powerliminals
$500 value
($197 retail)
6x 1-on-1 coaching sessions (1h) with my support coach
$2000 value
3-days live events in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
$2000 value
$500 extra X X
Monthly 1-on-1 coaching sessions (1h) with Etienne $12000 value     X
VIP Day in Playa del Carmen (10am to midnight)
$5000 value
Total value $7000 $11000 $26000
Payment Plan $500 + 10x $197 $1000 + 10x $397 11x $1111
Pay-in-full price $2200 $4400 $11000


Refund Policy

This program is a serious commitment and is non-refundable once approved. However, the guarantee is this. If something doesn't work out, we'll discuss and make it right.



  • This past year I took part in Etienne's "Year of Enlightenment" course and it was a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. It has helped me make some profound shifts in many areas of my life. My inner power, self-confidence and ability to resolve conflicts is much stronger now. My self-acceptance and emotional intelligence have expanded to greater heights. And my focus, heart and determination have become more powerful than ever before.
    – Paul (USA)
  • Last year I set 3 goals for this year and thank for the Year of Enlightenment program I reached all of them! I couldn't make it without your support so thank you for you guys and specially for Etienne for created this program.
    РEnikö (Hungary)
  • I remembered an other important thing to add to the testimonial. I'm diagnosed with Adhd, and my "diff5iculties" such as procrastination, lack of focus, communication, keeping track of time and planning, has improved beyond expectations. What I've learned during this year is, to know what you want, need and desire, commit to it, focus, push, have fun and then rest will fall into place. That's it for now :)
    – Letitia (Sweden)
  • I am glad that I joined this program, it was a really interesting and intense journey for me. With this program i learned a lot about using Alchemy on body, mind and soul. Sometimes it was easy and had a little manifested effect, but sometimes it was very intense, and had a great impact on my life. But it's a rocky ride, it is not "all will be well" approach, but rather "you make it well" approach. And that's what i liked about it. I was sick and tired of the "lightwork" telling me that all will be well, almost there, you are on track, keep it up it will be worth it, just a step longer, aaaaand nothing happened for a long time. -.- And then I found out about you, and everything you wrote on your site was something that I alone was thinking about before, all the time. Alchemy always had a special tune in my ear, even when I was a kid, but the "gold alchemists" methods just weren't attracting me. Funny. But the word Alchemy is. and that left me confused for a long time. Until I found out about this kind of Alchemy usage. :)

    With this approach you alone are making it happen. Whatever your aspirations are. And how fast you're progressing is reflection of how intense you are working on it. Social life, money, body, mind, soul, personal paradigm, spirituality, physicality... All can be shifted on better.

    Did I mention rocky ride? Yeah.. :) This approach will not make things better overnight. But it will make them better in a fastest way possible that I know of at this time. With right intention it will bring up the problems related about a thing that we are working on, and make us deal with them before it is cleared. And that's how you deal with problems. You don't bury them. You dig, and deal with all stuff related with that particular problem, until you are "healed". And with the help of Alchemy and your paradigm, people are moving for the better.
    – Vesko (Croatia)

To your spiritual freedom