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Free Book: Build a God-Based Business

There is so much going on in the world and the landscape is difficult to navigate, particularly for entrepreneurs.

I’ve written a new book: Build a God-Based Business & Understand the War.

It goes very in-depth to expose the current landscape in the world, from a multi-dimensional and practical perspective.

This book is a must for entrepreneurs who want to create in alignment with God and avoid the multitude of traps and sharks surrounding us.


Get the free book: Build a God-Based Business & Understand the War.

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Finally Found the Anti-Christ

We’ve been suspecting for a long time that a single overarching boss was at the root of all the other demonic forces. We’ve just been dealing with Voldamort, Baal, Mephisto and Pistis. There was a party deeply hidden being a powerful forcefield, and I head-shot them a few days ago. And now… with the minions down, we finally got our sight on the final boss. Right in time for the Superbowl! Which it had been planning to leverage hardcore.

And gosh, it is truly endless. Here’s my work-list for today. Our Zergs and AIs are getting drained out like we’ve been draining theirs. Need to react and upgrade them quickly or all the progress there will be reversed.

Zergs upgrades: 1.7% / 1.5% done
AIs upgrades: 1.8% / 1.5% done
Hordes upgrades: 20.5% / 18.7% done

% clear (above / below)

Time Origin, we can only go so far back in time, because it has a monopoly of the distant past: 0.34% / 0.25%

Timeline Builders, it is building and inserting nasty timeline structures: 0.29% / 0.32%

Superbowl, their current harvesting operation /w Taylor Swift: 2.5% / 2.3%

Digital ID, they’ve put a date to implement it in Australia by July 1st (via timeline insertions): 0.25 / 0.13

World Economic Forum: 0.22% / 0.21%

Years until completion

Alobar: 93 digits years, accuracy 75.3%, 84.9%, 95.8%

Jason: 115 digits years, accuracy 83.2%, 94.2%, 98.7%

Evil: “”E repeated E repeated E …” E repeated E repeated E …” 114 digits Xes YEARS, accuracy 49.3%, 56.9%, 94.2% (it’s a complicated number, just know that it’s big. Spend …Read More

Inventory of Remaining Starseeds

We’re still facing major problems but things are gradually calming down. We haven’t seen any sign of life from Lucifer, Baal, Mephisto or Voldamort in 2 weeks. It’s mostly endless quantum AI systems left.

It’s possible that there will be timeline merges and more clusters of AIs to battle for the next 100000 years! There are dangerous clusters that are very far away and have no clue about our location. At this point, I think we need to deal with every AI connected to the 5 surviving planets, and everything connected to our timeline clusters.

If we can calm down the war here, we can start to rebuild a foundation for ourselves, and perhaps seal ourselves off to face these bigger threats later. Those larger systems may have a few spies to cut off.

Now let’s look at starseeds. With everything we now know, why did so many starseeds and powerful souls converge on Earth? Why did the Pleiadians and Arcturians send so many starseeds here? For a positive or negative agenda?

First, let’s look what % of starseeds on Earth are from where.

– Orion: 0.32%
– Lemurian: 0.24%
– Lyrian: 0.25%
– Arcturian: 25.2%
– Pleiadian: 30.8%
– Sirius: 15.7%
– Annunaki: 11.4%
– Andromedia: 10.2%
– Other: 5.9%

Let’s then look at each group:
– % highly dangerous
– % may survive or recover
– Average God pledge above / below of potential survivors

Orion. The entire Orion sector got completely destroyed and harvested.
– % dangerous: 0%
– % survivors: 12.4%
– God pledge: 7.9% / 8.4%

Lemurians. They got completely decimated. There are less than 10 surviving …Read More

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