Your life's purpose brings love, wealth and freedom

What is standing between you and your HIGHER PURPOSE?

If you are looking for a life coach, be prepared to receive much more than that. No matter what is holding you back, the self transformation you can achieve with the energy healing methodology we developed will open your path to experience the sense of fulfillment you are seeking, by living a life that is aligned with your greater purpose.

What is the difference between free trainings and paid products and services? Free trainings are designed to open your mind to what's possible, and it really is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, listening to the 4 first audios of the Force of Life Training is required before doing any further work with Etienne.


De-Zombification Program

A team of 15 monks sending healing for you 5 hours daily, plus clearing your field in bulk with auto-bombing systems 24/7 that me and my team designed.

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Transmute your environment with the help of high-frequency background audios.

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Gemstones & Alchemy Rings

You can now get quality gemstones on hand-crafted rings, at very affordable prices. They serve as energetic stabilizers, amplify your healing powers, and help anchor the cosmic energies into the physical plane.

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Journey to the World

Videos and interviews about our Journey to recover relics of power.

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Juggernaut Attunement

Pierce through corruption and re-open the flow with God. We've lost a lot of Lightworkers this year. The people visiting this website have on average 75%+ energetic corruption in their third eye distorting their vision.

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Remote Cell Reprogramming

Want improved health and productivity? This advanced Orion technology will work on you remotely 24/7 to improve the natural functions of your cells. A big boost of health!

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Crystal Attunement

You can get your healing crystals attuned into very high frequencies to amplify their powers and to allow them to auto-clean themselves.

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Soul Alignment Reading

This is the very first step for a real self transformation from the inside. The Soul Alignment Reading is a very powerful and complete kick start, composed of 4 elements, that will allow you to find out the real issues that are getting in the way of your awakening. You will get an Energy Profile Reading, Distance Healing, Energy Fields Explained e-Book and a Strategy Session. Enjoy it!

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