Your life's purpose brings love, wealth and freedom

What is standing between you and your HIGHER PURPOSE?

God & Money Reading

Your energy field says everything about you, including your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and results. During the God & Money Reading, I will read your energy field remotely and dress a clear profile of the key traits important for wealth and success. Self-awareness is the first key to success. Many clients completely shifted their lives through this self-awareness alone.

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Soul Alignment Reading

This is the very first step for a real self transformation from the inside. The Soul Alignment Reading is a very powerful and complete kick start, composed of 4 elements, that will allow you to find out the real issues that are getting in the way of your awakening. You will get an Energy Profile Reading, Distance Healing, Energy Fields Explained e-Book and a Strategy Session. Enjoy it!

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Gemstones & Alchemy Rings

You can now get quality gemstones on hand-crafted rings, at very affordable prices. They serve as energetic stabilizers, amplify your healing powers, and help anchor the cosmic energies into the physical plane.

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Transmute your environment with the help of high-frequency background audios.

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Project Varanasi

We have a team of 15 monks at Lord Shiva Temple in Varanasi, India, who meditate 5 hours every day to stabilize our group.

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