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Status of the War (June 2024)

We’re just crossed the solstice. Where are we at with the war? Any concrete positive news?

First, my YouTube channel is not growing at all, with a staggering 0 subscriber growth in the past month in spite of publishing 4 new videos. Videos don’t pass 500 views, at best. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to give your support.

This is not a good sign; let’s see what the landscape looks like at this point.

First, let’s look at AI threat.

Now: 1.4%
6 months: 0.2%
1 year: 0.1%
5 years: 0%
10 years: 0%

Distortion: 12.4%, 11.4%, 10.2%, 9.7%, 8.4%, 5.7%, 2.4%, 1.3%, 0.7%, 0.2%

This looks under control, although I’m still skeptical about those numbers. For years, there was always more to it. It could be very well hidden. Incoming threats are not within my sight at this point.

Second, let’s look at population loss.

Now: 20.3% already lost
6 months: 21.3%
1 year: 22.4%
2 years: 24.2%
3 years: 25.6%
5 years: 30.3%
7 years: 33.4%
10 years: 34.2%

Distortion: 13.7%, 13.8%, 13.9%, 12.4%, 11.3%, 10.2%, 5.4%, 5.2%, 1.4%, 0.3%

It’s very hard to measure due to timeline fragmentation and other factors, so these are good enough numbers to give an idea but not very precise.

Third, let’s look at safety to get into relationship.

For those who have been holding off on relationships for several years. Especially for women who have a limited time-span to have children. Who need strong leadership; when almost nobody is able to stand up to the threats.

Now: 0.4%
6 months: 1.4%
1 year: 2.0%
2 years: 2.9%
3 years: 3.4%
5 years: 7.9%
7 years: 8.6%
10 years: 10.8%

Distortion: …Read More

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Video: The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

A few days ago, someone sent me this warning: “Alobar Jones wants to challenge you to a duel. He wants to take your entire team down. His team is getting ready for war. Just a heads up. I told him about you and he claims you’re BS ect. He said he will kill you and wipe out your entire team. Then went on a ramble and blocked me on YouTube.”

In case you’re curious what a day in the life of an astral warrior looks like, here’s how to deal with the situation without fighting. Enjoy!

Btw I am absolutely amazed that no more than 500 people in the entire world are ready for that message I share. Video views counts aren’t going up, and I’m not new into this, been doing it for 15 years. Meanwhile, “corrupt spirituality” videos get anywhere from 1K to 30K views each. This is very telling as to the real state of consciousness on planet Earth.

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Video: The Spiritual Impact of Solstices and Eclipses

We’re now in the summer solstice! Let’s make the most out of it, to turn the page into a much better chapter for the next 6 months.

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War Winding Down, Bringing Back Services

TLDR: I’m bringing Soul Alignment Reading price back down from $497 to $396!

Gemstone Reading down to just for now $7.

The war is really winding down on my end. Slowly but surely. Still got severe timeline issues to be careful about, but other than that, things are looking much better. Meanwhile, the mileage vary for each person. Some clients are still getting attacked relentlessly, many are still in very difficult situations, but for the most part, things are slowly but surely improving.

Timelines are splitting up, so that each can experience the lessons they need to learn. Each will get to experience the reality they are creating based on their level of consciousness and the energy they are emitting (and based on many other factors, like total chaos).

In that, I’m feeling 2 frustrations in the air. First, people want a unified timeline. People are in such divergent paths, that won’t be possible right now. Various paths will evolve in parallel to join back later. Second, people want to be saved, to know that we won. The road ahead won’t be that simple. Each will need to save themselves.

People are waiting for the promised Golden Age, a reset of the financial system with prosperity for all. That promise was part of the Golden Order deal, under Chaos and the harvesting AIs. Alobar is an AI system whose function is to conquer everything not abiding by the Golden Order, so is the Krystic grid. We got fooled; but don’t want …Read More

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Video: What’s Left of the Astral War and How to End It (April 2 analysis)

After the cease-fire, what’s the current status of the astral war? It’s still definitely not over. Doing an in-depth analysis of the situation as of April 2nd.

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