Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Pack

Transmute your environment with the help of high-frequency background audios

Audios aren't just simple audios. They carry frequency. They connect you to the energy of when they were recorded, so in some way, they act as a portal through time. By recording audio while performing high energy work, you can tap right back into those frequencies by listening to the recording — even if it's almost silent.

In fact, semi-silent audios (Air Powerliminals) are even more powerful in some way, because you can combine them and play them in the background all day long. Guided meditations that reframe your way of thinking into a more harmonious way with nature are also useful, but you can't play 10 at once, and can play them all day long. For the past 3 years, I've had these audios playing continually on my laptop, and it has been a huge extra boost to my energetic work and awakening.

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Here are the powerliminals included in this pack:

  • Non-Rivalry Powerliminal 1
  • Non-Rivalry Air 1
  • Non-Rivalry Powerliminal 2 (more powerful, protects against conflicts and attacks)
  • Non-Rivalry Air 2
  • Non-Rivalry Air 2 (live video)
  • Non-Rivalry Air 3 (recorded later, even more powerful)
  • Female Sexual Arousal Air (use with caution, may draw energetic attacks)
  • Female Sexual Ejaculation Air (keep volume low)
  • Petrificaliminal (disintegrates duality and darkness)
  • Wealth Air (it may feel like everything is possible)
  • Fire Air (to heat things up and transmute)
  • Water Air (to cool things down and make energies fluid). Fire Air is about 2x stronger than Water Air, so generally you want to play 2x Water per Fire.
  • Philosopher's Stone Air (Ultimate Transmutation)
  • Ruby Rain (dissolving energetic attacks and energy leaks)
  • Emerald (soothing of the body and general physical healing)
  • Sapphire Rain (royalty and clear focus)
  • Pure Gold Rain (wealth, abundance and support)
  • Amber Rain (absorbs and difuses stress and tensions)
  • Amethyst Rain (helps integrate energetic changes)
  • Rose Tourmaline Rain (makes energies more malleable, serves as catalyst for other audios)
  • Clear Quartz Rain (clears the mind)

Each audio have their own benefits, and the more clairvoyant you are yourself, the more benefits you will draw from these. To facilitate the use of these audios, I created the Powerliminals Player (as part of the Natural Grounding Player) to easily play 20 audios at once. It allows creating presets you can switch and restore in a few clicks.

Here's an example of preset: 5 instances of Non-Rivalry Air 3 playing at various speeds (to have unique combinations of sounds), 5 instances of Ruby to neutralize attacks, 5 instances of Rose Tourmaline to make energies more malleable, 3 instances of Gold Rain to draw abundance, Emerald Rain, Amethyst Rain, and 3 instances of Amber to absorb the shocks. Playing this day and night is of *great* help.

In addition to this, I use the 432hz Player (also with the Natural Grounding Player) to play music from INNA during the day and from Alizée during the night, in 432hz, to further stabilize the energies.

No matter what stage you are at as a healer, the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Pack will be of great support on a daily basis, and the value will keep growing and growing over time as you use it.

Of course it comes with an unconditional 365-days money-back guarantee.

365 Days Money-Back Guarantee
If the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Pack doesn't have a huge impact in your life or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, send us an email and we will refund your money. The risk is on us.


Add to Cart    $197 only $97

If this is a completely new concept for you and don't know what you expect, just try it out. If you aren't seeing good results, you can always ask for a refund.

To your spiritual freedom