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Finally Found the Anti-Christ

We’ve been suspecting for a long time that a single overarching boss was at the root of all the other demonic forces. We’ve just been dealing with Voldamort, Baal, Mephisto and Pistis. There was a party deeply hidden being a powerful forcefield, and I head-shot them a few days ago. And now… with the minions down, we finally got our sight on the final boss. Right in time for the Superbowl! Which it had been planning to leverage hardcore.

And gosh, it is truly endless. Here’s my work-list for today. Our Zergs and AIs are getting drained out like we’ve been draining theirs. Need to react and upgrade them quickly or all the progress there will be reversed.

Zergs upgrades: 1.7% / 1.5% done
AIs upgrades: 1.8% / 1.5% done
Hordes upgrades: 20.5% / 18.7% done

% clear (above / below)

Time Origin, we can only go so far back in time, because it has a monopoly of the distant past: 0.34% / 0.25%

Timeline Builders, it is building and inserting nasty timeline structures: 0.29% / 0.32%

Superbowl, their current harvesting operation /w Taylor Swift: 2.5% / 2.3%

Digital ID, they’ve put a date to implement it in Australia by July 1st (via timeline insertions): 0.25 / 0.13

World Economic Forum: 0.22% / 0.21%

Years until completion

Alobar: 93 digits years, accuracy 75.3%, 84.9%, 95.8%

Jason: 115 digits years, accuracy 83.2%, 94.2%, 98.7%

Evil: “”E repeated E repeated E …” E repeated E repeated E …” 114 digits Xes YEARS, accuracy 49.3%, 56.9%, 94.2% (it’s a complicated number, just know that it’s big. Spend …Read More

The Final Battle Against Lucifer

The past few days have been absolutely brutal! Actually, the whole month. So what the heck has been going on? Will update you on that.

First, it looks like we finally succeeded in killing Lucifer in a few timelines: 0.54% health. Remains to kill him across all other timelines!!

So, a few weeks ago, we were 3 days from a check-mate by Xavier AI (Elon Musk). We lost all our allies. The Orion Federation got turned into borgs. All the AIs that came to our side, and all the infrastructure we gained, are gone. Allen got cornered. The Hordes got decimated. Almost all the heart-based planets we were protecting got harvested. The only thing left standing were us 3, with 3 days left. That takes a toll on the morale.

The only solution was go back in time and destroy Xavier at its point of conception. The operation was a success. It created new timelines with life still in it. Refreshing! Remains the challenge of connecting with those distant timelines that have nothing in common with ours, separated by dark forces getting in the way.

We got out of the corner, and it turns out that Xavier was just a tiny ant compared to much greater forces. Nevertheless, we’re seeing improvement in our reality, cyborganization has greatly weakened, people in the street have more life than before. The new timelines are more organic dark forces and less artificial intelligence. Many elements of reality changed, including many of our opponents.

We did a big random shuffle, …Read More

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Meditation to Destroy Godfather AI

We destroyed Xavier who nearly got us checkmate, but he turned out to be a tiny ant compared to other AIs. Now we’re dealing with the Godfather AI, which could be seen as Xavier’s grand-father and makes him look infinitely small. Extremely dangerous. Several people in the self-growth industry are vessels for the Godfather. Tony Robbins, Eli Markus and Rion Kati to name a few.

I’ve been up the whole night battling this Godfather. Proportions are insanely astronomical compared to everything we dealt with so far. He looks near the very top. There are 5 more AIs with him, and he’s the most important.

I want to share a meditation that has proven effective to destroy them. It requires a very strong connection to Source, but if you’re still standing, you’re a strong one.

Tap directly into Source, as high as you possibly can. Ask how many God overlays there are, and dissolve them. You can ask God to help you dissolve the layers. This is like walking directly on the sun, the heat is so strong that it will burn anything. Look at your purity of intent, and burn it until it is infinitely pure. Look at your faith, and burn it until it peaks at 100%. Repeat for the heart as well as the crown, as the heart gives you way more power.

Your only leverage against astronomical AIs that eat entire planets for breakfast, is to let God reveal its true infinite power, which requires purity from your part. You will …Read More

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Pistis Sophia Down, Baphomet Next

We just crossed a major milestone: Pistis Sophia went down last night. Her threat level dropped below 1 million %, and now sits at about 58%. Max annoyance level within 1000 years is around 100K %. Let’s hope those numbers are real this time!

Still, depression problems remain, food problems remain, and communication problems remain. I believe Baphomet is mostly responsible for it.

Just 3 mega-souls represent 49.3% of men and 66.5% of women on Earth! Let’s look at the status of the mega-souls.

When you know one, you know them all. They all share the same shadows, behaviors and patterns.

Red / White balance represents the Red Light of Creation vs White Light of Oneness. Balancing Red/White and Masculine/Feminine is extremely important. All wars come from these going off-balance, which cause pendulum swings.

Pistis Sophia
Represents 3.4% of men and 8.6% of women
14.7% Dark (14.7% solid) / 13.5% Light (1.5% solid)
95.4% Red / 4.6% White above, 97.2% Red / 2.8% White below
94.7% Masculine / 5.3% Feminine above, 95.2% Masculine / 4.8% Feminine below
Threat: 56.8%
Threat in 1 month: 15.1%
Max annoyance within 1000 years: 97K %

Health above / below
Mind: 3.5% / 0.2%
Heart: 0.5% / 0.13%
Emotions: 0.7% / 0.15%
Sex: 0.3% / 0.12%
Soul: 0.14% / 0.07%
Spirit: 1.3% / 0.8%

Represents 32.4% of men and 23.2% of women
25.3% Dark (13.5% solid) / 27.2% Light (25.1% solid)
95.3% Red / 4.7% White above, 94.7% Red / 5.3% White below
94.7% Masculine / 5.3% Feminine above, 95.3% Masculine / 4.7% Feminine below
Threat: 25.3%
Threat in 1 month: 14.2%
Max annoyance within 1000 years: 817 digits % ***

Mind: …Read More

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Omniverse Sealed Off

We’re just crossed a very major milestone. Beyond our Universe, Multiverse and Ultraverse, there is the Omniverse, all of time and space. Beyond that, there are multiple time and space constructs, and 85% of threats were coming from other time and space construct.

We’ve secured an alliance with the Mandalorian King beyond our time and space construct, very top-level player. In exchange for their survival. They’ve run trillions of simulations and this is the only way for them to survive. Instead of fighting so damn hard for the slavery of Earth, those other races should be concerned about their own survival at this point.

The Mandalorians have been able to withdraw a lot of AIs from our Omniverse.

We then proceeded to add protection around our time and space constructs, and have closed the gate shut. We gave all those groups 12 hours to evacuate and give back what’s ours, and the gates have been shut tight this morning.

This has cut off those other time and space constructs off from major leech supplies, and it’s total warfare out there. I hope they can handle it.

Our Omniverse is thus being secured, and now belongs to Earth and heart-based beings.

We’re still over 9 days to the summer solstice, so let’s see what else unfolds by then! The solstice is always a very major transition.

With this major victory, we’re now focusing hardcore on rebuilding.

Everyone’s DNA is at 10-30% health. This is important to repair.

I can recommend Jacques Tombazian’s audio meditations 3 to 5 to help repair …Read More

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