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Reinforcement On The Way

I mentioned a new Orion group I just found in the last article. Everyone agrees: we need reinforcement on the ground! 500K new Orion souls will be performing walk-ins, mostly into natives population, and especially in Mexico and Peru.

They call their leader Wildberry. So far we only have military and Royal types of Orion (because when Orion got destroyed, the evacuation ship left the military bases with the military personnel to evacuate the royal families; only those 2 groups survived). Having a tribal/native type will bring a much-needed balance. They’ve been watching us for 2 months.

Their planet had 1.4 billion souls. They got hit by the Zeta beam that sent them lost in time and space, 12300 years ago. They got decimated to 43 million souls. They further got decimated to 3 million, but these are hardcore survivors. The kind of tanks we need right now.

We got over a billion empty vessels, so I told them to just pick a seat. Plenty of choice available. They are overwhelmingly choosing natives vessels. This is amazing news for the native worldwide, and to bring a balance between a modern developed world and the respect and harmony with nature. Some native shamans are looking at them coming in and wondering what the heck is going on. That’s the miracle they’ve been waiting for?

How many coming in per county
Canada: 12k
USA: 25k
Mexico: 95k
Peru: 85k
Rest of Latin America: 15k
Europe: 45k
Eastern Europe: 5.4k
Russia: 12k
China: 18k
Africa: 35k
Middle east: 5.3k
Australia: 7.9k

So: mostly Mexico and Peru

The Peruvian Elder asked Wildberry …Read More

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War Winding Down, Bringing Back Services

TLDR: I’m bringing Soul Alignment Reading price back down from $497 to $396!

Gemstone Reading down to just for now $7.

The war is really winding down on my end. Slowly but surely. Still got severe timeline issues to be careful about, but other than that, things are looking much better. Meanwhile, the mileage vary for each person. Some clients are still getting attacked relentlessly, many are still in very difficult situations, but for the most part, things are slowly but surely improving.

Timelines are splitting up, so that each can experience the lessons they need to learn. Each will get to experience the reality they are creating based on their level of consciousness and the energy they are emitting (and based on many other factors, like total chaos).

In that, I’m feeling 2 frustrations in the air. First, people want a unified timeline. People are in such divergent paths, that won’t be possible right now. Various paths will evolve in parallel to join back later. Second, people want to be saved, to know that we won. The road ahead won’t be that simple. Each will need to save themselves.

People are waiting for the promised Golden Age, a reset of the financial system with prosperity for all. That promise was part of the Golden Order deal, under Chaos and the harvesting AIs. Alobar is an AI system whose function is to conquer everything not abiding by the Golden Order, so is the Krystic grid. We got fooled; but don’t want …Read More

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Peeling Off the Matrix Layers

Alright I’ll give some updates. My wife is still away and I still have to pay for her hotel. The fact of being spread-out is altering the way timelines merge, and is cock-blocking the barrage of bad timelines. This should be resolved soon.

Magdalene, Lucifer and Pistis look really weak at this point, but there are still endless bad timelines to clear out. We also have to keep an eye out for other yet unidentified players. Meanwhile, my mailing list is shrinking at record speed as Luciferians are running away, which is funny to watch.

One big problem is that our timeline is condemned with the evacuation. We are not in the master timeline, nor is our timeline blessed by God, which makes it very vulnerable to ambush and collisions. We have to get closer to the new master timelines. God showed me 15 master timelines all spread out. We did some reconsolidation work to connect them together and approach them, bringing series of timeline merges along the way. As of right now, we are 816 to 13.5 million timelines away from the master timelines blessed by God. The closer we get, the more stable we’ll get, but we need to somehow merge with timelines that are wildly different and incompatible with ours.

As those timelines are merging, I’m definitely noticing that people out in the street have a lot more soul than before!

Next, as I’m starting to look at people strictly in terms of God pledge and Lucifer pledge, I …Read More

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Spiritual Frauds Exposed: AI Masters & AI Servants

I’m releasing a new video series Spiritual Frauds Exposed: AI Masters & AI Servants.

It’s a 5-Part video series that will be released here as each part becomes available. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications of new videos!

The truth will set you free.

Read More

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Vampires and Child Trafficking

We’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in the past years. During the past 6 months, we dealt with the 3 Witches that purchased 35% of all children on the black market. They took the premium quality and the vampires were 2nd grade buyers that got the rest. We also dealt with Carlos Slim who turned out to be a vampire. Dealt with various of those vampire families.

As I was watching the news yesterday, I learned that Hunter Biden got 8.3 million dollars from China, Ukraine and Romania. What’s in Romania??

Vampires, of course.

My friend went to chat with a Vampire Lord above them.
– Oh supreme Lord!
– Who dare summon me!
– Me.
– Oh it’s you. What can I do for my Lord?
– What do you mean by that?
– Well you are the masters now. All live by your will.

He was chatty and gave us some good intel.

They are protecting their supply chain of children. They control all organized human trafficking. They had treaties with that other vampire network. The one with Carlos Slim. It’s the same network really. But it’s like the 5 families of the mafia.

They had treaties in the end to stop their in fighting. Those other vampire Lord’s were other covenants.

Romania house is still very strong. Biden took over the contracts from old Rockefellers. He has been maintaining the flow of children. Guaranteeing it. With a blood oath.

They actually took advantage and expanded their territory of control. Took over key supply chains in South America.

They funnel the …Read More

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