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New Year Meditation

New Year is our last opportunity to make a major difference in this holiday energy work sprint. Instead of celebrating, I’ll be working at max capacity the whole day.

Here’s my plan for New Year. There will be rolling celebrations around the world every hour. I’ll use the time zones map. The ideal period of work is between 23:30 and 0:15; and between 21:00 and 2:30. At n:30, I’ll start cleaning the bad grids in the time zone. At n:45, I’ll drain misused powers. At n:00 will be peak integration, until n:15. I got 15 minutes break until the next time zone starts. I’ll start at 11AM with China/Western Australia and try to go on until 3AM with PST. While constantly scanning for people working against us. It will be a big day!

You can also do the work in the past or future into that moment in time all around the world.

To give an idea of the distribution of corrupt energies around the world, here’s a count of targets to clear around the globe.

The numbers will be in repetitions of “Xes Xes Xes … times”. Let me explain that scale quickly. 1K = 1000, 5 digits = 10000, 2 X = digits with digits with 1 trillion digits, 5 Xes = 1 trillion X X X X X, Xes Xes Xes … times 5 = 1 trillion Xes Xes Xes Xes Xes.

The scales are absolutely astronomical and there’s just no end to it. So be it.

We’ve already been doing heavy …Read More

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Change Your Inner Image for Peace and Success

We’re making everything possible to try to end this war by New Year, which is our only opportunity to change the timeline of the upcoming year. We have made a tremendous amount of progress, and there is still a lot more work to do. The important dates of the holidays: there was the solstice on the 21st and the triple Retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter and Uranis). Christmas Eve was a very major date, perfect to work on the collectives when all the families are rejoining. Full moon on the 26th, then New Year Eve similar to Christmas Eve. This whole period until January 3rd will establish the landscape for the upcoming year.

We’re completely eliminated a wide range of targets and threats. We are still 3.5 months away from joining the first Master Timeline. There are currently 12 master timelines while we are in a minor timeline far away from those timelines. This is what makes our reality so fragmented and unstable. Once we join a master timeline, we’ll be much less vulnerable to timeline collisions and fragmentation.

Can we join the first Master Timeline by New Year? Let’s try! We’re still falling short, but we can upgrade and give the necessary extra push.

Although we’ve cleared a long list of threats, our current list of work is: Simulations, Pistis Sophia, and Timelines. Still need to keep a constant eye on Alobar Jomes and Jason Estes, as there is always more to their AI systems.

Here is one area that is of particular importance: your …Read More

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Crystal Matrix / Solstice

We’ve been making a tremendous amount of progress, and there’s still a lot to face. We are now entering the energy of the solstice, the most important period of the year energetically, and must set up a strategy to get the most out of it.

Out of all realms, Universes and realities, there are only 416 planets left!! 85% of which could be considered good. That I’m detecting. It’s possible that there are a few more planets hiding. There are however endless parallel versions of those planets, many of which conflict with each other, and only one version can survive once it merges.

To make things simple, there are 3 main parties in this war. There are those aligned with God, those aligned with Lucifer (Matrix 1.0) and those aligned with the Krystic grid (Matrix 2.0). The Lucifer grid was attacked from both sides and got taken down. Now we need to deal with the Krystic mastermind: with Alobar Jones, Jason Estes and Kim Goguen at the top. Each of whom have large support communities.

Lately I was connecting with some high-end professionals, and also with some digital nomads, and they somewhat appear to be doing just fine in the middle of all this? Looking deeper, there is another grid beyond the Krystic grid, the Crystal Matrix. We had been dealing with a lot of ultra-sophisticated crystal cables indeed.

Professional communities are plugged into the Crystal grid, whereas spiritual communities are plugged into the Krystic grid. Those who embrace the Crystal grid appear to …Read More