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New Gemstone Readings

I started crafting a few rings again. Unfortunately my previous jeweler is nowhere to be found, but I found another one who gives even better quality. Will be adding the choice of various textures for the finishing touch of the various models.

Here is something else that is very exciting. I’m offering a new type of energy reading: Gemstone Readings! I’ll measure what % each gemstone is good or bad for you, and how much you need it. Readings are very interesting so far! Goes all over the place with strange patterns.

Last week, crystals still weren’t safe for most people other than immediate clients. This week, things are already more stable. It’s just getting safe again to use attuned crystals and I’m starting to sell rings right away.

Because only some gemstones are safe and others aren’t, and it varies for each person, I highly recommend to first get a Gemstone Reading to know what is best for you. Then, tell me your budget and the stones that most interest you, and I can make you custom recommendations as to what most benefits you. That’s a pretty unique service!

> Get a Gemstone Reading here for just $20

(btw had some delays to bring this out because 1) gemstones still weren’t quite safe for most people last week and 2) I had to re-install my server, just finished deploying to a brand new server)

For just $20, I’ll measure your compatibility with all the lab-made gemstones I’m offering, plus a few …Read More

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Juggernaut Attunement Now Available!

We’ve lost a lot of Lightworkers this year. Most people reading this have 65% to 95% corruption in their third eye, 35% to 95% corruption in their connection to Source, 25% to 45% of their inner financial center taken by Lucifer. Perhaps some people you know have been swapped by other entities and flipped; or merged with bad timelines and flipped. Adding to that all the shadow corruption we all have to deal with from crappy timelines. Not even talking about the state of the world right now.

It’s time to take the gloves off. I found a way that is effective in breaking through that mess: opening Juggernauts in critical energy centers of your body. I always say: follow the Juggernaut, ride the Juggernaut, but never get in its path. It’s an absolute Force of God that nothing can stop.

>> Read all the details here

After over a year and a half being unable to work, this approach is allowing me to get back to work. In terms of back-log of purchases I couldn’t deliver during that time, I’m currently working on 2 God Connection Attunements, got 8 energy readings left after doing a few recently, and then I’m up-to-date. Juggernaut Attunements alone take over a full day of work per person though. It requires very intense and steady focus. Juggernaut Attunements will be my full-time priority for the next few weeks and go in a first-come first-serve basis. If you had purchased a Soul Alignment Reading that hasn’t …Read More

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Rain Powerliminals Are Here!

Some time ago, I released the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Package that included a series of recorded audios, both guided and silent, to accelerate your spiritual growth and protect your energy. I released them because they were extremely useful to me, and I promised to produce more audios to complement the package.

So here we go: I recorded a new batch of audios using a new production method, and these audios are a LOT more powerful!! I took the energy of various highly-attuned crystals, turned them into water, and added fire to turn them into steam. With highly attuned stones, conflicting energies can collide with them. When in water form, there is very little for conflicting energies to hold onto. When in cloud form, there is nothing to hold onto. It then falls as rain, and I blow the energy of the rain into the microphone. The result is a very clean and pure energy of extremely high frequency. These audios are also more silent than the previous ones and have less noise distortion.

>> Get the Rain Powerliminals here!

In addition to all the previously available audios, these new silent audios get added to the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Package:

– Non-Rivalry Air 3: to neutralize conflicts and create a bubble of peace and protection
– Philosopher’s Stone Air: to crystallize your energetic structures
– Fire Air: to increase your fire element
– Water Air: to increase your water element
Note: Fire Air is about twice stronger than Water Air, so you might want to …Read More

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