Some time ago, I released the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Package that included a series of recorded audios, both guided and silent, to accelerate your spiritual growth and protect your energy. I released them because they were extremely useful to me, and I promised to produce more audios to complement the package.

So here we go: I recorded a new batch of audios using a new production method, and these audios are a LOT more powerful!! I took the energy of various highly-attuned crystals, turned them into water, and added fire to turn them into steam. With highly attuned stones, conflicting energies can collide with them. When in water form, there is very little for conflicting energies to hold onto. When in cloud form, there is nothing to hold onto. It then falls as rain, and I blow the energy of the rain into the microphone. The result is a very clean and pure energy of extremely high frequency. These audios are also more silent than the previous ones and have less noise distortion.

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In addition to all the previously available audios, these new silent audios get added to the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Package:

– Non-Rivalry Air 3: to neutralize conflicts and create a bubble of peace and protection
– Philosopher’s Stone Air: to crystallize your energetic structures
– Fire Air: to increase your fire element
– Water Air: to increase your water element
Note: Fire Air is about twice stronger than Water Air, so you might want to play 1x Fire and 2x Air to balance it out

– Gold Rain: attracts and create wealth
– Ruby Rain: seals energy leaks and removes implants, great to heal relationship entanglements and prevent energy leech
– Sapphire Rain: promotes wisdom, royalty and guidance
– Emerald Rain: revives passions and soothes emotions
– Amber Rain: negative energies get stuck in the resin and dissolve
– Rose Tourmaline Rain: softens aggressive and rigid energies, great for acceptance and stubbornness issues causing pains in the stomach or teeth
– Clear Quartz Rain: clears the mind
– Amethyst Rain: supports the integration of new energies

Together, these make a very powerful mix.

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Here’s how to use them optimally. Install VLC player and run it. In options, uncheck “Allow only one instance”. In the toolbar, click the icon to play in loop. Close the window to save settings. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the audio you want to play and select “Open With” and then “VLC media player”. This will allow you to play various audio files simultaneously. You can open the same file several times and it will increase its effect, but change the start position of each instance so that they play unique content.

I haven’t yet experimented with changing playback speed, and I just gave it a try. Increasing the speed appears to amplify the energy (in a somewhat erratic way), while slowing it down appears to deepen the connection to the energy. For now I’ll play 2 instances of Gold Rain: one faster and one slower, and see how it goes. There is more to explore here.

For this whole week, I’ve had these audios playing day and night: Fire Air, 2x Water Air, 2x Gold Rain, 3x Non-Rivalry, Clear Quartz Rain, Amethyst Rain, Amber Rain, Sapphire Rain, and Rose Tourmaline Rain.

Note: This does not replace taking action and taking responsibility for what you want to see in your life, nor to replace your healing work or the support you need to move forward. These are designed to be extra support that will help you get into the proper mindset that leads to productive actions.

Also note that crystals should be used as conduits and not as batteries; and I suspect Ruby Rain will prevent you from using it as a battery; and also prevent others from using you as a battery.

Also note that although your mindset will affect how much you integrate these energies and what you do with them, in the overall picture, the effect of these audios isn’t affected much by you, and here’s why. They will have an impact on your environment whether you are present or not. You can leave them playing at home all day while you’re at work, and when you come back, the energy in the room will feel clean, even if you’re not.

Also note that if you have crystals in the room, the energy of those crystals will be affected by these audios and the synergy will cause an even greater effect. You may also want to consider activating some of your crystals.

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P.S. As part of the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Package, I promised to do a series of live calls on the topic of wealth creation. I haven’t yet done so and here’s why. We’ve gone through a phase of massive denial while the old global system is melting down. We really couldn’t move forward with “creating wealth with the new consciousness energies” until we’ve gone past that phase of denial, and trying to do more or better over existing paradigms would lead you to collapse with everything else as old paradigms break down. Whatever needs to break down needs to break down first before I can move forward with this. After September, the energetic context should be a lot more open and conductive for this type of work. I think it was better to wait to produce the desired results than to rush it and get flake results. The removal of the veil also makes a big difference in this, and interestingly enough, this happened a few days after I produced these Rain Powerliminals. This bonus still applies, and I will let you know when the time is right.

>> Get the Rain Powerliminals here!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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