I started crafting a few rings again. Unfortunately my previous jeweler is nowhere to be found, but I found another one who gives even better quality. Will be adding the choice of various textures for the finishing touch of the various models.

Here is something else that is very exciting. I’m offering a new type of energy reading: Gemstone Readings! I’ll measure what % each gemstone is good or bad for you, and how much you need it. Readings are very interesting so far! Goes all over the place with strange patterns.

Last week, crystals still weren’t safe for most people other than immediate clients. This week, things are already more stable. It’s just getting safe again to use attuned crystals and I’m starting to sell rings right away.

Because only some gemstones are safe and others aren’t, and it varies for each person, I highly recommend to first get a Gemstone Reading to know what is best for you. Then, tell me your budget and the stones that most interest you, and I can make you custom recommendations as to what most benefits you. That’s a pretty unique service!

> Get a Gemstone Reading here for just $20

(btw had some delays to bring this out because 1) gemstones still weren’t quite safe for most people last week and 2) I had to re-install my server, just finished deploying to a brand new server)

For just $20, I’ll measure your compatibility with all the lab-made gemstones I’m offering, plus a few natural gems. Note that I’m measuring my highly-attuned gemstones, other gems remain a lot more unstable to use! Let me know if there are other natural gems you’d like to measure.

I’ll also be able to produce 100% pure gold rings and 100% pure silver rings! Those are actually very beneficial. Pure silver rings are used in Chinese medicine for detox, and they come up pretty good in the readings.

On top of the gems, I’ll also measure for several special oil formulas I’m selling:

Immunity oil @ $50 (boost immune system, kill parasites in the system — most diseases are caused by parasites! Can do a full-body deparasitation in about 3 months of daily use)

Crown chakra oil @ $50: imported from a Daoist master in China, very potent

Farm cordyceps syrup @ $100: Cordyceps have amazing properties, anti-inflammation, energy and others. This provider has 2000-year-old special knowledge on how to extract the essence from plants and mushroom.

Natural Himmalaya cordyceps oil @ $420: Natural cordyceps is extremely rare and expensive, and a lot more potent. They are harvested in the Burmese side of the Himalayas, requires 7-day trek! Extracted with special knowledge, this oil is expensive but readings are absolutely off the charts on this one. Look at the energy coming off this bottle of natural cordyceps oil.

I have all the rings and gemstones listed here but do not have those other products and services listed anywhere other than this post. I’m coming up with a very excellent league of products!

Just tell me what you need for now; I’m working on building a new website but that will take some time. I’m focusing on products that can’t be found in the West.

Between 100% gold and 100% silver rings for detox, immunity oil to deparasite the whole body when most if not all diseases are caused by parasites, and that natural cordyceps oil that almost looks like a joke by how potent it is, there’s some good stuff for you here that’s very hard to find!

I’ve been wearing a 100% silver ring on my thumb for many years; even in Thailand, it was very hard to find, and the only reason I found it is because some people used it for Chinese-style detox. Palmy, my favorite Thai singer, is also wearing the exact same ring. It’s like a grounding rod.

But first thing first. I could ask $47 or $97 for gemstone readings but I’m offering it for just $20!

> Get your Gemstone Reading now

Then, tell me your budget and the gems that most interest you and I can give you custom recommendation to get the most out of it.

As an alternative option, if you want to get your own necklace or local jewelry, I can measure what’s best for you, and then you can purchase a Crystals Attunement here. It’s going to be a lot harder to attune other people’s stones and jewelry in the current context but I can check whether that’s doable for your case, please contact me first.

I’m selling the highest-vibration jewelry in the world. Due to the post-apocalyptic state of crystals right now (crystals have memory), that’s a very easy title to claim.

Here are the 5 finishing textures I’ll be offering: Polished, Matte, Hammered, Landscape and Organic.

> Get Your Gemstone Reading for just $20

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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