I talked about it for a long time and they’re finally here, the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals!

To give this a bit of a context, I suggest you to first watch Lama Dondrup’s 30-minute video that explains the power of non-rivalry. Sure, you may be skeptical about what he’s doing, thinking he’s probably faking it and that this stuff isn’t possible, like most people. And the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals are going a level deeper: bringing you into a state of non-rivalry that dissolves conflicts with an almost silent audio. Lama Dondrup’s video is interesting. This requires you to be open-minded. I found these ‘Air’ (silent) meditation audios to be the most powerful because they can be played in the background all night long. Heck, I’ve played them day and night for weeks.

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I’m releasing this now because a lot of people are asking me about how to energetically protect themselves, and this is one of the simplest methods because it doesn’t require you to learn the skills. The state of non-rivalry creates a bubble of protection around you. Heck, every wall and object in your home impregnate with this silent vibration. Sure it doesn’t protect against everything, but it for sure helps a GREAT deal! One client running a large business tried it in the competitive corporate world, and he saw people blocking him one day, and wanting to work with him the next day. It really did some magic there (true story).

Here’s what the package includes:
– Non-Rivalry Powerliminal (guided meditation version 1, recommended for the first week)
– Non-Rivalry Air (silent breathing of the energy, recommended for the first week)
– Non-Rivalry Powerliminal 2 (guided meditation, stronger energy and was made possible by leveraging the first audio)
– Non-Rivalry Air 2 (silent breathing, during a live group call with the Year of Enlightenment group where the energy got very high)
– Non-Rivalry Air 2 Live Video

It also includes Female Sexual Arousal Air and Female Sexual Ejaculation Air. Use them with caution as they may draw energetic attacks. Strong female sexual energy can also create chaos. Playing those in the background of music while having sex GREATLY heats things up and leads to higher and deeper orgasmic states.

>> Get the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Pack here

The main idea behind these audios is to keep them at low volume in the background over a period of time, so that their energy continually affect you. ‘Air’ meditations are also very powerful to mix into Natural Grounding sessions.

In addition to this, I am planning to produce additional powerliminals (such as burning desire powerliminal) and you will get access to those once they are produced. This is part of a package I will sell later, and am releasing them now because it really can help you.

There will also be a series of 4 live calls specifically about money. The angle I will take is to energetically create a new financial energetic reality at a planetary level. I have to wait for the current chaos to pass and will do it when the time is right. You will get these calls as part of the package.

The investment is $197 and comes with a 365-days money-back guarantee.

>> Get the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals Pack here

I’ve been working on getting this released today. Tomorrow I will do energy readings on all these audios to precisely measure their energetic frequencies.


Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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