God Connection Attunement
Juggernaut Attunement

Pierce through corruption and re-open the flow with God.

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Who is this for? Spiritual seekers who seek a quicker path to peace and prosperity.

The problem: We've lost a lot of Lightworkers this year. The people visiting this website have on average 75%+ energetic corruption in their third eye distorting their vision. Also, finances are cock-blocked by Luciferian forces. Meanwhile, you know where society is heading.

What is it? It's time to take the gloves off. The God Connection Attunement was to bring people from 3.2% God connection to 100%, but nowadays, most have it jammed at 0.0005%. I found an approach that is effective: I will cast Juggernauts in various critical points of your energy field.

What is a Juggernaut? It is the Train of Life. I always say: follow the Train, ride the Train, but never get in its way. It is a pure Force of God that will crush anything in its path. You'll have everything you need when you really need it, and if you get stuck in a corner, God will form a Juggernaut that will open up the path for you.

Juggernauts cannot be corrupted nor distorted, and it doesn't compromise. Just make sure you're in harmony with it and that you're not fighting against it.

I can cast Juggernauts; but I cannot uncast it. It's like if there's water flowing on the beech. You can draw lines in the sand to cause the water to flow in certain directions. But once it flows, you can't undo it.

3 reasons why you need the Juggernaut Attunement

#1 - With all the insanity and energetic corruption everywhere around, it's the only method that works to pierce through all that BS.

#2 - Almost all of you have 70-98% hijacking of your connection to Source, and that completely messed up with your intuition and muscle-testing. It's important to clear that up.

#3 - The Luciferian grid-lock on your inner financial building prevents money from flowing in unless you consciously or unconsciously agree to the Luciferian agenda. This is not acceptable.

  • When things get challenging, when everything seems impossible, and when you lose faith… Place your faith in God, for it is the everlasting way out.

    It is the great stabilizer, the great guide, and the only constant of truth.

    - Federation of Light

I will cast Juggernauts in these locations:

  • God connection in the heart
  • God connection in the crown
  • Bank above: inner financial center to break the Luciferian grip
  • Bank below: if I don't clear it, the grip would get even stronger below ground
  • Core intent above
  • Core intent below (underground)
  • Throat chakra: to counter attacks coming to your throat
  • Heart chakra: to stabilize things

This generally takes me 2 to 5 days of work per person.

Once a Juggernaut is cast on an energy center, it will remain open.

The more you align with it, the more the river of God will flow.

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So far, with the people who got an attunement, it lifted corruption, it lifted unresolved karma, and areas of their lives that were completely jammed started moving. Some had unexpected money in after being jammed for months.

When my connection to God is low or corrupted, I feel a lot of struggle and conflicts all around that I need to push against. When the connection is clear, it lifts the struggles and things really start flowing in the right direction. It doesn't mean it solves everything, but there's a sense of peace that everything is as it should.

Then, by definition, opening up the genuine connection to God gets you out of the False Light Matrix. You start aligning with the divine energetic matrix, which means you get a whole new level of support from above, and it changes all the dynamics.

When going through this level of deep shift, there can be an adaptation period where your thoughts and behaviours gradually stop and go on neutral while you shift and adapt a new way of being. This phase can last about 2 weeks.

As you get out of the False Light Matrix into the Divine Matrix, the benefits will keep compounding over time.


On average, it will look like this within 6 months. I'm using kinesiology to measure these numbers.

  • 98% reduction of mind control
  • 72% reduction of energetic chaos
  • 85% reduction of energetic pressure
  • 96% reduction of vulnerability to social engineering
  • 12,536% increased support from angelic beings
  • 28,752,318% increase of spiritual energy
  • 75,414% increase of divine guidance
  • 418% increase of emotional energy
  • 815% increase of mind clarity
  • 7,622,725% increase of peace
  • 815% increase of health
  • 416% increase of vitality

It will break the Luciferian grip on your finances.

Even more importantly, on average, it brings 25-52% increased drive to move forward and do the right things within a month, leaving behind spiritual lethargy.

In essence, it will

  1. Disconnect you from the False Light Matrix (98.6% of Lightworkers are in it)
  2. Overcome spiritual lethargy (99.7% of Lightworkers are stuck)
  3. Render mind control technologies ineffective (everybody is affected by those)

Plus the effect is highly contagious and will ripple off around you. Perhaps it can save the lives of some family members?

It is a considerable investment for remote work because it requires 2 to 5 days of intense work.

The investment for the Juggernaut Attunement is $997

>> Purchase the Juggernaut Attunement Now

1-Year Guarantee
With a Juggernaut Attunement, I will make sure these energy centers remain open for at least 1 year. If it goes down for whatever reason, send me a message and I'll bring them back up.
  • So in the last two weeks there have been a lot of good things happening for me. It makes sense that the first thing I encountered was a better financial situation given that my inner building was over 90 percent corrupted. In the months before the attunement I had not only been making bad money decisions, but had a bad habit of defining myself by the money I was making. In releasing a great deal of that identification, I became more relaxed in my management of money and a nearly miraculous amount has been flowing in the past two weeks. [$10K doing trading, excluding cryptos]

    The greatest general benefit I have found is twofold – a better ability to recognize when I am not-self and also a better ability to stop doing not-self things when I do recognize them! My largest problem before this was probably my inability to make changes that I knew I should make anyways! Some of those changes are being made. As always, there is more work to do, but the path is opened up.

    Emotionally, I have been better than ever. About a week after the attunement I had a natural grounding session that was just…crazy…I don't even know how to describe what I was releasing but it was heart-centered energy and a feeling of universal love I haven't felt in years. All of my meditations have been better.

    Socially, rather than being depressed about how most of my friends are probably just energetic parasites, I have taken a more active approach to figuring out how to make new connections. I think that is a big theme of the whole attunement – contemplation AND action, not just contemplation.

    It isn't like everything is perfect for me now- there were still points where I didn't follow the juggernaut and paid for it. But I believe it is an invaluable part of my path forward and would highly recommend it for anyone.

    – Ryan (USA)

Additional Services

If you purchase the Juggernaut attunement a 2nd time after at least 1 month, I will add these.

The underground energies gives a much more grounded effect.

  • Center of creation: chakra in the center of the head (very difficult to attune but very potent!)
  • God connection in the heart below
  • God connection in the crown below
  • Throat chakra below
  • Heart chakra below
  • Crown: stabilize your spiritual connection (different from God Connection)
  • Higher crown: further stabilizes into the higher realms

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Attunement for Friends & Enemies

Once you have the attunement for yourself, if there are specific people you want to help or who are causing you major trouble, I can do an attunement on them for $197 per person (send me their pictures by email):

  • God connection in the Heart
  • God connection in the Crown
  • Core intent above
  • Core intent below
  • Karmic building between you and that person

For friends and family, it will have the usual God Connection benefits of greater flow and protection.

For friends or family going nuts, it will help difuse the mind-control and illusions and lessen the problems. I've seen a lot of people flipping lately, and this can 80-90% prevent people from turning bad.

For enemies, they'll fight against the Juggernauts instead of attacking you. This should lessen your burden by at least 50-80%.

Is it OK to do such work on someone else without their consent? For someone who is 95% infiltrated and corrupted, who risks dying within a few years, who is totally possessed, or who is attacking you constantly -- absolutely YES it's OK. In most cases.

Before you ask, Bill Gates and Elon Musk are already done.

>> Purchase attunement for Friends & Enemies here ($197)


P.S. Need hospitalization?

I warned that hospitals aren't safe anymore, but if you really need medical attention, the Juggernaut Attunement may be able to provide you with the necessary protection to go through the medical system. Non-humans won't be able to approach the Juggernauts, and lately, lots of people got killed by black octopuses, who still remain dangerous even with the attunement. Smaller clinics are safer. Use your own judgment and intuition here.

  • I had to deliver a living will for my grandma at the emergency room a couple days ago and felt protected. In a way I felt good about it because some of my family was there and I wanted them to be better protected as well. I could certainly feel the negativity of the place and saw what felt like one maybe two non humans who weren't a problem.

    – Ryan (USA)


To your spiritual freedom