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Alchemist Gems Website Online

I’ve finally restarted selling custom-made rings and jewelry! The new website is now online since yesterday. We offer the highest-vibration jewelry in the world. A title that’s easy to claim when almost all crystals around the world are in terrible shape.

I have not raised my prices yet since 4 years ago, except gold that doubled! As for the Gemstone Compatibility Readings, I’ll be offering them for free.

I did however have to change my jeweler. What’s new from before is that you have the choice of 5 different textures for the finishing touch! This touch really brings the jewelry to another level.

Also I got 100% silver and 100% gold rings available, that have hugely beneficial cleansing properties.

Finally, I’ve put the information about several special oil formulas with amazing benefits, from 3 different providers. I’m focusing on products you don’t find in the West.

Next time… let’s talk about graphene. The vast majority of the population has micro blood clot problems caused by having graphene in their bloodstream. How can you get rid of that?

In the meantime, take a look at the rings and gemstones we have, and see which ones would benefit you the most by their energy! You can even get a FREE Gemstone Compatibility Reading to measure what benefit you get from each.

The website will improve over time. We at least got the info laid out!

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War Winding Down, Bringing Back Services

TLDR: I’m bringing Soul Alignment Reading price back down from $497 to $396!

Gemstone Reading down to just for now $7.

The war is really winding down on my end. Slowly but surely. Still got severe timeline issues to be careful about, but other than that, things are looking much better. Meanwhile, the mileage vary for each person. Some clients are still getting attacked relentlessly, many are still in very difficult situations, but for the most part, things are slowly but surely improving.

Timelines are splitting up, so that each can experience the lessons they need to learn. Each will get to experience the reality they are creating based on their level of consciousness and the energy they are emitting (and based on many other factors, like total chaos).

In that, I’m feeling 2 frustrations in the air. First, people want a unified timeline. People are in such divergent paths, that won’t be possible right now. Various paths will evolve in parallel to join back later. Second, people want to be saved, to know that we won. The road ahead won’t be that simple. Each will need to save themselves.

People are waiting for the promised Golden Age, a reset of the financial system with prosperity for all. That promise was part of the Golden Order deal, under Chaos and the harvesting AIs. Alobar is an AI system whose function is to conquer everything not abiding by the Golden Order, so is the Krystic grid. We got fooled; but don’t want …Read More

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New Gemstone Readings

I started crafting a few rings again. Unfortunately my previous jeweler is nowhere to be found, but I found another one who gives even better quality. Will be adding the choice of various textures for the finishing touch of the various models.

Here is something else that is very exciting. I’m offering a new type of energy reading: Gemstone Readings! I’ll measure what % each gemstone is good or bad for you, and how much you need it. Readings are very interesting so far! Goes all over the place with strange patterns.

Last week, crystals still weren’t safe for most people other than immediate clients. This week, things are already more stable. It’s just getting safe again to use attuned crystals and I’m starting to sell rings right away.

Because only some gemstones are safe and others aren’t, and it varies for each person, I highly recommend to first get a Gemstone Reading to know what is best for you. Then, tell me your budget and the stones that most interest you, and I can make you custom recommendations as to what most benefits you. That’s a pretty unique service!

> Get a Gemstone Reading here for just $20

(btw had some delays to bring this out because 1) gemstones still weren’t quite safe for most people last week and 2) I had to re-install my server, just finished deploying to a brand new server)

For just $20, I’ll measure your compatibility with all the lab-made gemstones I’m offering, plus a few …Read More

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Get Washable PM2.5 Masks, Immunity Oils and Crown Chakra Oils

I went to an event in the USA with a batch of washable PM2.5 masks, oils to kill viruses and boost the immune system, and crown chakra oils. The crown chakra oils were very popular and sold out, but there was little interest in the immunity oils, and no interest in masks whatsoever. 3 people of 350 at the event went infected, and 10% got infected by the virus after 3 days.

Now, people are starting to pay more attention and many expressed interest in those quality masks, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll take orders for face masks in the USA and Canada in bulk, ship them over via 3-day DHL to them distribute them locally. Otherwise, either it takes too long (30 days), or it’s too expensive to ship just a mask and oil bottle from Thailand.

I recorded a video explaining the oils and masks, how they work, how to use them and their benefits. These are high quality PM2.5 washable masks that I think are good for 4 to 6 months each.

If you want a shipment of oils and masks, you can also use the opportunity to get Alchemy Rings at the same time.

To place an order, use the contact form at the bottom of the Alchemy Rings page here.

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Gemstones & Alchemy Rings Now Available

After massive initial interest (and 5 rings already being sold), I decided to go ahead and make custom rings available with models for men and women.

After an initial survey, people said that the main criterias they were most looking for in gemstones and rings are: energetic vibration, emotional resonance, and quality/price ratio. These rings rank sky high on all 3.

I’m doing special energetic attunements on all rings to greatly increase their power and cleanse them. Most gems are lab-created (natural gems are also available but much more expensive). What I found is that when looking online, 90% of lab-created gems feel completely dead. I’m not sure why, maybe they’re plastic, resins or something else. The gems I have are actually rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. The difference is that they are purer than natural stones, and thus have even clearer energy. Lab-created gems also have a tendency to feel shallow, and I’ve done special work to remove that shallowness. I’ve been very successful at it, as you can see in the pictures.

So far, the gems available are Yellow Topaz, Amethyst, Red Garnet, Golden Topaz, Peridot, Ruby, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Green Sapphire, and Pink Sapphire. I also have a few gems of natural amethysts and may have some real natural aquamarine next week (this thing is $200 per carat!). If you want a natural gem, ask me and I may be able to find it. My kung fu teacher’s father had a gemstone factory and jewelry shop 20 …Read More

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