TLDR: I’m bringing Soul Alignment Reading price back down from $497 to $396!

Gemstone Reading down to just for now $7.

The war is really winding down on my end. Slowly but surely. Still got severe timeline issues to be careful about, but other than that, things are looking much better. Meanwhile, the mileage vary for each person. Some clients are still getting attacked relentlessly, many are still in very difficult situations, but for the most part, things are slowly but surely improving.

Timelines are splitting up, so that each can experience the lessons they need to learn. Each will get to experience the reality they are creating based on their level of consciousness and the energy they are emitting (and based on many other factors, like total chaos).

In that, I’m feeling 2 frustrations in the air. First, people want a unified timeline. People are in such divergent paths, that won’t be possible right now. Various paths will evolve in parallel to join back later. Second, people want to be saved, to know that we won. The road ahead won’t be that simple. Each will need to save themselves.

People are waiting for the promised Golden Age, a reset of the financial system with prosperity for all. That promise was part of the Golden Order deal, under Chaos and the harvesting AIs. Alobar is an AI system whose function is to conquer everything not abiding by the Golden Order, so is the Krystic grid. We got fooled; but don’t want that Harvesting deal. If we reject that deal, we need to let go of what was promised with it. People are still clinging to it, and waiting for it forever.

To support my point, here’s what a Lightworker posted recently, right as we greatly raised in popularity.

“She’s gone. 💕
Please don’t come looking for her.
She’s being taken care of now.
She’s done to much for you.
I won’t allow her to sacrifice herself anymore. Let her go & let me take care of her.
I am her true form seraphim holder of her purity. I told you she was going to be exclusive.
I told you she is one of the most precious energies you have here.
I told you this day would come!!
She would have died for you!!
If I had not intervened!!
She would’ve kept going!!
She brought you inner child consciousness.
Awareness of sexual distortion.
Reptilians etc
Parasites 🦠
False light teachings
It’s done.
She has passed completed her mission!!
Please let her go & let me take care of her.
She deserves rest and to be rewarded and she will!!
We have created a heavenly place for her to rest.
& that’s exactly what she’s going to do.”

Translation: Lightworkers had an important role to play to establish the Golden Order. They have gone above and beyond their assigned role. That’s enough. STOP IT!

What is that entity that took over her vessel? It looks like Alobar; the same who took over Alistair Jones and changed his name.

What happened here is pretty standard throughout the spiritual community, but this one said it more explicitly.

My message for now: stop waiting for the promised money. Yes, governments stole a lot of your money, but governments are broke. You cannot create something sustainable just by getting stuff for free.

You will need to create prosperity yourself. Create your own economy. More importantly, stop waiting and get into action.

With the war winding down, I decided to lower the cost of Soul Alignment Readings from $497 to just $396! I’m also offering Gemstone Readings at just $7.

I’m hesitating whether to offer Crystal Attunements again. I’m highly attuning the gemstones I’m selling, but attuning other people’s crystals in post-apocalyptic state can be massive work. If you’d be interested, contact me first, I’ll check whether it’s worth the efforts, or what price would be worth the work, and we’ll decide from there.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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