I’ve finally restarted selling custom-made rings and jewelry! The new website is now online since yesterday. We offer the highest-vibration jewelry in the world. A title that’s easy to claim when almost all crystals around the world are in terrible shape.

I have not raised my prices yet since 4 years ago, except gold that doubled! As for the Gemstone Compatibility Readings, I’ll be offering them for free.

I did however have to change my jeweler. What’s new from before is that you have the choice of 5 different textures for the finishing touch! This touch really brings the jewelry to another level.

Also I got 100% silver and 100% gold rings available, that have hugely beneficial cleansing properties.

Finally, I’ve put the information about several special oil formulas with amazing benefits, from 3 different providers. I’m focusing on products you don’t find in the West.

Next time… let’s talk about graphene. The vast majority of the population has micro blood clot problems caused by having graphene in their bloodstream. How can you get rid of that?

In the meantime, take a look at the rings and gemstones we have, and see which ones would benefit you the most by their energy! You can even get a FREE Gemstone Compatibility Reading to measure what benefit you get from each.

The website will improve over time. We at least got the info laid out!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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