I haven’t written anything for a long time (42 days). The reason is that I didn’t want to connect more active denial into the work being done; thus it was better to just do the energetic work without talking about it much.

Today we’re reached a milestone: fear-based spirituality is officially dead. It’s a dead-end.

Let me explain. While most everyone is focused on preserving their safety and beliefs (98% of those consciously using the Law of Attraction do only that), I have been focusing on opening a transition path for this planet. For over a year, the #1 challenge has been overriding the collective intent of millions of spiritual people living in fear-based spirituality pretending to know that topic.

Massive work is being done in the Yucatan area to cleanse out what’s left of dark forces, and astral cities of Immortals are being built here as a safe haven, as the astral planes are in total chaos right now. I’ve just done some work on the “black goo” after receiving some specific information on the topic: some of it is good and part of the planet’s process of creation, and some of it is corrupted by a parasite. I worked with the positive black goo to cleanse out the parasites and take over the energy lines. A lot of work is being done in grid-realignment. Every coach and healer is pulling a group of people into a different direction and we’re got thousands of misaligned grids colliding on each other and causing chaos. We’re realigning those grids and connecting them to source in full alignment. Our focus is mostly in the California area and on everything energetically connected to me and my path. So yes, a lot of work is being done.

A few weeks ago, I went to an event in California. I spent 2 weeks realigning the grids and opening up the space to prepare for my arrival. When the plane landed into Los Angeles, all the resistances completely dropped and I heard “nothing can stop him now.” 1 of 4 people in the room bought my book. I made some great connections with leaders doing great projects and who know they’re still operating with a tiny fraction of what’s locked inside of them. Honestly I don’t need many clients, 2-3 serious clients at such an event is all I need for several months. The energies were opened and aligned, my message was being received for the first time, and some ideal clients were excited to work together — and we ended up doing a “VIP exorcism session”. There’s some yellow dragon energetic parasite that has infected about 2 million people mostly in the California area and also saw a case in Florida, that causes huge ups and downs with downs crashing hard, and causes to be very tired. This parasite is extremely hard to remove, and that’s a whole other topic for another time.

So I made great connections in that space. After the event, energetic chaos unfolded as expected — and many of the people I was connecting with are caught up in those whirlwinds, so it’s taking more time to actually get the work started. The grid realignment must be expanded beyond the event into the greater world. We’re working on that.

So back to the death of fear-based spirituality. This mode of thoughts has reached the end of its sustainability. The new vibration of the planet won’t allow preserving safety with denial. It’s at the edge of a cliff, and there is no way back. I cannot assist everyone through what’s coming. I can ensure the safety, healing and empowerment of individuals who are willing to follow me and do their part in serving their higher purpose. As for the rest, there’s just too much chaos around. Just the parasite I’ve been mentioning, it has taken roots into the Western Tantric communities because they mingle with each other without any kind of energetic hygiene. I can’t take it out unless we’re doing serious heavy-duty work. The greater cleansing will take about 4 years and I fear will be fatal for many — because too many are buying into the corrupt and misaligned energies.

Tensions keep cranking up. At this point, I can’t think of any other time in history as a point of reference to what’s going to happen. Tensions are much greater than they have ever been, much wider than ever before on a planetary scale, too many are buying and holding into corrupt and misaligned philosophies, and things haven’t improved at all over the past 2 years. I’ve already made peace with the high probability of losing large chunks of population. I’m protecting the space around me from chaos, and zapping out any Cabal agents getting too close to the fire. Many others are getting caught up into chaos of increasing intensity and there’s nothing I can do about it. Things would have been a lot better if things broke down 2 years ago, but now we’re cranked up the tensions to unprecedented levels. I’m just waiting for the trigger and release.

Yes, I’ve been busy. More later. I’ll be more active publicly once events start to unfold.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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