2 years ago, when I spoke of energetic attacks, most healers didn’t believe in that and few understood what I meant. Now, things are different. Many people are writing me saying they are under heavy energetic attacks. Or is it?

Energetic attacks are targeted. If you do something that can threaten another group of people, you’ll get energetic attacks. If someone gets angry at you, you’ll get energetic attacks. With the psychic war (view The History of the Universe), attacks have been a lot more intense.

What many are experiencing now isn’t targeted. You’re not being attacked. The social matrix is collapsing and you’re in the middle of intense psychic storms that you have co-created. The intensity of these psychic storms depends on many factors such as

– Your geographic and energetic position
– Your relationship to the emerging energies
– The old patterns you hold onto
– Your soul’s path and purpose
– Your relationships
– Your psychic sensitivity level

What is the effect of such psychic storm? With the veil getting thinner, the astral planes are starting to have more direct effects on the physical reality, but in erratic and chaotic ways. Some of the manifestations include:

– Collapse of old social, political and economic structures
– Very strange and intense weather: lightning storms, hurricanes and floods
– People showing erratic behaviors and/or going crazy
– Intensification of events (North Korea’s EMP satellite, ransomware hack using NSA’s tool)
– Disease and death
– Accidents (New Jersey plane crash)
– Sinkholes, earthquakes

Actually, this has happened in the past. To understand today’s event, I highly recommend to watch the movie Exodus: Kings and Gods, showing the story of Moses who freed the slaves from Egypt. Today we’re repeating history, except on a much larger scale. It is the entire planet that is going through it, not just Egypt. When you watch the trailer, you can tell exactly at what stage we are right now.

Why is this happening? It has been very well explained over a year ago here and here. Things have definitely not improved since. I also gave strong warning when the energetic chaos started here and here (watch the timestamp of these articles). Few understood the message back then, but I believe more are ready to listen now, or more will be soon.

What’s interesting is that when Moses freed the slaves from Egypt, many wanted to go back to slavery; at least they had free food and a roof. The exact same thing is happening today. Also, they turned in circles in the desert during 40 years, mostly because they failed to learn and listen. The next 40 years will be the equivalent of that.

You think energies are intense in the United States? I was doing maintenance work on various spots of the planet yesterday and saw this. The energies in South America are even more intense, and even more in Europe. Africa is even crazier right now. Perhaps because countries with weaker economies will be hit harder.

Now that you (hopefully) understand what is happening, what can you do about it? Here are my recommendations.

First, avoid crowds. The more you entangle with other people’s energies, the more you’re going to be in the friction zones of the chaos and the more it will affect you. You’re going to pick up all kinds of frantic or demonic energies from others. Second, energetic chaos creates many portals which are holes in your energy allowing negative energies and demons to come into your energy. You need to pay attention to that. (as to how to do the healing, I teach it on a 1-on-1 basis)

Second, practice detachment. Attachment is the root of all suffering, and in the current climate, this takes a more literal meaning. Attachment can literally lead to disease, mental illness, and death.

Third, listen to the signs, to your guides and to your intuition. This isn’t a time to be stubborn. When God sends a message and you don’t listen, he sends the message stronger, and even stronger, until you get it.

Fourth, look at the greater picture, and as to why things are happening. When you understand the greater picture, it becomes easier to detach from immediate events.

Fifth, always look forward, never look backwards. You can freeze in your track if you look back. Always look forward, and God shall open the way.

Furthermore, I provide services that can help you navigate through this. I’ve been going through such energetic chaos for years so I definitely know how to deal with it. The most important is to heal and stabilize your energy on a continual basis. Here are two powerful tools that work on a continual basis to stabilize the energies around you, and I’ve been using both 24/7 for the past few years and wouldn’t go without it.

Crystals Activation. By attuning crystals to very high energetic frequencies, they first clear themselves, then clear your energy, then clear the energy of your environment. When psychic storms affect you, they fight against the crystal’s high vibrations instead of crashing directly onto your personal energy, so they provide a layer of protection and constant healing. Each type of crystal affects a different spectrum of energies, so a mix of 4 or more highly-attuned crystals works best to cover a broad spectrum of light.

Non-Rivalry Powerliminals. These are audio recordings of very high healing energies, recording myself in peak states of healing power. Sometimes I could reach a much higher state during a few hours where energies cleared before energies crashed back down even stronger. By recording that peak state, I play it back on loop day and night and it reconnects back to that peak state which has an extremely powerful constant healing effect. I haven’t yet found the way to convey the real value of this, but suffice to say that this is one of my most powerful tools — a must to deal with the constant chaos.

Then, I take clients to teach the healing work of Alchemy. Keep in mind that no quick fix is going to solve these global events. When I take clients, I take them through a real spiritual journey of awakening. It requires time, commitment, and an investment.

I don’t feel like there is much else to say. Everything has been said already over the past 2 years. The cards have all been played. Now is time to roll the dice.

On a side note, we’ve changed plan and are going to take a slower road to ascension. Many wish our global problems could resolve themselves on their own — it can happen but that’s the painful road. If the planet was to shift its vibration right now, we’d disappear within 10 years. I’m assuming the goal is not only for the planet to heal but for us to remain too. There’s nothing to gain from rushing what’s to come, so it will happen on God’s timing. It’s as if we were reading a script from the Bible. According to the Bible, if we take this slower path of ascension, about 2/3 of the population will make it through.

Now what role do you want to play in this? Escape? Denial and escape are the main causes for current events. Do more of it and see where it leads.

I’m not here to tell anyone what they should do; but those who want to follow me or lead the way forward, I can cut their chains, empower and support them.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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