As most of you realize, we live in a context of extreme polarization that can spark into war at any time. I’ve been giving warnings over and over again like a broken record, and I’m done. It’s too late for warnings. I’m moving to the next steps, and first, it could be good to produce a video explaining clearly all the things I don’t want to say again. To clarify all the thoughts, it would be good to first write it as an article. So here it is.

The book The History of the Universe explains the context of how we got to where we are today, the past destruction of ancient civilizations, and the recent war with the Dracos. Now we’re moving into a context of transition.

As I’ve mentioned, with the Dracos gone, and the Cabal having no external support whatsoever, the main challenge we face is the spiritual denial from the community that is maintaining a false stability through denial of reality, which led into cranking the elastic way past the normal breaking point. The second obstacle is the lack of spiritual leadership to create a new civilization in alignment with God.

The first obstacle has been resolved: 99.8% of the personal growth, spiritual and healing world has fallen into irrelevance. The vibration of the planet has reached a point where security can no longer be maintained through denial, and disaligned spiritual paradigms are melting down. The Reiki grid, in particular, had to be dismantled as it was a rigid grid blocking the new energies. The Archangels are assisting those who make the decision of un-attuning themselves, but that’s a decision that must be done at a personal level. Many will need considerable time to adapt and recover to those shifts — but it’s irrelevant in terms of anchoring the new energies.

We failed to bring a sizeable group of leaders into alignment. I tried communicating and establishing bridges with many other healers and leaders — in 96% of cases I got no response whatsoever. In other cases I got banned. We however found allies in the trees. The trees, and particularly the Amazonian forests, have accepted to take in and ground the new divine energies, and act as a giant heat-sink, transferring the heat away from my own roots — and they’re resilient as hell. That’s a win, but is also a consolation prize.

The way the picture looks is God and nature vs humans. Judging by the way we’ve been destroying trees and nature, it’s no wonder the collective consciousness of trees are ready and willing to take this role. On the other side, they don’t care the most about us, and may not ground the energies in the most gentle way.

Here’s why over 99% of spirituality is completely irrelevant moving forward. People want to fix their lives and be happy. Your higher self wants growth, and God wants transition, resulting in destabilization of your life. For most people, their ego and higher self are thus in direct conflict. Then, most of spirituality is based on denial of reality, sometimes called positive thinking, sometimes called transcendence, and completely avoids power, leadership and money, which is what we are required to step into to create a new reality as the old one crumbles. The rest of spirituality and personal growth is about linear improvement of life over existing paradigms, when those fundamental paradigms need to change and no easy path for such transition exists. In this way, leadership of improvement goes from leadership of change into leadership of opposition from the perspective of grounding higher energies. This leadership of opposition has now been promoted from the ranks of opposition into the ranks of irrelevance.

So what’s next? We’ll go through a deep cleansing process, we’ll lose large chunks of population, and nature will regain its authority in about 60 years from now, over a reduced population. For those fighting for disclosure, open contacts with extra-terrestrials cannot be done until this cleansing cycle is over, for adding them into this mess would only complicate things further.

Major strides have been achieved lately, and I no longer see any major obstacle moving forward. We just need to let the chaos follow its due course.

Elohim, the ex Empress of Orion, commented this over my last article which sums up the situation very nicely: “Keep up the work Etienne! One could not predict the potential Earth energetic future when you started the generators. A wise old philosopher friend of yours would describe this as “when order goes in, confusion blows off”. On the magnitude and energetic scale you have been working to put in ORDER, the manifestation of chaos is to be seen as the direct consequential result. Don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal and target, keep a steady unwavering eye on the intended result you know can and will be achieved. Balance and sanity are achievable on this globe! I am certain of this and from another point of view, in another space on this globe have your back in this effort. MARCH ON MY FRIEND, KEEP ON DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

Keep up the work with the pillars of new energies! We may see a lot of political chaos – – – there could be even more manifestations of power system failures or people just doing completely wacky behaviors but keep pushing the project forward. We have no time to be gentle with the efforts. There is way too much at stake!” -Elohim

I cannot help everyone fix their problems. My focus is in realigning the grids and preparing the stage for emerging paradigms and economies. I’ll focus on working with a few leaders who are ready to take on the role that is needed of them, and I’m sure the right leaders will recognize themselves and establish contact.

Finally, what is needed of you? “Raising your frequency” is kind of pointless since the frequencies are already raising on their own and we’re fighting against it. You need to be a servant of God. Do what is needed of you, without doubts or questions. Some may ask what is needed of them, but from what I observed over and over again, this is generally not the issue. You know what is needed of you, but most reject or doubt the messages when they come in. Tune within and ask God what is needed of you. That’s a personal answer that you can only find within.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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