Do you want to improve your finances?

Get a God & Money Reading to measure the aspects of your personality that have the most impact on money.

Who is this for? Success-driven individuals who want to harmonize both God and Money into their lives.

What is it? Your energy field says everything about you, including your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and results. During the God & Money Reading, I will read your energy field remotely and dress a clear profile of the key traits important for wealth and success. Self-awareness is the first key to success. Many clients completely shifted their lives through this self-awareness alone.

My promise is that if you manage to score high in that reading, you will see wealth.

What gets measured gets improved.

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  • God & Money report is already changing my life! The reason I decided to get the reading was to, first, see a realistic picture of where I am standing. Without my own beliefs or opinions of others. My eyes first caught anger and field saturation measurements. Even acknowledgment of those numbers brought a lot of crap to deal with to the surface. I quickly started becoming aware of my patterns in daily interaction.

    Actually, realisations were flooding my conscious mind. I intuitively started working on what I felt to be most important. God provided me with a great money opportunity shortly after! Very interestingly, before the reading I was focusing on fixing the areas that didn't really need to be fixed; I don't yet know what to make of that. Oh, and I love how the report is just there for you to look at and have an organised system to start the work. Takes away a lot of overwhelm.
    – AugustÄ— (Lithuania)

After working with spiritual people for 15 years, I can honestly tell you that 95% have a terrible relationship with money (and the other 4.9% has a terrible relationship with God).

Instead of complaining about it, I can take steps to improve that situation, and the God & Money Reading is a first step in that direction.

Money is important. It impacts every single aspect of your life: where you life, what you eat, how you spend your time, how you dress, etc. In fact, there's not a single aspect of your life that is not affected by money in one way or another.

At the same time, money is an amplifier. If you do good, money will amplify that good. If you do bad, money will amplify that bad. If you have money problems and bad money habbits, more money will amplify those problems.

I also believe that if you place God first, money second, and everything else after, everything falls into place. This alone has been a huge breakthrough for me, and none of the coaches I worked with in the past had it right.

Most people feel like they have to choose between God or money, and it's not the case. You can absolutely have both. In fact, you need both to bring God's will into physical manifestation.


The God & Money Reading comes with an e-book explaining the energy profiles in details.

Q: What's the difference between the God & Money Reading and the Soul Alignment Reading?

A: The God & Money Reading is more practical and down-to-earth. It's also easier to understand. The Soul Alignment Reading is more abstract and advanced, goes more into the depth and shape of the soul.


The God & Money Reading is just $497 $296.

Are you ready to take your life seriously and take the steps to improve your physical circumstances, including wealth?

Or do you want to be one of those spiritual penny-less broke people? How are you going to harmonize God and Money into your life?

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  • Sometimes a helping hand is needed, and I'm glad that even these energy readings have supported me on my journey, with some not just in an abstract way but also practical and very usefully translated down into the physical that I now apply them in my life with incorporating them with my own tools of alchemy and continue to raise my vibration and love energy like a sunbulb from my heart space to share and offer healing to others with my Truth Vibration.
    – Kerry (UK)


365 Days Money-Back Guarantee
If the God & Money Reading doesn't have a huge impact in your life or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, send us an email and we will refund your money. The risk is on us.


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