The feedback on the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals show that it has HUGE and consistent effects. Here’s what people are saying.

“It’s awesome stuff I feel less resistance in life got the stuff playing all the time even on a mini MP3 player most of the time even when I’m out I feel more relaxed and confident in social settings and during my interactions a friend also said he feels good around me (positive vibrations) like he’s feeding off my aura plus on an energetic level I feel really good and protected, before I felt energetic attacks and down/drained when I was out and in certain places but none of that anymore. Awesome stuff Etienne still having more experiences. This is a must.” -Mo (England)

“The non-rival powerliminals are really working! After a few days of letting them play non-stop, I got attacked ferociously by it seems everyone and everything,lol (some of which is my own fault) but now I feel like I am wrapped in a cocoon. I feel things trying to attack but they can’t get in. I can’t wait until the next powerliminal that you create…” – Todd (USA)

Several others have been saying that results hit right away from the first play.

And now here’s something even cooler. Last week-end I went to Ohio with a dozen people of the World Information Network. We rented a house by the lake and got to spend time together. Dorothy helped me recover ancient sealed memories, and I’m very grateful for that. In those memories, I reconnected to tremendous knowledge and technologies that I’ve known a very long time ago. One of which is an energy technology to petrify dark forces and turn them into dust. I’m not quite sure how it works but it’s definitely working. I made a new powerliminal with it: the Petrificaliminal! Dark forces are scared of this like hell (or like heaven), and it provides a different effect than the typical “grilled mosquito” effect. The demons and attacks might to on a frenzy at first, then they’ll just turn into dust.

If you have the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals, you will receive this as a bonus.

If you haven’t got it yet, this powerliminals pack is a MUST (according to those who tried it). You can read more about it here, or directly purchase it here.

Someone asked me, how much stronger can I get? I finally understand where all this knowledge is coming from, and by reconnecting with that history, I’m also reconnecting with tremendous powers. So yes, apparently there’s more.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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