One of the aspects of my work that brought the most energetic conflict and challenges was working with feminine sexual energy, because this energy cannot be contained and breaks the boundaries established by the system. The other aspect that brought the most conflicts is, surprisingly enough, also the simplest basic: removing implants.

It is just like in the movie The Matrix how they have this plug behind their heads plugging them into the matrix, and that’s also what it looks like. Smith agents can literally take control of any person in the matrix though those implants. If you’re in denial of implants, no matter how much good you do, you’re part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. As they say in the movie: “you cannot trust anyone in the matrix”. If you do good things while being under control of these implants, you’re bringing cosmetic changes to the world while bringing distraction from dealing with the problems that truly matter. Tremendous efforts have been put to ensure the spiritual and New Age movements remain in the category of cosmetic changes.

You cannot look at it from the perspective of the individual isolated self. We are all emotionally and energetically connected and you have to take the dynamics of co-creation into account. We’re talking about very real energetic structures that determine the creation of the physical world. The Universe is like a hologram. The data is encoded on the holographic plate while what we see, including your thoughts, are a 3D reflection of the data. It’s not that you believe in lies or deceptions. It’s that the fabric from which all thoughts arise is imprisoned in a rigid grid.

Here are the types relationship you can have with the implants and matrix:
1. Mind-Control is when you are either in denial or compliance
2. Influence is when you believe you have free will while someone else is pulling the strings
3. Deadlock is when you don’t let implants control your life but they are blocking your way
4. Sabotage is when you move towards freedom but implants slow you down
5. Freedom is when you are disconnected from the matrix and living in a different reality where you are free from restrictions imposed by the system.

One of the very few times this “out of matrix” reality was ever mentioned in the media is when John Kerry said that RT (Russia’s equivalent of New-York Times) must be stopped because they “live in an alternative reality”.

What fascinates me is that VERY few healers believe in implants and they generally become angry when mentioning that. Someone mentioned this which makes it even more interesting:

[Healers think] “ok I will explore this, cuz energetic vampirism is real, I can feel it” then focus on chakras etc. And after a while forget about what was motivating them from the start. This is clearly given up to implants that tells them “nah… this is bullshit. clear chakras and you will be good.” – it’s almost like knowing that the matrix exist, but still believing that doctor studies and psychology is the key. ( a lot of new age believers do that! They mix psychology and energetic knowledge which by definision is just a stupid conflict of values!) From my experience this is the thought pattern that I stumbled upon the most.” – Radoslav

Lately, it appears most of the population is getting attacked, controlled and influenced by implants like never before, like a wounded tiger, because The Matrix is under stress. It is very challenging for me, and others just can’t handle it. I have extremely powerful techniques to protect and clear myself energetically, and yesterday I got attacked by implants that were so rigid and none of my techniques were working.

This technique, however, worked (with time): visualize small balls of chaos moving up to the source and down to the implants like the cylinders of an engine. Millions of them. Visualize each chaos ball containing a million small chaos ball, each containing a million smaller chaos balls. Visualize many of these super-chaos-balls going up and down like an engine to destroy the implants. Let’s spice it up with a bit of chaos!

Other energetic techniques I use:
– Going into the black hole of creation and pulling in all the negative energies to destroy them.
– Throwing crystal balls, or visualizing cosmic flames, to disintegrate them.
– Traveling to a sun that is millions of millions of times larger than our sun and bathing in its magma.
– Building an inner temple that looks like a pyramid with 7 layers that provides energetic immunity
– And of course, working with the Philosopher’s Stone

Wait! There’s one more techniques that is even simpler. There are Non-Rivalry Powerliminals I produced that are *extremely* effective at protecting me energetically. These were recorded in a peak state of non-rivalry that creates a bubble of protection. I’m playing them day and night in the background on loop. I think now would be the perfect time to release those.

I also wanted to launch a live calls series about money where we would energetically open the path to wealth, but this energetic transition has to be taken care of first. It appears the Matrix has to break down before it becomes possible to open this new energetic pathway. I wanted to give the powerliminals as a bonus with this call series. I’ll do the opposite: give these calls as a bonus with the powerliminals.

Check your emails in the next few days for more details!

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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