Everywhere I look, I’m hearing people being beaten down, massively in debts and totally exhausted. Even when I look at the energy field of the #1 business and money coach in the world, his two lower chakras are heavily damaged and this for sure has impacts in his life and finances. I’m not seeing many people for who things are going good and who are living in abundance. Money appears to be running out everywhere. You’re not alone.

Let me ask you. Have you lost faith? Are you beating yourself up and being depressed for attempting to improve your life and being in an even worse situation? Let me tell you, if you hadn’t been taking pro-active actions, things would be worse. All this is the result of the astral war that has been going on and everybody is exhausted on all sides. This has to stop.

I’ve had a very rough time energetically especially in the past 6 months. But when I compare to others who couldn’t protect themselves energetically in the same way, I’ve had it pretty easy. At least two grand-masters I know are in jail. Many are dead. Many energy workers are stuck. Whole countries are in bankruptcy. Most are experiencing energetic attacks they absolutely cannot handle. The banking system is collapsing. All sides of the conflicts are pushed to the edge, especially now that we passed the tipping point towards the emergence of a new global paradigm. I really had it easy.

Part of the astral war is about the emergence of a new paradigm of life against corrupt government control, but part of it is also between the population itself because people don’t want to change and are stubborn. Many carry their dysfunctions to the grave. We, as individuals, are the ones who hold the power, and most don’t realize it. The true nature of the astral war is a war of influence over the minds of the masses. Faith is everything. If you’ve lost faith, you’re out of the game.

Let’s start from a clean slate and look at finances from a whole new perspective.

Where does money come from, really? Sure, all the tax money is being stolen by the banks, but that’s not where money comes from. Nobody can steal as fast as you can create.

Money is about the creation and exchange of value, period.

Let’s say you’re a world-class hair stylist. You give someone a haircut. That person grows organic vegetables out of the ground in exchange. Value is being created and exchanged. That’s how wealth is created out of thin air. Especially in the information age, value is being created out of thin air: knowledge. Trading in such a way isn’t convenient so the currency facilitates the exchange of value.

Then, if the value isn’t being exchanged, no wealth is being created. In a context of peace and harmony, everything flows fluidly and everybody prospers. In a context of planetary astral war and conflicts, the flow of exchange of value is blocked, giving the impression that money disappeared. Everybody who is somewhat related to those energetic conflicts is broke, on all sides, and certain geographical regions as a whole are in such conflicts.

That is why the astral war must stop.

This is also where the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals become important. These audios allow disarming conflicts. Not only does it provide energetic protection, but it will also opens the way to opening up the financial flow again. You can get the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals here.

Going back to the first question. Where is your faith? Have you lost faith that you can shift your life around? Or are you going to do what it takes to make it happen? It is very important that you take entire responsibility for your results, that you apply the knowledge you learn and that you never give up. Faith is where it all starts. Do you believe you can, or do you believe you cannot? Either way, you will prove yourself right.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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