With the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals that were just released, some people jumped on it right away, then I got a massive storm of acute FURY following the last email I sent about the energy readings of those audios. I have no idea why. It took some time to clear it up.

When people learn about the concept of non-rivalry, the first thing they do is to just go along to avoid conflicts. That’s not what this is about. Non-rivalry is a powerful state to disarm conflict, not avoid it. It requires a strong spine. It is a very mysterious topic and very few teach anything about it. When you start seeing its effects, it becomes even more mysterious. A lot is still unknown about the side-effects.

When it comes to applying non-rivalry, so far I found only two people who teach it; each having a single video on YouTube explaining it. First is Lama Dondrup, a QiGong master living in China who made a demonstration in England. Then there is Szkval in Russia teaching a non-contact self-defense system in a military context. He has an even stronger effect on the physical level, but he’s using a contracting energy that inflicts pain instead of using an expanding energy that heals. You have to select Polish subtitles and then auto-translate to English.

When viewing these two videos, I’ve seen two types of reactions. Most people just think it’s BS, while there are some who rather seek the similarities between teachings coming from completely unrelated backgrounds, and then see how it can be implemented into their lives, and then make up their mind based on real-life experience.

The state of non-rivalry does have very powerful effects, and it does have curious unexpected side-effects. When people are using the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals, it does cause the energy I carry to expand, which in itself can have unpredictable effects. Lately, whenever I’m having Natural Grounding sessions, there are ambulances passing by; or volcanos erupting.

The main application of non-rivalry is for self-defense, whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The two masters mentioned above use non-rivalry on a physical level with martial arts. I did find a few artists that embody non-rivalry on the emotional level. As far as I know, I’m the only person (or first) applying it on a spiritual level, and it works just as well. (huh… another ambulance passing by)

Then there are other effects I’ve seen from it. When I was at Rion Kati’s apartment in Holywood, he bought a whole bunch of stones. We left 3 days for an event and I left the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals playing in his apartment during that whole time. On the 2nd day I was feeling his large tourmaline stone burning like a red hot iron. The Non-Rivalry Powerliminals cleaned, activated and over-activated all his stones!! The large tourmaline got into such a high vibration that it has been auto-cleaning itself ever since.

Beyond cleaning and activating stones, one client also applied it for business. It turned competition into allies and resistant people into collaboration. That worked well in his case.

Then another client applied it to neutralize conflicts at home to allow for a space of harmony to emerge. But then, from my experience with this sort of stuff, if the other person cannot stand a climate of harmony and consciousness, they will leave.

In martial arts (I’m training Muay Thai right now), it allows to give very strong punches and kicks, and to take in strong hits without flinching. The last guy I trained with was kind of getting frustrated that I didn’t flinch with his push kicks.

Then it also allows to blow a candle with a punch. You can’t do it just with the movement of the arm; it’s about the energy in it. It’s a good practice, and the good thing about it is that the candle doesn’t lie. It reflects your level of physical non-rivalry.

There are probably other application of it, and other side-effects of it, that still haven’t been explored. Play with it and let me know what you come up with!

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When it comes to money, non-rivalry and wealth are directly related because conflicts block the exchange of money and kill wealth. This would be a whole other topic to cover later, but just know that the reason the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals and the live calls about money are sold together is because these two components are directly related with each other. This is about disarming conflicts and expanding a new paradigm of consciousness and harmony, and this will lead to the creation of new financial energetic pathways.

And if you say you can’t afford $197 and only want the audios and don’t need the live calls about money, then that’s exactly what you need. Do you want to keep playing by the standard rules or to create a miracle and shift the rules of the game?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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