I mentioned there was going to be chaos this year. I also promised to host a call series about wealth and money in the beginning of 2016. It does appear the upcoming call series will be specifically for the context of the events to come. Since the content will be purely channeled from high-dimensional beings who are monitoring the progression of events from above, I don’t yet know exactly how it will all unfold. Those who purchased the Non-Rivalry Powerliminals and those who were in the Year of Enlightenment program will have access to this call series, and I’ll soon give more information on it to invite more to join.

For now, here’s what I’m being told about the upcoming events. First, I’m being told that the Avians will start removing the protective shields that diffuse the higher-frequency energies entering our solar system starting Friday January 22nd, over a period of 3 months. Just so you know, the Avians look like a hybrid between humans and birds who showed up at different times throughout history such as in Egypt. They inhabit 8 planets in our Galaxy. I’m also being told that the movie Avatar is the description of a past war between the Avians and the Dracos. Sure, the story has been romanced and some details changed or distorted, but the essence of the planet is 92% similar to their home world. They decided to tell their story, and someone woke up one day all inspired with a genius idea and wrote the movie. I’m also being told that they don’t all possess advanced psychic abilities and technologies. They train just like Jedis, and those who are protecting our solar system and galaxy are those who reached the highest level of mastery. It is true that some can materialize and dematerialize their physical body… and I’m being told that only 16 Avians out of the 8 worlds can achieve that. I’m also member of the High Counsel of the Avians Federations, which is why I have access to all that information.

Meanwhile, the advanced souls from the Theta Universe keep revealing themselves as I identified over 5 more over the past few days.

The rest of this article will come from Bruno, Archangel “Secretary of Treasury” of the Planetary Counsel of Light.

My name is Bruno, member of the Planetary Counsel. As Etienne already mentioned, the protective veils will start being removed this upcoming Friday, which will lead to an increasing intensity of energies bombarding this planet. The Dracos have also been cleared out of the White House during the week.

However, there is one problem. The rigid economical and political system anchored into the Eastern Coast of USA won’t be compatible with the awakening energies. We estimate that this clash would result in earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes all around the world that could kill up to 15 million people, which is not an acceptable scenario.

We’ve spent weeks studying the situation to find a solution. The best solution, so far, is to deactivate the Eastern Coast. First by clearing out the political systems and bringing corrupt systems to a halt, and that won’t be enough because too many people live in denial of reality and not enough would take leadership to bring change. The best method we found is to ask Russia to use an EMP on the Eastern Coast which would grill all electric circuits in the Eastern Coast. This would not hurt nature and would allow it to rebalance itself and take over, which Gaia is greatly begging for. This would lead to no electricity, no communication and no transport in that area of the world.

The Western Coast, and especially California, must not be hit because most progressive-thinking people and entrepreneurs live there and they are the ones who will help rebuild and restructure. Canada also must not be hit because they serve the role of ensuring political stability, however they will be seriously hit economically as they greatly depend on their southern neighbors. All parties will be asked to allow this event to happen, and if Russia can’t pull it off, the Avians will get involved as the consequences of not doing it would be far more disastrous.

The main question we discern from your minds are about finances. Although it is hard to predict events in such a volatile environment, we’re doing our best to assess the probabilities. Upon impact, there is a 92% change that the US currency will lose 90% of its value within a month, as too many know that the American financial system is a house of cards, and they will know that this marks the end of their game. The problem is that all other currencies except the BRICS countries depend on it. To avoid a full international collapse of the financial system, there is a 62% chance that the Chinese Yuan will become the standard currency. It would be the more practical approach and would cause the least damage to all parties, but it’s not sure whether such a plan of action would be accepted internationally.

Following that, France and Germany will eventually join the BRICS alliance, it’s unavoidable and is only a matter of time. Followed by Canada. They’re already preparing for it. Meanwhile, the energetic structures of the planet will be greatly altered for the better. Corruption and scandals at the highest will keep popping up at an increasing pace, so will chaos and destructive events. It’s part of change: bringing the venom to the surface and breaking old systems.

Everything I’m mentioning here, it’s already happening and shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s just that the pace and intensity will increase.

On a physical level, it’s much better to have physical assets than paper money. Physical assets like houses, lands and metal will keep their value. Gold is particularly useful when in a standard format because it is easy to trade. We know that 99% of you ignore the advice being given especially when it comes to money, but Karatbars is one of the best options as it was created specifically for this type of situation that many have predicted for a long time. You can read about it from this article written by Etienne a while ago and create an account for free. What about other options to purchase gold? Buying in larger quantities makes it very difficult to trade. Buying non-standard gold adds complication in that the gold must be verified before any transaction. Other companies selling 1g gold cards charge a higher price. What about buying gold coins from the government? The contract stipulates that you’re borrowing the gold but don’t own it. They can recall the gold at any time during crisis, and they will. You must make sure to have standard pure gold in standard format that is easy to trade for daily transactions. We recommend to have a small reserve of $1000 to $2000 worth of gold which will greatly help you get re-organized after the events hit. We know most of you will ignore this advice, and just gather intellectual information out of this whole message, yet there’s nothing else we can do. We can hear money junk stories saying “Etienne just wants to make some cash with this” to which we’ll reply “Why wouldn’t he? You’re more committed to imposing scarcity on others than to create wealth for yourself.” Your money stories are yours and don’t belong to anyone else, so don’t project them on anyone.

On an emotional level, resilience is a quality that will be very important. The ability to get back up on your feet when thrown down. Also, the ability to adapt and improvise. Relationships will be very important, the people you can count on when things get difficult. And most importantly, leadership will be the most important quality: your ability to lead yourself forward instead of playing the victim and waiting for others to solve things for you.

I have sorrow when I look at it from the perspective of those who will be caught in it, yet when I look at it from above, I’m excited about this Grand Experiment that will be a great opportunity for growth and education. At least 10 years of accelerated spiritual evolution will be achieved in a single year. Think about it. How many are already suffering in Syria and Irak because of US policies and private corporate agendas? Why would the lives of American be worth any more or deserve any more than what they have done to others? The suffering is already here. It has to stop, and this is the best way.

This is not the time to shrink. When riding a horse and jumping over a fence, the worse thing to do is to pull the horse and contract. You would hurt yourself very badly. When the horse jumps, you must expand and be confident while trusting the horse. The same applies here. Don’t be so caught up about money. Invest in what you need to invest and be committed to creating value and generating wealth. If the dollar crashes, everything you’ve put aside will be worthless anyway, however your ability to create value will remain the same.

It really doesn’t matter what you have. All that matters is what you choose to create in the now. You’ll have a great opportunity to learn that lesson.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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