After writing “Kevin Trudeau Scam, What’s Really Going On?”, I saw all the negativity being written about him over the Internet. If I’m going to put my name on the line to support him, it’s important to have an objective look at this from both sides. And, since most of the information you can find online about him is negative, this will provide a more balanced view-point.

There is indeed lots of critics about him online; too much to be only media propaganda. You can view the reviews of The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About, Mega Memory and Consumer Affairs Complaints. I totally support him, and obviously this cannot be ignored. Let’s go through it together.

For the book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About, I haven’t read that book myself. The reason for it is that I didn’t have any health problems or taken any medicine for years, so I don’t need it. The reviews are pretty consistent: it works, AND it’s not as easy as he said. Now I understand why the judge said he didn’t find his cure easy. All the reviews are around that theme. Those leaving negative feedback found it too hard and didn’t try it.

For Mega Memory, I have gone through the audio training of it (not the book). Memory was an aspect I had to improve and this training has been very helpful. It gave me a few headaches because it made me practice new mind muscles that were atrophied. The training is really good (at least the audio version), but it might not work for those who have too much emotional stuff repressing these mental muscles, or those who come with an attitude that it won’t work.

The main problem is this: he advertises his products as quick fixes, but the reality is that these are for those looking for deeper personal development, not for those just dipping their toes. For example, in his weight loss cure book, the cleanses and nutritional changes might not be required for the weight loss cure itself, but they do provide greater health benefits if you have a broader vision of your health and well-being.

Then, there are a bunch of complaints about credit card overcharges and problems with refunds from those purchasing from his TV advertisements. Unless these are all made up to damage his reputation (which would be unlikely, unless someone can show me evidence of it?), that’s definitely not acceptable.

Edit: As Paul pointed out in his comment, it’s too easy to buy online public opinion. For $300 a month, you can get someone to work full-time in writing reviews and complaints.

When it comes to his private club the Global Information Network, which I am part of, here are my honest thoughts.

– The content is extremely profound and high quality

– The community has the most mature people I know of and I can have really deep and open discussions on topics where nobody else can provide any insights. When I have deep questions for which I can’t find the answer, this is where I throw it out and I always get great insights.

– It is the only training about the Law of Attraction with which I fully agree and which doesn’t conflict with the high-level knowledge I’m teaching. This article explains why I don’t like other trainings on the Law of Attraction.

– There is a LOT of content to go through!!

On the other side…

– The $1000 fee is just to get access to Level 1 content. You have to pay more to get access to higher-level content, but there’s already PLENTY of stuff to go through at level 1! IMO, you don’t need higher levels until you master that knowledge enough to earn that money. I’m still at level 1 and haven’t nearly gone through all the content. Plus, the other coaches I’m involved with require much higher financial investments for much less information, but more direct support.

– He talks about lots of things you will be getting as a member of GIN. However, some of these benefits were removed, and many of them are at higher levels, so when you join at level 1, you might not be getting exactly what you expect, but you’re definitely getting a LOT and people are getting great benefits from it. Those on the inside are extremely satisfied and supportive.

– When I work with clients 1-on-1, they get results extremely fast. I didn’t have a single client who didn’t have a massive shift within 3 sessions. With the Global Information Network, however, the information is not as targeted for quick results. Instead, you get tons of content to study. It’s more like a Jedi or Kung Fu training where you study the basics for a long time before getting into a fight. Combining that with direct coaching brings the best of both worlds: fast results and opening the path to mastery.

– One aspect that is important to master to make money is the sales and enrollment conversation, which he doesn’t seem to teach much from what I’ve seen. Kevin Trudeau is a master at sales while many GIN members are still avoiding to deal with this area. When it comes to sales, Kevin should do it less and teach it more.

So, is Kevin Trudeau a whistleblower being targeted by the government for exposing information they don’t want you to know? Definitely. Does he have a role to play in the lawsuit the FTC has against him? From all the customer complaints I’ve seen, it seems so. Does he deserve to pay 37 million dollars for his weight loss cure? Absolutely not, that’s just ridiculous. Is the Global Information Network a scam? No, you only hear GREAT things from people who are in it, and it’s definitely not for everybody.

To have a better idea of his level of consciousness, here are the polarity readings of him and a few other people teaching about universal laws. This polarity reading is really the raw connection to inner power and it holds way more power than I thought… and this is a whole other conversation. I’ll talk about this polarity reading in another article. I read these energies through psychic perceptions. Since whatever information they provide comes from their level of consciousness, this gives a very good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each teacher. The energy field doesn’t lie.

Polarity Reading.
To the sky (100km) = Expert
To the moon = Mastery
To the cosmos = Semi-Enlightenment
To the stars = Enlightenment.

Kevin Trudeau
Physical: Masculine extends to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends to the moon.
Spiritual: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends to the cosmos.

Bob Proctor
Physical: Masculine extends beyond the sky. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends beyond the moon.
Spiritual: Masculine extends beyond the cosmos. Feminine extends beyond the cosmos.

David Neagle
Physical: Masculine to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine to the sky (100km). Feminine extends 80km.
Spiritual: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends beyond the sky.

John Assaraf
Physical: Masculine extends to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends to the moon. Feminine extends to the moon.
Spiritual: Masculine extends beyond the moon. Feminine extends beyond the moon.

Wayne Dyer
Physical: Masculine extends to the sky. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends beyond the moon. Feminine extends 80km.
Spiritual: Masculine extends 60km. Feminine extends 40km.

Etienne Charland (me)
Physical: Masculine extends between moon and stars. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends between moon and stars. Feminine between sky and stars.
Spiritual: Masculine extends to the stars. Feminine extends to the stars.
I’m currently working on awakening these powers and my energy keeps fluctuating back and forth these days.

So, now you know the truth and you can make your own idea about it. When it comes to the Global Information Network, it is a private club that works by invitation only. I’m not trying to get anyone into it, but if you want to know more, contact me and I’ll send you his program Your Wish Is Your Command for free which will give you a much better idea of what this is really about.

Overall, I think Kevin Trudeau has tremendous knowledge and wisdom to share and was marketing to the wrong crowd with his television advertisements. The information he shares are for those who are serious about continual personal and spiritual development, not for those looking for quick fixes. It is for the kind of committed people who are already spending thousands of dollars on other coaches and who keep investing on themselves because they’re getting so much out of it. It’s not for those who expect their lives to magically change after spending $29. It is for those who are looking to earn more, live more and spend more. These are my final thoughts. You make what you want of it 🙂

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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