On Wednesday, Kevin Trudeau, founder of the Global Information Network, is back into court and the FTC wants to lock him in jail. Here’s the news coverage. I really have to step up and say what’s really going on, because there so much propaganda and disinformation around this. I’m absolutely 100% willing to put my name and reputation on the line to defend this man, and you’ll understand why by the end of this article.

Why is he put in jail? He got sued with 37 million $ for his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You To Know About, because he said in an infomercial that the cure was easy and the judge read it and said it didn’t sound that easy to him, so it’s false representation. He got fined 37 million $ in order to refund the 12 million people who purchased the book! Only problem is… nobody wants a refund and the government spent over 10 million $ of YOUR tax money to silence him.

Here’s what his clients think of him.

So what’s really going on? The government getting crazy and spending incredible sums of money to silence someone for ‘scam’ who is totally supported by his clients? Here’s the obvious key: it has nothing to do with what’s being discussed on the surface. Just like Julien Assance’s rape lawsuit, it obviously has nothing to do with rape either. Who did he “rape” anyway? I never heard anything directly or indirectly from these women. With a quick search in Google, I did find one of these women at a diner with Julien 2 days after he supposedly “raped” her.

The truth is very simple. There is a small group of people who own the media, energy companies, pharmaceuticals, the food chain, the Federal Reserve and a good part of the government. Whenever someone reveals information this group of people doesn’t like, they will find or create any excuse possible to arrest that person with a lawsuit (while skipping laws) while simultaneously attacking them with media coverage to damage their reputation. The core principle of a democratic society is that you are innocent until proven otherwise, but the US government has dropped that principle a while ago. Now, you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. I’ve gone through that kind of law philosophy once at the US Immigration, and at first I was really surprised to realize this, and it’s not a fun experience to go through.

So the real question is: why is the government going so crazy on this man to spend over 10 million $ over a 15 years period to try to arrest him?

1. The elite class (all judges, presidents, billionaires, etc.) are part of various secret societies, and he was part of “The Brotherhood”. Once you’re in, you cannot share anything of what’s going on. He left The Brotherhood because he didn’t agree with their belief that the elite was genetically superior and should control the rest of the population, and he’s sharing the insider information and knowledge openly.

2. He exposes openly the scams going on with the drugs and pharmaceutical companies, and provides various natural cures.

3. With everything he’s sharing, he’s causing people to massively distrust the media and the government.

4. He’s empowering people to take back their freedom. IRS scandal revealed the government is particularly targeting those promoting freedom and patriotism.

These are all good enough reasons, and no it has nothing to do with his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You To Know About, besides the fact that the government proved they really don’t want you to know about it.

Quite frankly, the 10 million $ the US government has spent on silencing this whistle-blower should be invested in uncovering and resolving the NSA surveillance scandal. After all, it’s YOUR tax money. Should it be spent on silencing people or on having more transparency and freedom of speech? It really doesn’t matter what a person is saying, the basis of a free society is that we should defend each other’s right for free speech no matter whether we agree with each other or not. Like Kevin Trudeau said himself, “I will ferociously disagree with you and I will ferociously defend your right to say it.”

Then, there are lots of other people who reveal information about the government, about pharmaceuticals, vaccines and all that stuff, and who provide natural cures. Why are they targeting him? Because none of the others have his level of public television exposure and his power of influence. Everybody else is sharing information on a small scale while keeping their head down. Plus, Kevin Trudeau knows too much about how the system really works from the inside.

I’ve seen pretty much everything that’s out there when it comes to working with the Laws of the Universe, and what Kevin Trudeau shares in Your Wish Is Your Command and the Global Information Network is the only thing out there I fully agree with. It doesn’t cover the things I’m teaching with Alchemy but it is very complimentary and perfectly fits with everything I’m teaching myself. Take any other program or teacher out there and I will pin-point you serious flaws in it.

Quite frankly, the only reason I’m not in his shoes right now is because I don’t have his level of exposure. He’s doing very important work: he’s clearing the path.

There’s a reason why his customers have way more trust in Kevin Trudeau than in the government and media. It’s important for you to know the truth. The truth will set you free.

As Kevin Trudeau says himself: “It’s not over until you win.” I know that Kevin going to jail is a phase he has to go through, and I’m really curious as to what will come out of it.

By the way, here’s a reading of Kevin Trudeau’s energy field. This is a reading of 1 month ago because his energy is considerably lower in jail.
In the first chakra, he has a very deep presence and authenticity. His personality extends to the cosmos. His projected personality extends to the cosmos.
In the second chakra, his sexuality and creativity are wide open and are a force driving his forward.
In the third chakra, he has tremendous inner power that scares authorities. His self-confidence extends to the stars. His ability to resolve conflicts extends to the moon.
In the fourth chakra, his heart has a facade that can make him appear as a con artist. His self-acceptance extends to the moon. His emotional intelligence extends to the stars.
In the fifth chakra, his communication extends to the stars.
In the sixth chakra, his grounding to the physical world extends to the moon.
In the seventh chakra, his connection to stillness extends to the moon. His connection to the force of life extends to the stars.

Polarity reading
Physical: Masculine extends to the moon. Feminine none.
Emotional: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends to the moon.
Spiritual: Masculine extends to the cosmos. Feminine extends to the cosmos.

Here’s a FAQ explaining the Energy Profile Reading.

He has one of the most powerful energy field of all the people I know.

If you want to know more, contact me and I’ll give you a free copy of his program Your Wish Is Your Command and you’ll have a much better idea of what’s really going on.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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