There is one person who really wants to attend my upcoming event in Playa del Carmen yet is in a difficult situation. As she puts it, she has $80,000 of debts not counting her mortgage, all her credit cards are maxed out and they have 3 kids to take care of. I can definitely relate to that as I have $50,000 of debts and reached the limit of my credit cards several times. The past 12 months have been excruciatingly difficult with an energetic war reaching its climax in what led to the destruction of the cabal and the awakening of the Souls of Orion. I believe many can relate to this as well.

Metatron has something he wants to say to her, and I feel that message will be equally useful for myself, and will directly concern many of you. It appears it will be somewhat lengthy so sit back, relax, and let’s get this message through.


My name is Metatron, senior of the Archangels. Today I want to share a message about collectively agreed realities and how it affects the flow of money. By having a better understanding of the recent past and of the present, it will help better understand and create the near future.

A collectively agreed reality is a set of beliefs and values that is commonly agreed upon by a group of people. The role of the media is to maintain that collectively agreed reality under control, which also keeps your power of creation under control. The best way to have money circulating through you is to is to be in energetic agreement with the collectively agreed reality surrounding you.

That was true in the past. But what would happen if that collectively agreed reality was to fragment itself into various sub-groups? Almost all those who have been exploring alternative ways of thinking are in difficult financial situations because they’re not in energetic agreement with the people surrounding them. This prevents the circulation of money through them. The previously “collectively agreed truth” is now known to not be true by a great number of people. This results in a fragmentation, and eventually a collapse, of the old social and financial matrix. This disrupts the circulation of money and creates scarcity and poverty. And then what?

The dark forces that had been controlling the minds of the people are no longer in power. Sure they can still make their presence felt, but they can no longer dictate how events unfold. As of today, the alliance of high dimensional beings that have been defeating the dark forces have been given a name: The Planetary Counsel of Light. It is formed of souls of Orion, Lemuria, Andromeda and of many Archangels. About 5000 powerful souls are now part of the counsel. They are now in charge of how global events unfold around the world. The power of these 5000 souls, combined with the defensive technologies we have access to, will make it absolutely impossible for the dark forces to assert their agenda. They are under control, and for that reason they are making a lot of noise.

What is the current collectively agreed reality? No one knows for sure. Society is heavily fragmented. The people are fighting to preserve their old beliefs about what reality is. Others are fighting to shine the light on truth. As long as there is this fragmentation of worldviews, the circulation of money will be difficult which will make money disappear, as value is created through its exchange and circulation.

Make no mistake, the promised Golden Age is coming. However, it won’t be as easy or as pleasant as some would want to expect. We may lose a portion of the population that frankly isn’t ready for such a transition. Others will keep dying getting caught in the clashes between various parties. Financially, things will keep going down until we learn how to harness the energy and power of money. It is under the control of your mind. It has always been.

End of story. Just kidding.

So what is the solution? It’s simple. To make things happen without regards to logistics or circumstances. Once you decide to do something, you realize that all the necessary resources to make it happen are around you. Most importantly, it allows the Planetary Counsel of Light, and many other divine beings, to work through you to make it happen. They can only help you when you decide to follow the guiding light within you. They cannot help you make ends meet when you make rational decisions based on logistics and circumstances.

The key here is this: you are not alone. There are many divine beings who are committed to assist you and us in this planetary transition where old paradigms collapse and where new paradigms aren’t yet forged. If there is a collectively agreed reality that is to become the promised Golden Age, it is the paradigm being brought down from this Planetary Counsel of Light. They currently have tremendous resources at their disposal yet very little foothold on the ground. It is currently not uncommon to assign 10,000 Archangels to assist a business full-time when that leader decides to work in energetic alignment with them.

Out of this discussion, there are two points that I want to put an emphasis on. First, it is the importance of creating an expanding a collectively agreed reality that allows the circulation of energy in all forms. That reality already exists and is already very strong on a planetary level, but it needs to be anchored into the physical plane. The second point is the importance of working together. Looking at the size of the tasks at hand, you won’t achieve anything significant on your own. And no, taking care of pets won’t change anything as to how global events will unfold.

Finally there’s one point I want to make about the spiritual communities of coaches and healers. Large communities have been operating within collectively agreed realities that mostly exclude sexuality, power and money. It terms of what needs to be done now, this won’t be useful. We need you to have the power to change things around you. We need you to we rich so that you can create the reality around you. We need you to live boldly and wisely so that a new world and a new way of living can emerge. It is still far off the horizon, and for that reason you need even more power.

As for the silent majority that will wait on the side, their life will keep deteriorating. Often you have to reach the rock bottom until you spring back up and take things in your own hands. I am confident most will spring back up in this lifetime. As for the others, all I can do is send healing prayers of love.

Remember, you are truly loved and supported. Now it is your turn to shine.

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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