We’re now preparing for the next live event. Considering that all of the clients I attracted are Orion souls, the theme of the next event will be to recover your old powers and memories from Orion (or from Lemuria if you’re a Lemurian). It will be on December 18-19th in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. A very intensive 2-days of energetic transformation and awakening. All past events were between $1500 and $5000… and this time I’m going to try a different model; it will be only $500, with just 6 spots available (2 already taken).

To apply for a spot, answer the few questions on this page. We don’t need to do a strategy session for this, but I’ll see if you’re a good fit for this event, see if you’re an Orion or Lumerian soul and tell you what I see about your past, and I’ll give you further instructions.


I finally shared the story of the people of Orion in the last article. As crazy as the story “should” sound, a lot of people resonate with it, and some were already aware of their origins. It’s time to crack the mud shell and recover the pure gold that has been hidden. Even Palmy, she was a High Priestess of Orion, and she only has access to 3% of her powers and memories. The powers that have been sealed away are a whole other level of spiritual evolution.

Playa del Carmen is a very special place for doing this awakening experience. First, there was already some Orion technology, which was called Dumex Generator, built under 6 cities in China and 2 cities in Russia. It is a zero-point energy generator that strengthens the root chakra to create stability, growth and prosperity while preventing dark forces from taking roots. A larger version of this generator has been built under Cancun right when I came back from China. It was not designed to be installed within the roots of dark forces so the results can be hard to predict, but it is pulverizing the dark energies anchored into the entire area and greatly shifting the energy of North America.

The second reason why this place is meaningful is because if you look at the map of the region, you can see 6 round-shaped holes forming the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. While I was keeping it low-profile in Asia, many of the Orions and Lemurians built bases in this area. It was all blasted away 6200 years ago by the Dracos, leaving only some Mayas in the peninsula in-between the areas of blast. The Dracos were again using Hydron Collider technology to laser-blast the area. They established the area as their main base where they anchored themselves for the past few thousand years. The Bermudes Triangle is just outside the area of blast, and apparently it is some remnant of Orion security technologies that is still active.


If you are an Orion soul, then there is a lot of knowledge and power that is locked into your soul. It was locked away by purpose for your protection. Some who hadn’t hidden enough have been tortured, sacrificed and killed lifetime after lifetime, so this layer of mud was placed on almost all Orion souls for a very good reason. There are about 100k Orion souls on this planet, about half of which are currently incarnated, and about half of which are outside China.

I was not living in those Orion bases, nor in Atlantis, as I saw it risky to assemble in such clusters, but perhaps you have memories of it, or feel something when I’m talking about it.

The people of Orion will have a very important role to play in the future of the planet, and since I somehow attract a lot of Orion people, it is very likely that you’re one of them if you’re reading this. The lost power and knowledge is still all within your soul. The Orion technologies are still around. The Lemurians have a crystal-made computer database containing all of the lost knowledge and all the data is still intact. Reconnecting with what has been hidden during the war changes everything.

The reason I know so much about the Dracos is because one of my clients has a high level of affinity with them and he’s able to tune into their minds and answer all kinds of questions from their perspective. That’s a gift. What gifts do you have locked within you?

It’s not just a matter of doing hypnosis and past-life regression, as your nervous system wouldn’t be able to handle the kind of power that is locked into your soul. It needs to be a full healing process to prepare your mind and body to re-awake what has been sealed away. The memories only come to the pace that you’re able to handle them.

This event is for you if you believe you have a significant to role to play in the future of this planet. It will be held in a specific area of the planet that holds significant importance. I cannot say exactly what you will recover as it is different for every individual and this has never been done before, but once the gate is open, it is open and you can’t prevent the memories and powers to keep flowing in at their pace.

Before my trip to China, I had access to about 15% of my memories. Now I have access to about 17% of my power and 70% of my memories. What difference has that made in my life? My roots have grown way stronger, my clairvoyance has grown tremendously, I connected with a lot of powerful spirits who are backing me up, and also reconnected with various technologies built in the 5th dimension, including the Velmex Generator that we built under Cancun, and a Lumerian super-computer crystal that has answers to everything.

I’m now able to see into the past lives of some people, to see the origin of their soul, and sometimes who they were back then, and how much of their memories and powers they recall. For many, what they’re doing in this life is very similar to what they were doing back then (that is, a ‘lesser’ version of it).

Do you want to join us? Answer these few questions to see if you’re a fit, and I will tell you what I see about your past. If it’s a fit, I’ll give you further instructions from there and I’ll see you in Playa del Carmen! December 18-19th, only $500. Cancun airport is very easy to fly to. Use Kayak or Travelocity to search for flights. For hotel, I recommend Hotel Maya del Carmen nearby. If you search online, you can find rooms between $35 and $70 as promotions seem to vary on a daily basis; yesterday I saw rooms at $40. Since it will be high season, I recommend booking hotels in advance. On the 2nd day, we’ll go into a Natural Grounding session until 5am so get ready!

While you’re in Playa del Carmen, I recommend taking a few extra days to go to the beach and to visit Akumal where you can see giant sea turtles. There are also several ‘cenotes’ in the area where you can go swimming in clear water, which I also highly recommend. Most people come here for vacations, so why don’t you make it a holiday vacation at the same time?


P.S. I asked the Lumerian library computer last night about the “turtle beings”. It said they are a benevolent reptilian race that is native of this planet. They possess strong psychic abilities but are limited in terms of what they can do physically due to their anatomy. They have been part of the resistance against the Dracos, but have gone instinct 6200 years ago during the blasts. Their spirits are still living deep within the Earth to protect it.

Are you joining us?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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