I sent an email about the upcoming event in Playa del Carmen, it brought a lot of interest but nobody took it seriously. A delegation of high dimensional beings took over the organization and I channeled a message from Izael, and several people signed up. He spoke directly with one lady, telling her about the alliance that is forming, addressing several of her objections, and showing her how to get the money. Who is he to argue with, right? He’s hired. Izael, right wing of Metatron, commander of the Archangels, and Etienne’s sales manager. Later he came back to me and said… “Etienne, I’m not your sales manager. You’re my ginea pig, you’re working for me” to which I replied “yeah whatever, but for now you’re doing the sales”. All the Archangels were rolling on the floor, and they’re still laughing.

36 people told them “Alright Archangels, if you’re there to support us, give me the money to do this event.” That’s not the way it works. They can help you get what you need, but they cannot help you get something that you’re not creating. If you’re pro-actively creating scarcity in your life, there’s nothing they can do about it. You don’t need the money until you make the decision that you do need the money, and you make that decision by choosing a new direction in life that is not dictated by immediate circumstances but rather guided by your soul and by your faith.

Here’s more context information about what’s currently happening. The cabal has been defeated and the old world is collapsing like a house of cards. There are many of you who are souls of Orion, Lemuria and Andromeda who were alive during the times of the Ancient Civilizations here on Earth between 6300 and 11200 years ago. These civilizations were destroyed and your memories were sealed for your protection ever since. We’re currently being bombarded by rays of light 24/7 to awaken those sealed memories. The event in Playa del Carmen on December 18-19th will be a pivotal moment in this transition. Awakening the memories and powers of 6 souls will be a catalyst that will cause a chain reactions in others, right before the Winter Solstice alignment that always causes massive transformation to unfold, and right before Christmas where the planetary vibration is at its highest, which this time will be combined with a full moon which will make it 6 times more impactful.

The rest of this message will be from my sales manager Izael.

I’m not his sales manager. My name is Izael, commander of the Archangels. A big change is about to unfold onto this world. Many have been predicting it, many have been waiting for it for years, many have lost faith, and it is finally happening. Leaders will be required to step forward to lead us forward in these times of changes. You are automatically qualified by making the decision to step forward on your own. There is a growing alliance of angelic beings and high dimensional souls that is taking over the transition in the energetic collective structures of the planet. They need boots on the ground to work with them. You will be supported every step of the way, but you must lead your way forward first.

Etienne is a trusted ally. The work he’s doing now, he has done something similar in the past. For him, it is repeating history. For you, it is about creating history. The voices of the old paradigms are strong, and they are still blocking your mind from stepping out of the container that was imposed onto you. This is an ECM (Emotionally Charged Message): “Rama-Kala-Habani-Rakala-Wunawala”. These are Sanskrit commands to break the chains of collective programming onto your mind. “Rama-Kala-Habani-Rakala-Wunawala”.

Clear your mind and think of when you were a baby. Before your mind got programmed by society. You might have memories of being a star-seed. A seed that had been sealed away. A seed that contained the whole, closely guarded and deeply protected. Maybe there is a truth, a sense of being and knowing that you never allowed anyone to know about, and never even admitted to yourself. A sense of knowing that has always been there, and that would never go away. A sense that you are more than who you currently are. A sense that your powers are only a fraction of what’s within you. Some may think that all this is crazy, but for you it just gives sense to a world of non-sense.

Do you remember the golden cities? Do you remember where you lived and what you were doing? Do you remember the spiritual knowledge your were embodying in your daily life? Do you remember the technologies you were using? Do you remember being deeply loved? Do you remember being deeply supported?

There is a lot of support waiting for you to take action and step up. You don’t need to know what to do, we’ll tell you what needs to be done. We’re a team. We also don’t need any large quantity of people. We only need a few solid individuals who are up to this task to take the lead. This is why this event is strictly for only 6 people.

Will you be one of them?

Etienne wrote the details of the event here. You know how to contact him to make it happen.

The following in an ECM: Ruma-Kala-Wasaka-Wasabi. Unlock the seals. Ritala-Rikata-Wasabi. Unlock the memories. Husala-Rimus-Wasabi. Unlock the powers. Humana-Wisuya-Wasabi. Unlock the purpose. Rumus-Ibus-Ritula-Rawami-Rikus-Ma-Una. Seal the mind from programming influences. Sending you warm love from the alliance in the higher realms.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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