I was speaking with one of my clients who is running a large business where he deals with multi-million-dollar contracts. The financial situation is near the red, and to get contracts with clients, his clients need some money. The problem became obvious: everybody is waiting for money from someone else to get things done, and it forms a never-ending chain of debts. Getting more loans is not the solution.

An Archangel has something to say about it, and wants me to get this message through. It’s about Wealth Creation 101 and how to break free of the money debt system. Definitely something I’d be interested to hear myself!

My name is Archangel Bruno, member of the Planetary Counsel of Light. Metatron wanted me to take charge of this concern. It is my first time giving a message for channeling so I made sure to do all necessary preparations. I think you will be pleased with the result of my investigation. It is easier for me to see the global picture as I am detached from the situation. And pardon my English, I am not used to translate into that language.

The situation not simple. The financial system as a whole was designed as a monkey debt system to keep the population as slaves while keeping them too busy to even realize it. The financial system is currently at 98.2% to its critical failure point. The US$ has no real value anymore and no gold to back it up. It survived as being the only global reserve currency, and now the Chinese Yuan has been declared as a valid global reserve currency. We’re living on borrowed time so we can’t pretend to be doing business as usual. Energetically, we entered a new zone of the galaxy and are not ready to integrate the higher densities of light. These waves of energies are currently being dissipated by the Avians to give us more time to prepare, and we’re still living on borrowed time. We can’t do this much longer. We have to look at the bigger picture to see where we are at and where we are going.

First let’s look at the history of money. Why was it created? There has been points in history where people would trade with each other. You would give someone milk in exchange of eggs. The problem, however, is that if the person has no need for your eggs, or if the items for trade have more varied values, it doesn’t work. If a person owns the water supply and you have nothing that the person needs, you have no water, period. This is why currencies got created: to facilitate the exchange of value. As for money itself, it is an energy that results from the exchange of value between individuals. If you increase the exchange of value, money appears out of thin air. If you reduce the exchange of value, money disappears. The currency was created to facilitate and increase this flow of value, and now it is draining it to a halt.

Creating an alternative financial system won’t happen tomorrow. This will take time. First, you must reduce your dependency on currency and increase your flow of money. How do you do that?

The currency was created for a purpose. If it no longer serves that purpose, you no longer need the currency. This can only mean a partial reversal to direct trade, until we get a new value-backed or gold-backed currency in circulation.

The practical implementation, however, is not so easy. You have bills to pay and need currency to buy supplies. There are two keys for a practical implementation. First, it is to do a ‘partial’ reversal, which means you still use the currency to cover all your needs, and you simply reduce your dependency on it. What would you do if the currency was to collapse anyway? There is currently a 13% chance of collapse of the US$ currency, and 87% chance that a smoother solution will be implemented. Yet you still have to take that into consideration. The second key is to be more flexible and creative in terms of methods of payments you accept. Does the other person have something that would be equally valuable to you than real currency? What if this ‘something else’ didn’t reduce your currency income but rather was an extra on top of it? Let’s say that instead of buying for $100 from you, they bought for $200 and paid half in cash and half as trade?

This would do a few things.

First, your dependency on the currency would be reduced. Second, it would double the circulation of value. Third, it would not reduce your monetary income. Forth it would create money and value out of thin air. And most importantly, the added flexibility would allow for more clients to afford doing business with you, as long as they have something you truly need.

As long as you’re living in survival mode, this is difficult to implement because all your money goes to cover your necessities which none of your peers have, and you have nothing else than money to offer. Once you increase your level of financial consciousness to have disposable income, however, the way that disposable income gets spent is a lot more flexible. This is the third key: reserving disposable income in your budget. What does disposable income means? It means money you can spent on anything that doesn’t cover your living necessities and monthly expenses. It means money you can spend on anything your heart desires. I estimate that 80% of such trades would happen on disposable income.

Here are a few other observations.

If money comes from your capacity to provide value, then you are a money printing machine. Simply increase your ability to give high quality value that others desire. Then, if you reserve 5% of your income as being disposable income, and you double it with the method mentioned above, the 5% then becomes 10%. You can double it again to make it 20%. It doesn’t require a large amount of money, but it doesn’t require a deep shift in your way of thinking about money. It requires you to think from a place of abundance and possibilities instead of from a place of lack and survival.

For large businesses, this is easier to implement as they have more value to offer to each other, and offering value generally costs a fraction of its retail value. What would be the equivalent of disposable income for large businesses? It would be value added bonuses. What if you were to include in contracts value added bonuses that would double the amount of value being exchanged? This would not cost either party much more, and it would double the money and value being created. Imagination gets limited when you only think of necessities and about your next bills, and once you get out of that zone and start thinking about the pleasure and well-being of your clients and partners, your imagination can then run free to come up with all kind of ideas that they would be very pleased about.

To sum up the principal keys mentioned so far:
1. Reduce your dependency on currency with a ‘partial’ reversal to direct trade
2. Be more flexible and creative as to the methods of payment you accept
3. Reserve at least 5-10% of your income as disposable income, or 5-10% of your sales as value added bonuses, and then seek to double that, and then double it again, without increasing your financial costs.
4. Shift your financial mindset towards possibilities, and get creative

Now I can read in Etienne’s mind that he has a list of questions for me, so let’s go through that.

First, what happens if your clients have nothing you need? They need to grow and stretch themselves to have something of value to offer. You can only implement this with people who get to that place.

Second, what if you’re drowning in debts and can’t make financial room to breathe? It’s a mindset. You still have exactly the same amount of oxygen to breathe. The stress and pressure is purely in your mind, and what you do about it reflects purely in your actions. Stressful circumstances don’t have to make you internally stressed. Stress and anxiety serve no purpose.

Third, what if you need larger sums of money that you just don’t have? Again, it’s a mindset and the money is there. Where is it? First in your mind, then in your actions, then in your pockets. I can guarantee that if you don’t have the money you seek, you are not respecting this order. First in your mind, then in your actions, then in your pockets. The order is very important.

Fourth, how can I implement this specifically in my own business? In your specific case, it’s more in creating a disposable income and in the way you use that disposable income. Then it’s about encouraging your clients and followers to do the same, which would create an ecosystem that allows money to flow once again. In the coaching industry, I recommend to maintain a fixed financial price because it’s all about the commitment. Implement it in your disposable income. Businesses in other industries can be more flexible in the way they implement it in their products, services and contracts.

Fifth, can you give me a practical example? I’ll give you two, one for your specific situation and one for the specific situation of another person. Let’s say you want to get a massage at a massage shop. If you purely trade, nobody gets to do a living and everybody starves. If you pay the full price to do the massage, you get your massage and she gets to do a living. Now how can you double that? No, paying back with sex doesn’t count. You could offer to do cleaning or reparation in exchange for a second hour. Or provide them with a piece of furniture, or a music CD, or anything that would increase the beauty of the place or make their life easier. That’s practical. What about in business contracts? Let’s say you have a contract to train a team of 100 computer professionals for X price. There are many side skills or aptitudes that would be greatly helpful, or ways to improve the overall experience. Look for ways to provide the maximum amount of added value while having the lowest financial cost on your part to provide. Then, what are ways the client could equate the added value? Perhaps introducing you to get another contract. That’s practical and everybody wins. It’s difficult to come up with examples when you’re not used to think that way, and once you start doing it, new neuropathways start to form and it becomes easier and easier to live that way.

I hope you find this piece of information valuable, and it surely brings up a lot of questions for yourself. Send your list of questions and I will take the time to answer each and every one of them (within reason).

End of transmission.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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