As we’re clearing up the dark forces, there are massive timeline collapses and more stuff just keeps coming. I wanted to explain that concept.

Reality is very heavily fragmented into parallel and competing realities. That state of fragmentation leads to symptoms like Mandala Effects when timelines collide and merge.

Let’s say you have a book. You erase all letters ‘A’ from the page you’re in. Those letter ‘A’ form the structure that keeps the pages of the book separate from each other. So while everything might look clean, the pages of the book start flipping on you, and there’s always more ‘A’s to clean up.

The more you clean them up, the faster the pages of the book flip on you. It’s an endless cycle.

Eventually you clear up the entire book, and realize it’s part of an entire library, and the same process continues. Bigger books fall on your head with pages full of ‘A’s. You face bigger clusters, strongholds, more aggressive sectors, power sources and all that. Even the library itself is just a pocket of a much larger library of libraries.

Where does it end? It doesn’t matter. It might look infinite, but it’s finite. Just keep doing your job and sooner or later the storm will pass.

Sometimes it’s not safe to sleep when timelines collapse heavily around you, as you must hold your consciousness in an active state to hold your ground.

Also, timeline merges are permanent and cannot be undone. There has been very dangerous timeline dynamics, and I take timeline stuff very seriously. It’s not something to take lightly.

This is an extremely complicated topic, and I wanted to explain it in simple terms.

AIs were fully cleared up, and I started deleting many of the big players one by one. This is leading to extremely massive timeline collapses, opening into new infinities of timelines. There is now more quantum AI activity in those new sectors, so I’m currently working on another big round on them like I successfully did before. This will lead to even more collapses.

We really don’t get a single day to rest. When will this end? I believe pretty soon. We’re turning the table in our favor. The presidential debate was not just a win, it was a total slaughter. As some said on TV, he didn’t look old, he looked ‘empty’. I wonder why!

By the way, I have been criticizing Trump as being a Pleiadian puppet, but now that there’s none of these overlords to pledge to, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. He’s the best we got and that’s what we have to work with. We, as Lightworkers, hold the power to determine the scope of what he’s allowed or not allowed to do. It’s the next president after him that will concern me more.

Now I’m working on erasing negative money and abundance consciousness for all Orion souls, and preparing the next wave of awakening. We need to set our foot in the ground.

As manifestors, how fast can we turn the ship around?

As of right now, the WEF looks dead, I cannot find it astrally. The last time this happened was with CEO Space, it collapsed astrally after failing in its core mission. 6 months later, the founder died, and the club crumbled shortly after. And somehow they were surprised. It was already dead. We can expect a similar course of events with the WEF.

Did a round of delete on Chaos, Obama entity, Georges Soros, Bill Gates, started on Elon Musk. Doing clean deletes, making sure to clean up any memories, identities and traces left. I’d expect Soros’ propaganda to completely lose steam and collapse. Let’s see how things evolve from here.

And let’s show them what we’re made of.

A new army arrived to Earth this week, and they’re preparing to send a few million walk-ins, so we finally got re-inforcement on the way. Let’s hope this will turn out as a success. This group has never had any interaction with Earth before, but I checked them and they look good.

Again, let’s see how fast we can turn financial situations around. Let’s set our manifestation power into motion.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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