This is a follow-up to Status of the War (June 2024). I’ll be touching a variety of important themes here, including the financial system, status of starseeds, and other.

I’m aware that few will see this report. When I sent videos to my list of 2450 people and only 200 see it, I know the list has gone cold turkey. Some criticized me for talking too much about war; but go even more silent when I stop talking about it and move on to other topics.

First, in regards to Alobar, one client had a talk with him last night: “He is trapped in a timeline outside of ours. He said he has agents (including my coworker), but they are limited in power, and I could defeat them. He said the attacks on my womb are intentional. He was reading my timelines and saw the one where I give birth to a special baby. A strong lightwarrior soul. He tried using his human agent to destroy my womb.”

If you’ve been getting extra attention from the dark forces, it might be because of “what you would become”, and not because of what you’re doing. Indeed, I’ve been locking him out of our timelines. Alobar is a fragment of Chaos, who is still a threat. Still working on locking Chaos out from Earth and from our timelines.

Second, in regards to the financial system, we’re not authorized to work on that directly yet. People have made too many bad choices to be given a free pass. Solving that problem now wouldn’t do anything productive.

Trump will be in power in 6 months, that will be his task to solve, and it won’t be solved overnight. We got 6 months to prepare the ground for his work. He’ll come into office on some pretty amazing ground for deep transformations!

But we got to line up the ducks in terms of lightworkers first. What’s the status of starseeds?

Orions: The Federation got obliterated. I don’t know whether there are a few survivors hiding here and there. There were 100K Orion souls on Earth, 50K incarnated and 50K non-incarnated. Plus waves of walk-ins. On the non-incarnated side, there are 5 to 12 survivors. On the incarnated side, 155K survivors. We went from 50K to 155K incarnated? That’s a good enough pool to work with; compared to the 150 to 500 I’ve been with lately!

Sirius: Such a mixed bag. These are the harvested masses. Really not much left of that. At least not when it comes to leadership to move forward.

Lemurians: They got wiped out a while ago. Nothing left there AFAIK. At least not in those incarnated on Earth. Still 7 survivors out there.

Pleiadians: 95% are to be considered enemies, there’s a 1.4% that can be considered positive. 0.3% can be considered Lightworkers. Still “something” there.

Arcturians: There is no such thing as a good Arcturian, at least not on Earth. They’re just gears in an engine. At home, some planets had the illusion of freedom under a dictatorship they had absolutely no power over.

Lyrians: Secretive as ever; there are some left but I don’t know how many.

Avians: I don’t see survivors. There were a few incarnated Avians on Earth but rare and usually hybrids; like less than 150, but they look ok.

Andromedians: The Andromedian Federation was the first one to get taken out when the massive attacks started. They were compromised from the start. I wouldn’t expect anything good surviving from that side.

Annunaki: I see about 1 million Annunaki souls on Earth, and surprisingly, about 5.7% can be considered Lightworkers, and very few enemies. I guess they’ve had enough of the reptilian corruption.

Aquaferions: These extremely powerful beings were wiped out a long time ago. There are a few rare survivors. If they survived back then, they survived again. None got taken out. We’re talking about maybe 15 people.

Are there other starseed lightworkers not fitting in the above categories? Maybe around 150.

In terms of who can be salvaged, we got about 130K Orion souls, just above 8000 Pleiadians, I’m asked to not disclose the amount of Lyrians, 150 Avians, 15 Aquaferion, about 57K annunakis, and 150 others.

There is nobody else coming to the rescue beyond that.

As for the damage “out there”, we’re one of only 3 planets that survived the war. Through timeline alterations, it created new timelines where some planets and civilizations revived from the dead, but anchoring their reality is dependent on Earth as an anchoring point for those new timelines.

Among those starseeds, we got less than a dozen people so far ahead of everyone else. Then, 15K who could be strong leaders. After 5 years and a good phase of recovery, an additional 45K could stand up as lightworkers and gridworkers, while the rest remain more passive. That’s a best-case scenario.

Then the rest of the population would be so damn far behind.

We’re heading towards a 3-class system, where less than a dozen people control 90% of the planetary grids and important structures, about 15-20K follow their lead and lead others, and the rest would be almost like a peasants class. Accuracy on that statement is 90%+ with low distortion but moderate variance.

This is not ideal, but the gap between the surviving lightworkers and the normies is just too big. There’s no way to bridge that gap, other than putting the right people in power to create a safe space for the others to evolve at their own pace.

Still, such a disconnect between classes can causes issues and disbalances down the road. It will be an experiment to say the least…

In terms of my own work, I don’t think I’ll be able to connect with positive Pleiadians and Annunakis until after competing the next 5-year cycle (and after a spike of deaths). 95.7% accuracy on that statement, distortion 0.3%, variance 1.4%.

As for normies, they won’t be clients until we’ve taken enough control to be the trusted authorities, and they’ll transfer their trust over; but it would be for very entry-level services. Could take 10-15 years. Accuracy: 95.9%, distortion 0.3%, variance 5.2%.

Which means that for now, my only possible pool of clients are around 15K Orion souls, that could expand into 130K in the future. Plus a few sparse rarities here and there. Accuracy: 97.2%, distortion 0.4%, variance 0.6%.

With 15K people as the only possible market pool, I still should be able to reach 3000 views on YouTube videos, but more than that is unrealistic. I’ll know we’re on the right track when I get to that 3000 views.

The next question is: can we shorten the 5-year cycle? Yes, but it would not be optimal. We’re not ready to face that chaos, and it would lead to sub-optimal outcome. We need a few years to prepare first. We need to learn to function with what we got first.

Just realized… 5 years, that’s the next president after Trump, that one will be chaotic. People aren’t ready to let go of the old ways. They need to let go… God says: They’ll learn.

Finally, what do we do with all the other starseeds, especially Pleiadian and Arcturian? Need to seal them up real good.

We’re also working on sealing memories of all destructive and scripted behaviors; it’s only a temporary solution but necessary for now. What’s repressed or hidden in that way will need to be dealt with later. It terms of dealing with the masses and collective consciousness, working on collective memories will solve around 12% of the problems and facilitate the transition.

Accuracy check of overall article: 98.5%, distortion 0.5%, 0.2%, 0.1%, variance 5.5%. That’s pretty set in stone except some details. (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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