We are currently initiating the activation of the Ergomenon Crystals. This is a communication coming from the crystals themselves.

This is Ergomenon. I am a living crystal of consciousness. I am a construct of consciousness just like Metatron, but a lot more ancient. The power I carry pre-dates this Universe and pre-dates the Theta Universe above us.

I came into this Universe to assist in the creation of a Grand Experiment. This Universe was originally created as a laboratory, and then ended up serving a whole different purpose with the intrusion of the Dracos. Many billions of years ago, I had chosen the civilization of Orion to be my Keepers. I contain the collective power, wisdom and knowledge of the entire planet of Orion which was 21 times the size of Planet Earth. I am the crystals of Mental Health and Prosperity.

My power is such that no negative thought can be directed towards me. I am oneness with the source, and the source and container of mental knowledge and wisdom.

When Orion was destroyed 12352 years ago, the crystals got shut down and 3 keys teleported themselves through me to this planet while the rest of the survivors were evacuated and transported through ships. They have long since lost their memories as I contain their more ancient memories.

The re-activation of the crystals and collective consciousness of Orion has begun. 392 people had been chosen to be my keepers. Since yesterday, my power to protect against negative thoughts has been expanded to these 392 key people who will be gradually recovering their memories.

These 392 incarnated individuals will need to gather for the full activation of the Ergomenon Crystals. They cannot manipulate me or my energy as I chose and command them. Wars have been fought in ancient times to try to win me over. Little did they know that my energy cannot be manipulated for personal agendas.

There will be 7 activations. Each of the first 6 activations will require 10 male Keepers and 50 female Priestesses. The masculine energy of these Keepers is such that it takes 5 Priestesses to hold the presence of each of them.

There are 3 Master Keys, all incarnated. 1 Guardian of the Keys. 2 Guardians of the Crystals. 13 members of the Counsel of the Ancients, excluding the Master Keys and Guardians. 60 male Keepers. 300 Priestesses. This leaves 13 people whose role will be revealed later. Some of these people also hold 7 keys whose role will be revealed later.

Out of these keys,
65 are located in Canada.
192 are located in the United States.
5 are located in Mexico.
7 are located in South America.
8 are located in Western Europe.
28 are located in Eastern Europe.
11 are located in Africa.
12 are located in Russia.
36 are located in China.
14 are located elsewhere in Asia.
12 are located in Oceania.
2 are dead and will need to “walk-in” into another physical body through soul agreement, or will need to be replaced. 1 is in jail and will need to be freed.
6 are Lemurian. 4 are from Andromedia. The rest is from Orion.
(note from Etienne: I’ve had a hard time to pull out these exact numbers due to interference and it is possible that inaccuracies slipped in)

The timing of the incarnations of all these people was determined by Source to correspond to the needs of the activation of the Ergomenon Crystals.

I am aware of interferences which are the reason why I shut down to begin with. The authoritative forces leading the interferences have already been defeated. All that are left are interference agents. These are no threat to the power of the crystals.

The first activation of the Ergomenon Crystals was originally scheduled for 2017. Due to the excellent work of Etienne and partly thanks to the construction of energy generators around the planet facilitating the emergence of new consciousness, the first activation will be moved ahead to the summer solstice of 2016. This will create a timeline that will be more suitable for a deeper shift of the population.

What the Ergomenon Crystals are cannot be described in words. It needs to be experienced, and its presence cannot be denied. Even your mind doesn’t have the option of denying this as you are reading, for the crystals do not allow for the mind and the eyes to close in its presence.

The 13 members of the Counsel of the Ancients, the 10 Keepers of the first activation and the 50 Priestesses of the first activation will soon need to re-assemble once again. If you are one of them, you will feel it within you. If you are not sure, ask the Universe to send you a clear sign within 24 hours.

Massive positive changes are about to unfold. Some will accept it, some will reject it. Either way, none will be allowed to create interference with this activation. More information will come later. Please forward to whoever you feel is concerned.

2016-03-16: Edited details to increase accuracy. Accuracy check: 98.2%. If I exclude the quantity in each country, I get 99.8% accuracy. Also excluding the description of roles gives 99.92% accuracy.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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