There is a war in the energetic planes, a war among the elite, and a war in space that has been raging on for the past few years. It basically boils down to those who want control vs those who want freedom. In order to get peace, it is important to understand the parties involved.

First are the Dracos, which I explained in the last article. They are an alien energetic parasite that takes possession of souls and feeds from fear. Perhaps it would be good to distinguish between Dracos as an energetic entity and Draco-possessed physical beings, who have installations across the solar system and a presence in many other planets.

Then there are the Avians, who a 6th density alien race who has no agenda of its own besides helping spread the light. They showed up in Egypt before, and their head looks like a bird. They are the source of The Law of One Series. They tried to share their knowledge with us twice, and both times it was corrupted for power and control. They are back for their third attempt.

In Asia, you may or may not have heard of the Asian Elders, or the Dragon Family. They are a very ancient and very powerful group of people who has massive influence in China and Asia. Apparently they also possess the largest stocks of gold that aren’t counted in the known gold supply. They are another alien race and they can live for thousands of years. Where do they stand in all this? They are neutral. What they truly care about is peace, stability and prosperity. They have many trade agreements with the Dracos in this world and in the galaxy and are not willing to sacrifice those trade agreements nor get into a war with the Dracos.

What about the Illuminatis? They are hosts for the Dracos. Basically, the human forces we have on Earth are messengers for those alien parties who really are running the show.

Here are the latest updates. Because the Dracos are being exterminated and are losing ground both in this world and across the galaxy at a frightening speed, they are now seeking for a peace agreement or a way out. They had stopped attacking me and started collaborating. Dorothy, who I met at the World Information Network, went into a psychic meeting with the Dracos and the Dragon Family, with someone of the Avians observing. Here we’re talking about telepathic communication. The Dracos politely asked me to not be there because of my recent history of killing them by the millions in a split-second, starting by their leaders. An agreement was reached although the terms were still to be determined, and immediately after the Dracos started attacking me again and I had to kill trillions of them.

They came back to negotiate, and this time, wanted a meeting directly with me. So we met again yesterday, Dorothy, me, 2 representatives of the Dracos, 2 representatives of the Dragon Family, and an Avian observing (the Avians oversee what we’re going through but don’t intervene unless necessary). I explained the situation.

There is a new world that is emerging. The Dracos, because of their nature that requires feeding from fear, don’t have a place in this emerging world. At first I was letting go those who wanted to leave, and only killing those who wanted to fight, but then they just go feed off other people while being more hungry and desperate and building even stronger leeching energetic structures. Letting them go only moves the problem elsewhere where it has to be dealt with again afterwards. There are two options open for them. First is to fight until the last breath, be killed and return to nothingness (which can happen in a split-second when they attack me). Second option is to withdraw from the souls they are leeching from, find the light within themselves, evolve as souls and incarnate as 1st or 2nd density life, which means as plants or animals, and then go through the process of soul evolution like everybody else. Under those conditions, it is stupid to fight. They agreed.

Because they destroyed so many of our forests, many of them will incarnate as trees (law of karma), which is a quite peaceful and agreeable life when those forests aren’t being destroyed. This means we’ll see Draconian forests growing, which will be interesting… these forests will be more evolved than our normal trees. One of the Dracos at the meeting asked to incarnate as a cow, and the other one wanted to incarnate as a butterfly, which is a stretch. If they truly want it, commit to it and go through enough forgiveness, they might make it happen.

They have withdrawn from the White House, allowing to create a space of spiritual alignment within the White House. Those around the financial system were more aggressive so I had to kill 3.2 million of them, and the rest agreed to withdraw.

From our side, we have to forgive the Dracos and not act out of vengeance. From the side of the Dragon Family, they have to accept that there is more going on than their own personal interests.

Meanwhile, as I was hosting a 3-days intensive event in Playa del Carmen with my most advanced students, the financial markets are crashing.

The big financial players (Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Donald Trump) wanted to speak with me, telling me I was trying to destabilize things further more when we were on the verge of civil war and a disintegration of social structures. I explained the situation.

What is the cause of this market crash? All their reasons of mismanagement of money are BS. It could be because of the way the financial system was setup at its very core as a debt slavery system, but why now? It is caused by a wave of higher consciousness energy that is spreading. It is not to punish for bad behaviors, but rather because it is required for the light to expand. It is not a random chaos, but rather a very intelligent chaos that is seeking a very specific purpose. This market crash won’t recover until the financial systems will have restructured at a very fundamental level and after a global redistribution of power. The degree of pain people will experience will depend on how stubborn they are.

The financial elite is now presented with two paths. One path will lead to trial for their past actions. The other path will lead to an initiation (challenging period of growth) and being forgiven. They each have to decide which path they will walk. The Dracos have withdrawn their powers over them, which means they’ll have to use their own personal strength to go through this. If they lead the population out of this crisis and free them from the debt slavery system, they will be forgiven.

And you, what role will you play in all this?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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