When talking about the Dracos, the first thing that come to most people’s mind is David Icke talking about shapeshifters. His article “Who Are the Reptilians” does explain quite a few things. However, there is no such thing as shapeshifters, and there’s a lot of misunderstanding as to the nature of Dracos.

At the event I just hosted in Playa del Carmen, I have to thank José who flied from Spain to be here. He has an affinity that somehow allows him to tune into the consciousness of the Dracos and answer fundamental questions. This allowed me to get a much deeper understanding of the nature of the forces I had been facing.

First, the Dracos are an alien race. However, they do not have the ability to incarnate. They are an energetic parasitical construct that plugs into a host soul to feed from it. The reason they require to feed from fear to survive is because they are not a soul and require fear to maintain their grip as a parasite.

They are energetic constructs of the 5th density, which means they possess very strong psychic abilities. They can control people’s minds to fulfill their agenda, and some have exceptionally strong mind control powers. The Dracos are the underlying power structure behind the elite who controls the planet. They provide the host great powers in exchange for control of their soul and using them as a source of energetic food.

The satanic rituals of the Illuminatis, as well as the sacrifices, serve to prepare the hosts to be possessed by Draco entities at the deepest level of their soul. The hosts are not aware of it. They believe they are thinking on their own. It is forbidden for them to know or remember what is happening to them, so they walk in a semi-awake state of hypnosis.

All the Dracos want is to have the physical experience of life, and this is their way of doing it since they cannot incarnate. In the energetic form, they look like reptilians. Their physical appearance depends on the race they take possession of, which is generally human on this planet.

A soul cannot die because it is held together by the light, but since the Dracos are instead held together by fear, they can be killed and they then return to the void as dust. The amount of Draco entities living within this planet seems to far surpass the amount of humans alive, and for this reason, they need a lot of fear to feed from. They had been proliferating. I’m not exactly sure how these energetic constructs reproduce, but I got the feeling that it is similar to how cells reproduce within our bodies.

Because I have been killing them by the millions lately, the Dracos are now seeking a peace treaty, or a way out. In order to negotiate peace, it is first important to understand the nature of the parties involved. I will share the progress in this direction in the next article.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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