I’m now offering VIP days for entrepreneurs with a large vision. I’ve been connecting with several top-level leaders who felt that I could somehow help them, so I thought it would be a good idea to spell out the value and offer. It’s one thing to have a vague vision. It’s another to make it a reality.

Here are some of the issues I’ve been hearing: feeling stuck, not enough money coming in, communication problems with the team or employees, lack of drive or energy, exhaustion, lack of clarity of purpose, feeling empty and feeling a void growing as material success grows.

You may think you have a money issue, but money really isn’t the issue. You have a relationship issue. Relationship with yourself, relationship with God, relationship with your purpose, relationship with your employees, relationship with money, relationship with your clients, etc. When these things fall into place, money falls into place.

What is this VIP day about? It is for entrepreneurs who genuinely want to have an impact in the world. Sure money is important, and for this kind of transformational experience, the purpose needs to be the primary driving force. Not an intellectual purpose, but a divine energetic purpose that propels you forward.

Why is your purpose so important? Because we will leverage it as a catalyst to propel you forward. Your current paradigm got you where you are right now, so it is very normal to be attached to your foundation: self-identity, beliefs system and values system. It serves your well. However, what got you this far won’t get you to the next level. This is not about getting more results of the same nature. It’s about getting results of a higher nature. We, as humans, tend to want to change our results without changing who we are. In order to fundamentally change the nature of our results, we must change who we are, and in order to change who we are, we need a strong enough motivation to drive us forward. That motivation comes as a positive drive such as your purpose, or as a pain such as being financially stuck, or ideally both to get into immediate action.

If you’re already doing well and running a successful business, why do you need me? While you may have mastery in the physical realm, I have mastery in the spiritual realm. I also have a computer programming background. I can rewire your subconscious mind to strengthen your inner power. Or rather, unprogram the layers that are covering your true spiritual essence. You have a pure gem within you that has unlimited beauty and power, but it is covered with mud. Through energy work, we can restructure not only your subconscious mind, but also your whole energy field, your environment and your entire business. A lot of the work I’ve been doing has been about reprogramming the energy field of the planet as we transition into a new era, so working on your personal energy, on your business or on your movement will be much easier in comparison. If you’ve been following my updates lately, you know the scale of what I’m talking about (otherwise read through the blog history).

I’ve worked with clients for over 6 years and hosted events all around the world such as in Colombia, Thailand and Hungary. Clients flied from all around the world to come to these events. When they heal big traumas that they had been carrying their whole life, afterwards they don’t have this huge story to share that they’re all emotional about. The emotional charge around the trauma and story is gone, as if the problem was never there to begin with. A lot of clients reported that their big problems simply disappeared into thin air.

Often, your big problems can become non-issues when simply looking at it from a different perspective. If not, healing the energy around it will cause it to vaporize. It’s even hard to remember how the problem was there to begin with. Reframing issues and shifting their energy are two things I’m extremely good at.

Then, you can only rise as high as your foundation is deep. I can look at anyone or at any business and immediately pin-point the flaws in their foundation. I can pin-point the flaws in your foundation just by doing an Energy Tune-Up. It’s very easy to get caught up in the ‘busy’ness of life and try to create more on your current foundation, and there’s only so far you can go this way. If your foundation is flawed or broken (and there’s always a deeper to reach), sooner or later your business will either stagnate or collapse. If you’re building a sky-scraper, don’t underestimate the importance of having the strongest foundation possible.

Everything becomes much easier when building from a foundation that is rooted in God. As you align with life, life aligns with you. It has a purpose for you that is even greater than what you can see right now, and when you energetically step into that purpose, the Universe conspires to give you everything you need to follow that purpose.

Talking about foundation, we get into the existential question: who are you? The answer to this question determines the lens through which you see the world. It determines your relationship with yourself, your relationship with God, your relationship with your purpose, your relationship with money, your relationship with sex, your relationship with your family, your relationship with your team and your relationship with your clients.

Thus, to solve a money issue, you may try to get more of the same by working from the same foundation. Or, you can recognize it is a relationship issue, and ultimately, a personal identity issue that forges your foundation. From there, that issue, as well your entire life, take on an entirely new dimension. There is depth to explore, and plenty of room to play with. And we haven’t even gotten started.

There’s a whole world in the spiritual planes that inter-connects our minds and emotions. That world is the source of all physical creation. The Universe is like a hologram. The data is contained within those energetic planes while our physical reality is the 3D projection of the data. Any change to the physical reality that we co-create must first be created in the energetic planes. Then you speak it into action and into existence. For changes on a small scale, you may get things done through actions alone, but when working on the scale of the planet, it must be created energetically. And then watch it unfold into physical manifestation.

Enough for now. The VIP day is $5000. If that appears too much it isn’t for you. The value presented here is priceless and it is only for those who are playing at the highest level. Your life and your achievements are priceless, and this is a catalyst to greatly amplify who you are. The real question is how deep of a transformation are you able to take in? I give as much as you can take; and perhaps a little bit more.

To prepare you for this experience, there’s a sequence of material you first have to go through. First you must listen to the Force of Life training, which is a series of 5 short audios of 30 minutes each. Then you must get an Energy Tune-Up where I will do an energy reading and precisely measure your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. This will tell me whether you’re willing to directly face your blind spots and address them. Then we can talk over the phone to discuss your situation, get clear on where you’re at and on where you’re going, and whether this is a good fit for you.

I currently do VIP days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Next week I’m also traveling to San Francisco and Los Angeles which means I’ll be able to take a client or two over there. The VIP day is an intensive 8 hours to get the deepest transformation possible. If we’re doing it at my home in Mexico, then we can also extend this with a Natural Grounding session where time flies (these grounding sessions are extremely powerful but that’s a whole other topic and science on its own). After new year I’m moving to Thailand so you may want to do it while I’m in North America.

I’ve worked on shifting the power structures of the planet. I can very easily transmute your limiting beliefs and personal blocks which will greatly impact your presence and relationships. Focusing the strength to shift the planet on an individual can be overwhelming, kind of like using TNT to drill a hole. The knowledge I teach is more appropriate for heavy-duty stuff. Like creating a movement or empire. I teach you how this all works and how to keep applying this work on your own. The real question is how open-minded are you to shift your foundation, and how much transformation are you able to take in at once?

I’m a computer analyst programmer and system architect. I look at energies with the same clarity and precision as when doing programming. There’s no guess-work here. It’s about building something.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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