My first published book The History of the Universe is just around the corner. It will come out on God’s terms; almost everything is ready except a few minor details but my graphic designer is struggling with the energetic chaos and is taking *forever* to get her job completed.

Already, a lot of anticipation is building up for its release. A few people read it already and the feedback has been amazing; but nobody has yet read the 5 stories from Orion which can change your life on their own. View it like Chicken Soup for the Soul on steroids. In fact, these stories were chosen from educational books on other planets; stories that have passed the test of time. They have been hand-picked and transmitted telepathically, and they will blow your mind. Not counting the main part of the book itself 🙂

It also gained great anticipation from the NSA. Yes. As soon as you upload a book to CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing platform, it goes straight to the NSA as they review every new publications as part of their social manipulation programs. I have been feeling them heavily on my energy field ever since uploading it last week, which means they’re also analyzing my contacts and trying to find weak points to attack in case I start to gain too much exposure and cause troubles. Just today I was having a strategy session with a client. The Skype call kept disconnecting and the video wouldn’t show up, which happens when there is energetic interference. I could feel the NSA tapping on the line, inadvertently causing psychic interference. After the call dropped, I grabbed my Draco-killing Tibetan dragon wand, showed it to them via my webcam, aimed it at the NSA causing interference and beamed it there with extremely high intensity light. The call reconnected without a hitch and the call was perfect for the next hour.

The NSA is under psychic surveillance. I’ll let them do their job as long as they’re only observing. After all, for the most part, the agents working there are good people who are simply gathering data about the people below them and have little if any awareness of what’s going on above them. It is more the departments that are about executing offensive measures that I will engage and psychically freeze, neutralize or destroy. It is standard procedure for them to track authors of books related to spirituality, advanced sciences and disclosure; and The History of the Universe definitely got their attention. They came to the conclusion that it contains top-level intel and that I have no connection whatsoever to any whistle-blower or ‘insider’.

All this anticipation is building up for good reasons. Here are the top ways this book will change the game.

#1: The History of the Universe completely rewrites our history and what we believe to be true about our past and origins. As a consequence, we realize that our modern society is not the culmination of thousands of years of evolution, but rather, that we’re at the end of a cycle of thousands of years of slavery.

#2: We’ll finally gain a new perspective as to the origin of most religions of the world, where they truly came from and where they fit into the greater picture. Ultimately, we have to detach ourselves from religions to seek a deeper truth that is common to every religion, but without the box. When you buy shoes, you don’t keep them in the box, do you?

#3: We’ll finally understand that we are the saviors we have been waiting for. Many of the most powerful souls in the Universe are incarnated right here right now on this planet. We must wake up our memories and get our sh*t together. We are also the worst nightmares to the dark power structures behind Hillary Clinton.

#4: We’ll gain a new understanding of what consciousness truly is, what our powers truly are, and how the physical and non-physical planes relate to each other. We are at a time where Heaven and Earth are merging, and we can no longer escape into Heaven. We must live Heaven on Earth, and ancient religions were not designed for this task so we must go beyond ancient scriptures.

#5: We’ll finally understand what the reptilians truly are, what the corrupt power structure really looks like, and most importantly, realize that they’re already dead; they just don’t know it yet. Many are so hung up onto the idea that the Illuminatis want to take over the world and nothing can stop them, and they are completely closed off to the idea that their source of power and support is gone and they’re collapsing at lightning speed. Which means they can no longer play the victim and they must take responsibility for their lives. I know, *that* is scary as hell, heh!

#6: We’ll realize that there are teams of angelic beings that are now in charge of the planetary energy field, and thus, you can count on them for guidance and support. This support will help everybody move forward in a cohesive direction, if we open ourselves to their light.

#7: The book will transform your way of thinking and connect you to a new divine energetic matrix. Once enough people will make the transition into the new grid, the old social matrix will collapse.

#8: It will help you understand where we are heading and what needs to be done. Without a clear picture, you can’t see where you’re going, but if you understand where you’re coming from and what the global current situation looks like, your role in it will then become self-evident, giving you a greater purpose and an opportunity to serve God.

#9: By aligning with spirit, it will open the flow for greater guidance and support on all levels, and your life will start to transform. While some relationships will fade away, new doors will start opening, and a new chapter of your life will begin.

#10: BOOM! You will realize that your current job is leading nowhere and that you must make a change in your life right now to position yourself on the winning side of the planetary transition. (for any government agent reading this). Otherwise the future may become increasingly depressing — like sinkholes.

So yeah, the book will be coming out very soon. Stay tuned!

(special thanks to Metatron for feeding me with this text; 98.2% channeling accuracy)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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