In the coaching world, many coaching are being told by their mentor that they’re good enough and they’re ready in spite of their self-doubts. I’m here to tell you otherwise. Let me explain.

The coaching industry is very large. Billions of dollars are being spent into coaching every year. Yet, when it really comes down to it, the coaches are all doing the same thing over and over again, bringing new clients in and moving to the next, but without really moving forward into any meaningful vision or purpose. Sure, helping clients is nice, but that’s not nearly enough.

One of the main problem is that everybody must down-level themselves to the paradigm of their clients in order to serve them. In doing so, they stay stuck in the same old paradigms and try to improve upon something that must be changed altogether. In today’s context, that means all these coaches will suffer the same fate as the clients they’re trying to help: their foundation will crumble and they’ll be swept by the flow of life.

Now, some do have a greater purpose. However, all of the most known consciousness coaches have only 40% to 45% alignment with God. Why? Because they are more committed to their clients than they are committed to serving God. They operate from their clients’ paradigm, partly to be able to relate to them. This makes sense business-wise, but in the long run, leads to running in circles while not going anywhere.

To name a few, Bob Proctor has 43.6% alignment, David Neagle has 45.4% alignment, Max Simons has 41.4% alignment, David Gruder has 42.5% alignment, and Lisa Nichols has 41.6% alignment.

That’s not enough, and here’s why. The world is shifting. If you don’t start operating from a whole new paradigm, you’re going to experience a lot of challenges during this transition, and even more importantly, you’ll be energetically dragged behind instead of leading the transformation you’re pretending to lead.

Those with above 50% alignment are far and few, and they all faced major struggles to open the path to a whole new paradigm of life, including ridicule and violent opposition. Etienne Charland has 100% alignment as his energetic immunity depends on this alignment, Rion Kati has 99.97% alignment, Sabine Messner has 83.5% alignment, Joanna Garzilli has 85.6% alignment, Anastasia Chopelas has 83.4% alignment, and there might be 1 or 2 more and that’s pretty much it out of all Western teachers above 80% alignment. When it comes to Eastern teachers, there are a lot more people who are in 80-90% alignment. Master Zhou has 93.6% alignment, Dalai Lama has 83.7% alignment, and many Shaolin and Kung Fu masters have a very high alignment, among others.

Why am I saying this and why does it matter? View it this way. What is the purpose of what you’re doing? To grow and evolve in consciousness. Doing so from the old social matrix defeats that purpose and gives you an illusion of progress that will lead to nothing but deception and struggles.

There is another problem that is closely related to this. Namely, clients learning from various teachers and mixing the methodologies together. If you learn from someone who has 43% alignment and from someone who has 83% alignment, by default, you’re going to have the alignment of the less aligned methodology you use, which in this case is 43%. The less aligned methodology becomes the safe foundation and the more aligned methodology becomes a technique applied on a foundation that is not conductive to it. Do you see the problem here?

For example, when Etienne works with clients, they normally experience a snowball effect in their lives. When they don’t, in 90% of cases, it is because they’re applying another methodology as a foundation and trying to use Etienne’s teachings as mere techniques, which gives at best linear growth instead of exponential. With all the free stuff available online, it is extremely common that all that free material becomes the foundation, and it is often 20% to 30% aligned. This leads to nothing but dysfunction, and it manifests a mess of passive denial in people’s lives. No techniques can help at this point.

“So what should I do, dump all my coaches except the 5 listed above?” For the most part, yes. The longer answer is that more coaches must step into a greater alignment, and you must disconnect from those who haven’t yet done so. The transition may be difficult at first, and it will get easier as time goes on.

In the traditional path of self-growth, the results generally come faster in terms of clients and money, but then leads to turning around in circles. In the path to the divine matrix, it may be more challenging at first, but short-term, the spiritual growth is a whole lot faster, and the financial results are more of a secondary focus that come medium-term to long-term, but in a whole different nature, and usually a lot bigger and with more leverage for further exponential growth.

What happens if you try to follow both paths at once, such as by working with 2 coaches? You stay stuck in-between and can’t go anywhere. The two paths neutralize each other. Some coaches are aware of this conflict and are trying to get into greater alignment, but then lower themselves to their clients’ paradigm to relate to them, and lose themselves along the way, and struggle to get back into their alignment. You can’t walk both paths at once, period. The mainstream isn’t ready for that transition, and you don’t need to serve everyone either. You’re here to serve those who are ready for what you have to offer.

So here’s what I’m really saying. God must come first, and your clients must come second, period.

You cannot compromise your greater soul purpose for anything, not even your family or religion.

There will be a fracture of the social matrix and a new reality will assert itself. You want to position yourself on the right side of this transition, because the other side won’t be pretty, neither will be the fault line.

– Metatron

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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