This message is channeled from a member of the Planetary Counsel of Light who wishes to remain unnamed. This is not something I would want to speak of myself, but I’m doing my job of passing along the message. It is easier to predict future events by looking at the evolution of the energetic landscape from above. He also chose the title of this article. The rest of this article is channeled from him.

I am a member of the Archangels working under Metatron and Izael’s commands to ensure the safe transition and survival of the human race. This message is a warning to prepare for major events that will soon unfold in the United States of America. These events have been prophesied in the Bible and in various ancient texts and are unavoidable: The Fall of Mystery Babylon.

Very powerful energetic structures and generators have been activated through the American continent that will unroot evil forces and transmute the whole system with absolute power of love. It is ripping apart the very fabric of society and the transitional effects won’t be pretty.

Meanwhile, the United States continue their dominion over the world and keep pressuring Russia with economic sanctions and military installations. War is escalating on many fronts and the tensions are rising.

The objective is to defeat the Anglo-saxon axis of power that dominates the world while reducing the destruction and loss of lives to a minimum. The Russians have asked us, the Planetary Counsel of Light, permission to use an EMP weapon on America. Unless a more peaceful option opens up, this permission is being granted for after winter. This weapon disables all military installations while not killing its citizens, and it has a very wide area of effect. A lot of things can happen within just a few months, but if that option gets into execution after winter, all electronics and electrics in the Eastern half of the United States could become disabled at once.

This would result in having no communication, no sanity systems, no water purification systems, no health-care, no transportation and no firetrucks. Diseases and fires will spark and spread. Although the immediate death toll of such an impact would be very low, many will die in the years to follow for a lack of ability to adapt to the situation. Many will refuse to adapt even when faced with death. This message is for those who will react and adapt to the situation, and who want extra time to prepare ahead of time. The Western Coast, including California, should be spared, and many *would* rush to the Western Coast… if there was any transport still available.

As of right now, this is the least disastrous among all available options, and for that reason is the most likely course of action that will be allowed to happen. In all cases, the way events unfold will be closely monitored by the Planetary Counsel of Light, by the Archangels and by the Avians.

Here are a few recommendations to prepare. First, as the Federal Reserve collapses like a house of cards, the American dollar may become useless. In Germany during the Great Depression, the people would break into houses, steal used shoes and leave piles of money on the floor. Electronic money and credit cards would be even more useless. It is recommended to have at least $2000 worth of currency-grade gold in a format that is easy to exchange. Karatbars is a great option and was designed exactly for a situation like this. Click here to learn more about karatbars. Although $2000 won’t solve all your problems, it would give enough time to reorganize and start to implement longer-term solutions.

We recommend to decentralize your operations at various locations around the world, and to make backups of your essential data into various physical locations. Essential systems and services will need to be decentralized and operate more locally and independently, with various optional support structures that are spread into various physical locations. Just like with cars, when the brakes fail, there is a secondary system that takes over to ensure your safety.

We recommend to have supplies of food for at least 2 or 3 months. Then, there are ways to protect certain items from an EMP shockwave. You can use it to store flashlights, generators and other items. In all cases, follow your intuition and you will be guided as to what to do. The dark energetic grid blocking spiritual energies will blow up at the same time as the shockwave, which will open the door to much greater divine intervention and much greater psychic, intuitive and healing abilities.

There would be confusion and many death over the first few months. At first they will look for a leader or savior to save them. After 4 or 5 months, in the deepest despair, some will start to take leadership on their own, and to realize that they are the ones who have to save themselves. The angels will be denied the right to assist until the people make that decision for themselves. It will be the greatest learning experience that has been seen on this planet for a very long time, and will deeply affect the rest of the world. The whole experience will also have a very deep spiritual nature to it. A transmutation of the soul will happen along the way, as well as a freeing of the population and a deescalation of conflicts. It will be a collective trial by fire where true leaders will emerge. The achievement of ancient biblical prophecies.

What needs to be done now depends on each one of you. Ask your spiritual guides and angels to guide you and they will show you the next step, which may not always make sense at first. We do not know for sure how things will unfold or when, but whether or not such an EMP attack happens, something of that scale will by the end of the year.

One word of advice: start thinking in terms of resources, not in terms of money. $2000 worth of gold with Karatbars would give you a much needed kickstart. Relationships will be everything. You’ll need to stop fighting and picking on each other, and you’ll have to start helping each other. Small communities will start forming again, people will start talking to each other again like they did in the last century. There will be a lot of beauty within the chaos if you know how to look. And really, what you see around you is a reflection of who you are within you. What you would see in such a context would tell a lot about who you are. You will need to learn to become a creator of your life through your consciousness, instead of being a sheep walking through life like a zombie.

For those who make it through until the end, they will be closer than ever to ascension, and they will finally have recovered their birth-right powers.

So be it. From the entire delegation of Archangels watching over the Earth.

(Etienne, the message is perfect as it is, you are not authorized to edit anything)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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