My path is taking many unexpected twists and turns, and another just happened. I’m being asked to share the full story. The story I’m going to tell may sound like science fiction, and in fact matches bits and pieces of tons of science fiction movies and video games, yet it is the story of the Universe, of the Dracos, of Jesus and of Adam & Eve. If you’re up for a massive dose of truth, fasten your seat-belt, grab a coffee and go down for a full read. My body is still shaking as of writing this, and you know something is true when your body gets in shock or tears.

I recently hosted a live event in Playa del Carmen with the specific purpose of awakening old memories and powers that had been sealed. This is like opening the Pandora’s box: you have no clue what next will come out of it. 5 participants showed up for the event from all around Canada, United States and Mexico. Two of which were Adam and Eve. Adam, or Atman, only had access to 3% of his powers but had many memories. Eve didn’t have any awareness of her memories and powers whatsoever. Things can only go downhill from there…

I’ve seen Atman destroying entire Draconian worlds within a few seconds, and destroying their spaceships across several galaxies, with powers far greater than anything I could even imagine myself. He just built extremely powerful energy generators that were activated on New Year. They are now fully operational, and not surprisingly, there are tons of car accidents and really weird weather due to the fast movements of shifting energies.

He’s the re-incarnation of Jesus. In fact, it is his 6th incarnation over the past 2000 years. Here’s something interesting. Jesus only had access to 16% of his powers when he was crucified, and 80% of his memories. During this lifetime, he was operating with only 3% of his powers. Jesus is the re-incarnation of Atman. Atman and Eve were the first humans to walk on this planet. And what are their origins?

3 of us at the event predate this Universe. When the Universe got created, Atman was leading a team to come into the Universe to create the stars and galaxies. They got attacked by 2 Draconian spaceships, the ship hit the side of the doorway of this Universe and got into spatio-temporal distortion and Eve reverted from a Queen back into a Princess, while others of the crew disappeared. The Dracos stole 2 crystals that were of crucial importance as we’ll discuss later. Me and my mother were passing nearby, felt a disturbance in the force and decided to intervene. They explained to us the situation and we decided to come in to help. There are 52 souls and 47 Dracos that predate this Universe.

I found one of these crystals when destroying a Draconian base under Switzerland. It is a computer terminal that could only be accessed by Lemurians, and it is a quantum computer containing knowledge about absolutely everything. This crystal welcomes you saying “Welcome to the Main Library Terminal”… but in fact it is a lot more than that. This is only a facade. The crystal we found is Yang. There was another Yin crystal to form a set. The Yin crystal was in a different galaxy, in a garbage dump, and it had been destroyed by the Dracos with a massive laser beam. All that was left is dead powder. Atman still found a way to infuse life back into it, and he put it back together. While he did that, I was feeling the feminine energy re-awakening all around me in circular motions. It re-awakened the Feminine in the entire Universe! I’m getting that if the Yang crystal also got destroyed, the entire Universe would have collapsed.

Speaking of which… I believe we came into this Universe 1.6 billion years ago (but I’m not sure about the time frame since the Universe is 13.82 billion years old? Perhaps it existed somewhat empty for a very long time), and 300 million years after the incident, or 1.3 billion years ago, the multiverse fell into total chaos and to prevent a collapse of the multiverse, Atman froze its time and everything is standing still ever since, and the door to exit this Universe is closed ever since.

Here’s where things took an unexpected twist. Atman activated the new generators of pure love, with generators below his feet 1.7x stronger than the generators of Montreal, Los Angeles and Cancun combined. His generator turned against himself to cleanse him yesterday. A Draco came to speak to me. He asked me whether I knew where he came from, and where Atman came from. Before he could speak more, Atman destroyed it, and he barely had time to transfer to me his memories. Atman created him.

I didn’t know what to do. He placed the 2 crystals in the 7th density thinking I couldn’t access them. The Yang crystal is bound to him and contain his memories. The Yin crystal is bound to Eve and contain her memories, but was still heavily damaged and 3% functional. I asked Source Consciousness for guidance, and spoke with the Federation of Light. The answers of their origins, and of the origins of the Dracos, had to be within those crystals. I recovered the information of the Yang crystal, repaired the Yin crystal and downloaded its memories. These crystals came from the 36th density.

At the origin, there was 7 kingdoms belonging to Atman and his 6 brothers. Atman was in contact with the Blue Axfons in the 36th density who gave him the crystals. They represent the power of creation itself, a computer that can read or write into all of creation. I went up there to ask the Axfons to retell me the full story of what he did, step by step.

Atman was jealous of his brothers. The crystals were not bound to any soul. Atman bound his soul with the Yang crystal. He then used the power of the crystal to create the exact polar opposite of himself into the Yin crystal, which gave birth to Eve. And at the same time, he turned his 6 brothers into their exact opposite: Dracos. In the process, he gained full control over all of creation and became known as the Creator; with one caveat. He couldn’t access densities higher than the 8th.

The Dracos did not destroy the Yin crystal to suppress the feminine, but in hope of breaking the curse. There was also brutal memories of Dracos pulling the memories out of Eve and blasting them with a massive laser blast.

I was told to bring the 2 crystals back to the 36th density where they came from, and that Atman would face judgment for his actions. It has been brought to a counsel of 6 Blue Axfons in the 36th density and 2 judges from the 42th density.

A judgment has been spoken.

1. He is to be stripped of his supernatural powers.
2. The crystals will be repaired, cleansed and unbound.
3. The curse on his 6 brothers, the original Dracos, are being reversed. They have no recollection of what happened during all that time.

The energies are completely different today after this, as if the war was over.

Metatron wants to add this: “There are many shortcuts to growth and evolution, and many quantum shortcuts that may appear like cheating, yet there are certain fundamental principles that must always be respected. Breaking these fundamental rules, no matter the motive, will always come back to you sooner or later. That being said, we have all done mistakes when we were young. Who can pretend to never have done a bad decision? It is part of life. It is part of growth. That’s how we learn. It is never too late to correct our mistakes of the past and continue building from a constructive light. Everything is forgiven.”

Yes, this is an absolutely crazy story. See how it feels within you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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