To understand where we come from and where we’re going, there’s a large piece of the puzzle that nobody has ever really talked about. I’m writing this message first to the 52 Theta souls that come before the creation of this Universe, then to the 102 000 souls from Orion who evacuated here, as well as 7000 Lemurian souls and 6000 Andromedian souls and finally to the rest of the population to prepare for the shifts that are coming.

There are 52 souls in the entire Universe that predate this Universe. 48 of them were living in Orion until it got destroyed. As the First Commander, I was personally responsible for the evacuation to Earth. We traveled over 15 years through 16 space-time jumps to make sure we were not being followed. We have been successful at this otherwise this planet wouldn’t exist anymore. Most of the 102 000 people on-board were in cryogenic sleep during that time, partly to reduce our energetic footprint. We used a tractor beam to carry rocks of our home planet with us. When we came into this solar system, the atmosphere of Mars wasn’t blown off by the explosion through the wormhole as I first thought, but it was rather swept away by the trail of comets we were carrying. Some of these rocks are on Earth such as here. We lived here for 6000 years until other Dracos found us.

All of these 52 Theta souls are currently on our planet. 2 are not incarnated who I’m already in contact with, and all the other ones are incarnated and are revealing themselves one after the other. I have already located about 10 of them. This explains why we’re all meeting in such a small, remote and isolated planet in the Universe: we needed to find a remote and discreet planet after our evacuation. This also explains why this planet is so important and why Source Consciousness is not allowing for the destruction of this planet. The planet in Orion was inhabiting the most powerful souls in the Universe which made it a prime target for the dark forces, which also explains why it was destroyed.

These days I’m focusing 100% of my energy on ensuring the energetic transition of our planet. Part of my focus is in bringing the Theta/Orion/Lemurian/Andromedian souls back together and unlocking their memories and powers. I’m currently only providing high-end services to help ancient souls to achieve their Great Work, which is the higher purpose their soul is meant to achieve. 2016 will be a year of chaos and destruction, while 2017 will be a year of emergence and transformation. The Theta/Orion/Lemurian/Andromedian souls will play a key role during this transition.

If you know we’re meant to work together, first get an Energy Tune-Up and then let’s talk over Skype to uncover where you’re at and how I can help you move forward. This is energy work that shakes and shapes the planet, and your place in it. If you’re not ready for high-end work but also need help to overcome your self-sabotage, get an Energy Tune-Up and I can then forward you to work with one of my advanced students for a much lower investment. One key principle as a First Commander is to not do any work myself that can be done by others, and to bring various leaders together to work towards a common goal. Other principles are to always have unshakable integrity as it is the foundation of everything, and to not compromise on anything, as compromising creates cracks in the foundation.

The next article will contain more specific information about the upcoming period of chaos, why it will happen and how to prepare for it.

A new world is emerging.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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