Recently I was asking how could I shift the relationship with money and debts from “borrowing borrowed energy that belongs to central banks” into “owning it”. Then, a good friend started buying gold with Karatbars and invited me to look at it. The more I looked into it, the more interesting it got, and it looked like it was the answer to my request!

Why buy gold? The reason that most appeals to me is that we live in a fiat-based financial system where the currency represents debts instead of value. It is not backed by gold or anything since 1971. In fact, the world is in debts of 53 TRILLION $$ (to who, Jupiter?), and that’s what your paper currency represents. It is a carefully-crafted slavery system. Now here’s the kicker: getting back to solid gold gets you out of the central banking system and you start owning real value! If it’s good for governments and banks to buy gold, it certainly is also for you.

Then, it can provides stability and security for you, your family and those you care about. Because the truth is, the banking system is on survival mode since the 2008 economic crash and it can crash again at any time. The various waves of Quantitative Easing have created a HUGE amount of new money that may lead to hyper-inflation (although it’s not that simple after searching about this). Everybody is losing trust in the dollar. Russians and Chinese are selling their US$ to buy massive stocks of gold or anything that has tangible value. Many countries are also now starting to trade between countries in various currencies and totally bypass the dollar. We’re entering a period of massive turmoil. What could happen? One problem is that the US currency is backing up all other currencies within the current system so this affects everybody. The US government can recall any and all gold coins it has issued and sold. There could be hyper-inflation like in Mexico in 1983. How did they solve it? By taking 3 ‘0’s out of the currency; many people lost a LOT. Or there could be hyperinflation like in Germany in 1923 where someone would break into your house, steal your shoes and leave the pile of cash on the floor. Or perhaps history magically won’t repeat itself and the economy will remain stable, who knows. Gold, however, throughout the last few thousands of years, has always maintained a stable purchasing power. It is much more reliable than paper currency, especially in period of turmoil.

Another reason to invest in gold is as a money opportunity. Let’s say you have $1000k in debts and earn $100k per year. What would you do with your money: pay off the debt or buy gold? Let’s say you pay off the debt, you’ll be at 0 after 10 years. Let’s say you instead buy gold, and to be very conservative, the currency only loses half its value and gold only doubles. After 10 years, you have $500k worth of debts and $2000k worth of gold. You pay off the debt and have $1500k left in solid gold. That’s assuming we don’t go into hyper-inflation or any other financial crisis.

Now here’s the problem with gold: each ounce is worth $1300! You can’t do transactions with it. You need to get it shipped, to ensure it’s genuine and evaluate its quality both when buying and selling. You need to store it. You need to find buyers who want the amount and quality of gold you have, then you need to negotiate a price. You can’t trade $1300 to buy food either. Perhaps you could trade it to buy something worth $1300, $2600 or $3900, but that’s it.

That’s where Karatbars come into play. They produce gold cards of 1g that allow using them as currency for trade. The gold is top quality (999.9) and has the LBMA certification, the top quality certification in the world (only about 10 mints in the world have that top-class certification). Each card has the same value so they’re inter-changeable like money. They maintain their value no matter what happens to the economy. They are much safer for savings than banks. It really comes in to solve these problems.

Now the 3 main questions I get are:

1. How do their price of gold compare to the stock-market price?

Purchasing in small quantities is obviously more expensive than buying in bulk, whether you buy milk, sugar or gold. Then there are lots of qualities of gold that alter its value. When it comes to commerce-friendly 1g weight 999.9 24k pure gold produced by an LBMA refinery, you can’t get a better price. This page explains all about how prices work. Trading gold in stock-markets in bulk quantities is very complex, and trading currency-grade gold in the form of Karatbars is definitely something I can do, and if I can you it you can also do it. It is simple and practical for daily life.

2. Is this a pyramid scheme?

After doing my research, I came to the conclusion that by following their 12-week plan (optional), you can turn any debts into assets in 12 weeks with $500 with 0 risk. Why no risk? Because for all the money you put into it, you have it in solid gold. They do have a compensation plan where they pay you for referring others, and that compensation plan package has to be purchased at $130, so really the ONLY risk and worst case scenario is paying $130 for the compensation plan and not referring a single person, and after 6 weeks of buying weekly gold, have $390 worth of pure gold in your home. A pyramid scheme is about making money off others who are losing money. In this case, it makes sense without the compensation plan, and with the compensation plan it’s a no-brainer. It’s win-win-win for everybody with no risks for anyone. Even without the compensation plan, I believe everyone should put 10% of their earnings into savings, and it would make sense to have half of that in gold instead of cash at the bank. It’s really about turning depreciating currency into appreciating assets, which is something you can now easily do while claiming your independence and reducing your dependency on the central banks. But in this case, instead of putting half of my savings into Karatbars, it looks like I’ll turn it around and use half the income to purchase more gold and withdraw the rest.

3. How do I get my money back for the gold?

Selling it right back into cash isn’t the best option because there are overheads related to the transactions, including shipping. You can sell it back to other members or you can purchase at an increasing amount of businesses that accept Karatbars. Ideally, you want to keep it in gold as long as you can and trade the gold directly for goods and services. Gold has been recognized worldwide throughout history. In case of hyper-inflation where currency becomes worthless, you definitely want to use gold to buy food. Keeping your savings in gold and using them when you really need them is something you can definitely do, and if you can do it, your neighbors can do it too.

Now, where it really takes a whole other dimension is when you add the compensation plan on top of it. Karatbars say that by following their simple 12-week plan, you can generate $4500 per week after 12 weeks. That’s based on pure math with no hype or speculation whatsoever. I came to the conclusion that their numbers are conservative because it’s easy to bring more than 2 people to follow the plan, and some will start with the Silver or Gold package instead of Bronze. With their numbers, you can actually turn any debts into assets in 12 weeks with $500 and 0 risk because after 6 week, the commissions pay for the weekly purchases of gold… for the rest of your life. It has 0 risk because you don’t spend anything, you still have all the money you put into it in solid gold.

Now my challenge to you is this: study this opportunity and try to come up with a reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do that. After understanding this system, I couldn’t come up with a single reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do it or wouldn’t be able to do it. Which means that you can do it for sure no matter your financial situation.

And finally, here’s some food for thoughts. What if it really worked that way and you would earn $4500 per week in 12 weeks, what would happen? First, any debts you have would melt away. Then, you wouldn’t need a job anymore. The unemployment rate would become irrelevant to you. The political and economic instabilities also would become irrelevant. You would have plenty of resources to fund whatever you truly want to do with your life. It would impact every single aspect of your life and your life would never be the same again. Personally I got free weekly gold right from week 1 because I went for the Gold package right away (which multiplies the results for the same efforts)… and I’m getting free weekly gold for the REST OF MY LIFE. Actually I got enough to purchase 1g of gold during 4 weeks, and by then, I’ll get other commissions in. Another person in my upline got to 100 people in his downline in 22 days. This thing is growing like crazy.

Worth taking a look isn’t it? So if you want to know more about it, here’s what to do

1. Create a FREE account. Ask the person who showed you this article for his registration link, or use this link to create an account directly under me. There are no setup or recurring fees of any kind.

2. Study the Karatbars introduction videos to understand how this works, and do the maths yourself.

3. Watch the Hidden Secrets of Money video series to properly understand the history of money and be conscious of what’s currently going on

4. This is something you can definitely do if you want to. If you decide to take action and follow the 12-week plan, purchase the Bronze package at $130, purchase 1g of gold per week (~$65) and get 2 people to do the same. That’s it. Or, you can get a Silver, Gold or VIP package to get even faster results.

And remember the challenge: try to find a genuine reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do this or wouldn’t be able to do this. Then here’s another challenge: make a decision. Either decide to do it fully, or decide to put it aside fully, but don’t stay in a place of indecision. Make a clear decision and take decisive action. If you cannot come up with any reason why anyone wouldn’t want to do it, how easy will it be to bring just 2 people into it? And if you do come up with a reason, please post it below. I couldn’t come up with any.

You can do this 🙂

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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