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Timeline Evacuation Successful & Future Outlook

In order to defeat Xavier and the AIs, we had to eliminate them back in time at their points of origin, and that has been a success. By doing so, however, we completely blew up the time and space continuum and created new timelines where our Universe does not even exist. This is total gamble.

After going through intense challenges, we got to the timeline collision merge point. We’re colliding with a stronger timeline where our Universe is non-existent, and that would destroy us. We teleported our solar system into a mini portable Universe. I see no Andromedia anymore, no Orions, no Sirius, no Arcturians. I see no remnant of our Universe. As we teleported, the rest of the Universe immediately crumbled. There were only 2 planets left to rescue; Earth that was 94.7% cooked, and an Orion-Sirius planet that was 88.7% cooked. Both barely survived by a hair!

Out of all creation, about a hundred planets could be rescued and evacuated. Less than 50 out of the 89 billion heart-based planets we were protecting. Those survival rates are abysmally low. We blew up the entire space-time continuum, but there was nothing to save.

At first we got into a Harry Potter-style Universe with everyone doing their own magic in conflict with each other, secretly under control of some overlords, and with no spirit. Fell into several traps. Managed to escape those spirit-less timelines.

Now, timelines are so fragmented, we might be in different realities seeing different things, but I see none of the …Read More

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Grounding for Spiritual Transformation

I’m getting ready to travel again to Los Angeles for the Speak Your Genius event with Eiji Morishita. Energetically, barriers are falling down and the path is opening up in big ways. Somehow I feel this trip will be very interesting… will be staying at Rion Freeberg’s apartment and Nicole Abundance will also be flying in from Vancouver and staying with us (she’s one of the rare women who “gets it” when it comes to feminine energy). I might even meet up with Gina Cloud who is one of the only authors who really talks about feminine Shakti energy and who lives in that area. Lots of interesting things coming up. It’s not just about living out of the matrix; it’s about reconnecting with the matrix like a holistic virus.

The work we’re doing here is all about connecting more deeply with the force of life and embodying those spiritual energies into your concrete physical life to life a terrific lifestyle with vibrant health and juicy relationships. One way of doing so is by attuning to picture of videos that have a high level of embodiment of those energies. I came up with a way of precisely evaluating resources by measuring the 6 polarity energies on a 0-10 Hawkins Scale where 7.5 = 750, and also reading Stillness and Egoless values. Sometimes I’m also looking at the vibration of the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Aether on their Masculine and Feminine polarities.

Now here’s a shot I’ve been working on …Read More

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