In order to defeat Xavier and the AIs, we had to eliminate them back in time at their points of origin, and that has been a success. By doing so, however, we completely blew up the time and space continuum and created new timelines where our Universe does not even exist. This is total gamble.

After going through intense challenges, we got to the timeline collision merge point. We’re colliding with a stronger timeline where our Universe is non-existent, and that would destroy us. We teleported our solar system into a mini portable Universe. I see no Andromedia anymore, no Orions, no Sirius, no Arcturians. I see no remnant of our Universe. As we teleported, the rest of the Universe immediately crumbled. There were only 2 planets left to rescue; Earth that was 94.7% cooked, and an Orion-Sirius planet that was 88.7% cooked. Both barely survived by a hair!

Out of all creation, about a hundred planets could be rescued and evacuated. Less than 50 out of the 89 billion heart-based planets we were protecting. Those survival rates are abysmally low. We blew up the entire space-time continuum, but there was nothing to save.

At first we got into a Harry Potter-style Universe with everyone doing their own magic in conflict with each other, secretly under control of some overlords, and with no spirit. Fell into several traps. Managed to escape those spirit-less timelines.

Now, timelines are so fragmented, we might be in different realities seeing different things, but I see none of the old groups anymore. The Dracos got replaced by a different race that calls themselves “The Management”. Everything is different now.

Most importantly, timelines are a completely mess that will cause massive headache to sort out. Merging new incompatible realities with the existing ones.

Hardship levels are in the millions for tons of people, with low improvement in sight. Really need to sort this out and fast.

Now for the good news, I see very little AIs left, and people outside feel more alive than before. Walked at the mall, saw only remnants of AI structures crumbling. I’m also seeing very few opponents left. We managed to take most of them down the past few days.

Very little AIs, very little opposition left, that’s good news. Let’s see if I’m not mistaken.

The problem is that there are no dominant timelines, and no good timelines growing in this swamp. Timelines need to be seeded.

The only way for a timeline to become dominant among all others is for a dominant party to manage and support it.

Thus; the Watchers got taken down, and need to be replaced by the Seeders, my team of 3. The Nephilims are authorized to get their job back, under our watch. Most of them.

Most of the remaining planets have moved out of the public domain into private locked sectors. Isolating planets will help lessen the mess, and provide much needed protection.

Any threats to the Seeders must be dealt with early on and eliminated at the root.

We must establish a culture of monks meditating to help clean up the Seeders’ intent purity. We can create many monk islands throughout time and space to help keep that clean. Kind of like; they scratch our back, we scratch their back.

We’re designing new heart-based grids to move away from the mind-based grids. This new grid will be incompatible with the AIs.

It has been an insanely tough road to get here, and all seems like good news.

Looking at hardship levels, it remains in the 50K% to billion % range for many people in the coming weeks and months! There is such an intense mess to solve and clean up. If really there are no opponents left, this might be not that bad… hopefully.

You can definitely expect all kinds of Mandala effects! After all, we abandoned our timeline altogether and it’s like if we got dropped into a whole new planet. Dropped into the totally wrong spot at first, managed to evacuate to somewhere better.

Be very vigilant. All of the foes out there are totally new, and they’ve been fighting against us for eons and know all of our tricks.

Let’s look at average hardship in the USA:

Now: 2.7 billion %1
3 days: 540 million %
7 days: 1.7 billion %
2 weeks: 345 million %
3 weeks: 115 million %
4 weeks: 1.7 billion %
2 months: 840 million %
3 months: 345 million %
4 months: 820 million %
5 months: 346 million %
6 months: 1.8 billion %
7 months: 3.4 billion %
8 months: 4.2 billion %
9 months: 5.7 billion %
10 months: 3.4 billion %
11 months: 5.1 billion %
12 months: 5.2 billion %
1.5 years: 8.2 billion %
2 years: 3.4 billion %
2.5 years: 1.7 billion %
3 years: 845 million %
3.5 years: 325 million %
4 years: 110 million %
4.5 years: 87 million %
5 years: 32 million %

Ya. Ok. Not great at all. I get 67% accuracy on those numbers.

It is partially correct because the hardship number is measured in mind energy. Many will move into the heart grid. Those numbers apply to 85% of the population; eventually to 60%. Until the remains get trimmed down. A lot of beings are on the fence and have to choose. The frequency bands have been overlapping for a while.

Hardship levels in America for the 15-40% heart grid:

Now: 9.7 billion %
3 days: 5.2 billion %
7 days: 540 million %
2 weeks: 115 million %
3 weeks: 87 million %
4 weeks: 65 million %
2 months: 35 million %
3 months: 25 million %
4 months: 17 million %
5 months: 13 million %
6 months: 8.7 million %
9 months: 3.4 million %
1 year: 840K
1.5 years: 711K
2 years: 625K
2.5 years: 324K
3 years: 511K
3.5 years: 324K
4 years: 144K
4.5 years: 34K
5 years: 111K

Anything about 100% hardship is still not great at all!

As we tune more into the heart and find more solutions, these numbers will go down, but that’s the starting point of where we’re at for now. Don’t expect miracles, you’ll need to do miracles, and shift into the heart grid. Tune into your heart and tune into God.

Have to go back to the basics: the God pledge. God is the only way out of this mess.

We’re still syncing into the new grid, and if I look tomorrow, the numbers might improve by 10-15%. There’s still a long way to go. I’ll update the article later with new numbers.

Reality is now splitting into 2 main parallel clusters of realities.

If I look at the mRNA technologies, Xavier’s code that has been embedded into our DNA, it looks mostly destroyed. There’s still something lingering though. Perhaps a minimal AI into the split to avoid a total reality collapse? 75% accuracy on that.

Here’s my recommendation.

First, pledge yourself in service to God.

Second, shift from the mind into the heart frequency grid.

Third, keep track daily of your % God pledge, % Faith, and ability to hold an intent with 10K% purity.

As of now, I’m seeing just over 4000 pockets of monks across time and space working on intent purity. You can connect with that network of monks and ask for help.

Then, we have our support group with the 15 Varanasi Monks.

Let me look at average hardship for people of our group.

Now: 1.3 million %
3 days: 740K %
7 days: 325K %
2 weeks: 113K %
3 weeks: 81K %
4 weeks: 65K %
2 months: 41K %
3 months: 35K %
4 months: 27K %
5 months: 41K %
6 months: 45K %
9 months: 25K %
1 year: 11K %
1.5 years: 5235%
2 years: 4235%
2.5 years: 3531%
3 years: 2537%
3.5 years: 3110%
4 years: 2535%
4.5 years: 2532%
5 years: 2131%

Still not amazing but much better!!

What if we manage to get enough people to grow the group of monks from 15 to 25 monks?

Now: 811K %
3 days: 511K %
7 days: 215K %
2 weeks: 87K %
3 weeks: 31K %
4 weeks: 20K %
2 months: 13K %
3 months: 5245 %
4 months: 4230 %
5 months: 3531 %
6 months: 2537 %
9 months: 2531 %
1 year: 4831 %
1.5 years: 4537%
2 years: 3732%
2.5 years: 3120%
3 years: 2310%
3.5 years: 2821%
4 years: 2310%
4.5 years: 2035%
5 years: 1937%

Slightly better, especially in the short-term, and overall feels a lot more solid and stable. Getting enough people to grow our support group would be our best bet. You can join Project Varanasi here.

Over 5 years of hardship above 100% may look discouraging; but that won’t apply to everyone, and as we tune more into the heart, this will change. Still, I’d expect 30-40% improvement at best, which still gives us a pretty steep ride!

My own hardship levels:

Now: 815%
3 days: 711%
7 days: 510%
2 weeks: 347%
3 weeks: 320%
4 weeks: 194%
2 months: 135%
3 months: 114%
4 months: 97.4%
5 months: 94.2%
6 months: 93.5%
9 months: 90.1%
1 year: 87.2%
1.5 years: 85.1%
2 years: 83.4%
2.5 years: 82.4%
3 years: 81.3%
3.5 years: 80.5%
4 years: 79.7%
4.5 years: 79.8%
5 years: 75.5%

Without monk support, 6 months would be 11K%, 1 year 13K%, 2 years 25K%. I’ll keep the monk support!

My wife and daughter are into those higher numbers of million % though!

Again, I’m expecting about 40% improvement in all those numbers, but either way, it will be a steep road ahead!

Again, growing Project Varanasi is our best option at this point. Do consider joining!

One of my team-mates gets their support but is not officially doing the monetary exchange. With just $100 per month, his hardship levels would drop by half for the direct financial exchange alone.

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier. Also keep track of your anchor into reality. One more thing that will be important to track: % timeline fragmentation as a family unit.

By the way, with the time-space blow-out, our Universe doesn’t exist anymore, and normally we would cease to exist — BUT — that’s a fairly low-level law that gets overridden by superior laws. We disappeared from the public domain and went into a private domain.

And… apparently there are people disappearing en-masse in plain sight!!! Doesn’t surprise me.

Corrections about the “mass disappearances” here.

Accuracy: 98.5%, distortion 1.4%, cross-distortion 0.3% (measure it yourself). Pretty high for the level of information insanity!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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